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Update Log #5 (Tooltips, Skill Zone, Changes & Fixes) - New Client Required!


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Hello Exorians,

Time for another update! As always, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting Exora, giving us feedback and suggestions. They're very helpful. We're probably gonna be polling every 2 weeks to see where we stand as a community. Let's get to the update!




+ Tooltips

Tooltips will help you find out what an item, object or npc does on the go. When you hover over a tooltip, you can hold CTRL on your keyboard to view more detail about an item, object or npc. All items that have equipment bonuses will have their stats displayed upon holding CTRL, and if an item has special effects, it will also mention that. (I may have missed a few items, if you find any that does not have a special benefit explanation let me know). You are also able to view a tooltip of an item if it's on an interface. For example the auction house, or the titan forge.

Tooltips can also be enabled/disabled depending on your preference. You can disable specific tooltips (objects off, items on for example) in settings manager. 

Here's how it looks:



+ Skill Zone Mini Rework

We decided to give the skill zone a mini revamp. Fixing the outer edges to better fit the theme of the zone. As well as giving the fishing area a more visually appeasing look. We also changed the fishing spots up a bit. Here are the following changes to the fishing area.

 - Lionfish is no longer connected to the manta ray fishing spot.
 - Lionfish now has its own fishing spot, accessed by the upper fishing area.
 - The fishing area now has an upper fishing spot accessed by climbing over a rock on the south-west side. (Lvl. 70 agility required)
 - Squid fishing spot has been moved to the upper area on the other side of the lionfish spot. You need to jump across a stepping stone. (Lvl. 80 agility required)

Here's how to access the fishing spots:


+ Collection Log Changes

We made it a bit easier to view collection log rewards. You can now press 'reward' on the top right of a collection to view its reward, and your progression towards it. We also added a new collection log reward!

 - Added Vorago collection log reward: 5% chance to roll an extra drop from Vorago.

Here's how it looks:



+ Drop catcher

You can now remove specific items from your drop catcher list via the 'remove from drop list' button on the drop catcher interface.

+ Battle pets

 - You can now level up your pet via the noted version of the material/food.
 - Your battle pet will now have a orange minimap icon.


+ Changes

 - Buffed Raids 1 drop rate of dweller amours.
 - Made pathing to objects smoother. (Will no longer be facing the wrong directions)
 - Task scrolls are now able to be obtained more than once. (Meaning you can now stack them)
 - Increased king beginner armour by 2 hours before it breaks. (8hrs total)
 - Lowered barrelchest damage slightly.
 - Barrelchest will now give drops to the top 2 players that have dealt the most damage.
 - Slightly lowered blood barrage heals.
 - Slightly increased superior rates for lower slayer tasks.
 - Slightly lowered drop rate of rare amours and weaponry at bloodchiller, earthbreaker and warmonger.
 - Buffed tormented beast weaponry drop rates.
 - Nex will now give drops to the top 5 players that have dealt the most damage.
 - Buffed drop rate of prayer scrolls and double bounty from Nex.
 - Buffed drop rate of chilly staff.
 - Added more tormented demons to the tormented demon area.
 - Added a bank deposit box in the middle of herblore/fishing area.
 - Added seismic wand and artifact maul to transmog.
 - Buffed naili pet drop rate to 0.1%.
 - Buffed baby wolf pet drop rate to 0.1%.


+ Bug fixes

 - Fixed an issue with Nex collection log not working.
 - Fixed an issue with firey altar not properly counting for the collection log.
 - Fixed an issue with the Argus queue list not properly removing the player if they've left a Raid.
 - Fixed an issue with the decanter when having overload flask in your inventory.
 - Fixed an issue with overflow when making bluerite keys. (It will now detect if free inv slots, if not sends to your bank, if no bank space it drops it).
 - Fixed an issue with big bones giving the same XP as regular bones.
 - Fixed an issue with black dragons being spawned outside of the black market minigame arena.
 - Fixed an issue with ring of slayer not being able to teleport to green dragons.
- Fixed an issue with Gothmog not showing the proper completionist cape requirement. (It is 1 kill)


+ Custom Item request for @dillon

Thank you for supporting Exora! Here's your sexy set, named the Cycle.



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Tooltips should really help out players (both new and old) figure out what things do, excellent addition to the game. Please use it to its fullest extent and post anything we're missing for items / objects. Great update Bennie boy

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