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  1. Welcome to the latest Exora poll. Here we will introduce a set of new suggestions, changes, and other things to bring more communiy involvement and have your voices heard. Please understand that this is a poll and not garunteed changes coming to exora. Depending on the feedback and some other factors, many of these suggestions may or may not be brought to the game. Content polls: 1. Should we introduce the Black Market Trader? The BMT (black market trader) will be accessed by a untradeable key drop from another smaller chunk of content. The key would be obtained as a rare drop and cannot be traded, sold, or placed on the AH. The BMT would serve as an upgraded general store who would buy items at a higher price for cash. Along with selling items to the BMT, he will have an option called "deals of the day" where he puts up 3 random items which players can buy for cash. these items are reset every 24 hours to something new and will have a set stock. examples could include buying titante shards, elemental chunks, and other sought after crafting and trading goods. slot 1 is open to all members, slot 2 is open to specific donors, and slot 3 is open to higher ranked donors. (shop can be used to ironmen as well) 2. Should we introduce World Boss Tokens? World boss tokens will be shop only items (bought from Exora store) in which you can instantly spawn any world boss. The restrictions (subject to change) are that you cannot spawn them back to back, there would be a time limit cooldown. Ex: if you have 3 hecarim tokens you can spawn one instantly if the world boss is under a long cooldown, but once its dead you cannot spawn another one for another 30 minutes or more. You CAN spawn other world bosses back to back however the cooldown is linked per worldboss type. 3. Should we introduce Content of the day? This would be a board you check at ;;home area in which every day it tells you to do some tasks (much like a daily task but more to do). These tasks could vary from killing bosses (including raid ones), skilling related, or handing over items. Completing any 3 will reward you wil a new mbox for items (to be determined). completing more than 3 would reward each completed task with gold. Other changes: 1. Should we change gambling to only allow for cash? Gambling is seen as a problem for some and not for others. We cannot exactly remove gambling to appease one group nor leave as is to upset the other group. The suggested change would only allow players to gamble cash instead of items. Hopefully this helps with someone holding too many items which he/she then can control prices. Additionally, we can introduce a small tax to the gamble which may help suck a bit of gp out of the eco, however this option would need to be polled seperatley. 2. Should the king black scorpion have its KC requirement removed? instead the scorpions in the zone would drop a key to get into the lair (higher level the scorp, better drop rate of key) 3. Should we replace using cash at the instance manager with boss tokens? boss tokens would be obtianed but almost all bosses at different rates (depending on how tough the boss is) so the tokens can be used to make an instance at the instance manager. 4. Should the skillers backback from ach store be able to store different skilling supplies such as ores, bars, herbs, etc? the limit / quantity would be around 50 per item. Vote, and let your voices be heard!
  2. I don't see how increasing the item value of other items that high make any difference to the eco, all it will do is make other items increase in value coins wise. Since there's more coins coming in the game. As for skilling supplies, yes they can be increased. And sure some other items can be increased in item value, but we can't go overkill else you get too many coins in the eco. Which pretty much goes against your point of 'fixing' eco. I don't feel like there's an issue with the eco, you get coins thrown at you at every thing you do, from slayer, killing monsters, boss tasks, daily tasks, mystery boxes, achievements and a few others that I'm probably missing. Regarding the player base not sure what you're getting at, but we've been hitting good numbers consistently since release.
  3. Hello Exorians, This update will bring some changes to slayer, and has bug fixes and general changes. It's a rather small update, we're working on other content behind the scenes. For now this it it. Hope you enjoy, GL & Stay safe! + Slayer Changes Base points gained per master has been changed from only giving 1 to the following: Spria: 1 task point Mazncha: 1 task point Vanakka: 2 task points Chaeldar: 3 task points Sumona: 3 task points Kuradal: 4 task points It will now tell you on what slayer streak you are on completion of your slayer task. - Spria Master Spria will no longer progress your slayer streak. - Superiors Slightly increased the rate at which superiors spawn. - Fixed an issue with celestials superiors. - Fixed an issue with superior strykewyrm. - Tasks - You can now kill baby blue dragons when on blue dragon task. - You can now kill dagannoth guardians while on dagganoth task. + General Changes - Lowered the prices of all items in the exo shop. - It will now cost you 25 boss task points to skip a task. - Zulrah boss task kill count increased. - Abyssal demons no longer give 50 exo points. - Increased the speed at which you mine coal. - Lowered elderwood hecarim global timer from 9 hours to 5 hours. - Added bankers in the regular dzone and masterzone near the fishing areas. - Challenge scrolls can be added to drop catcher. - Buffed vote mystery box "lump's abomination" equipment set. - Lowered desert lizard respawn delay. - Kurasks now have a drop table. - Lowered the amount of superior essence needed for true crystallic, titanite sword. - Removed superior essence from titanite equipment excluding sword. + Bug fixes - Fixed an issue with ebonchill having a slayer requirement to unlock. You can now unlock at any level. Just depends on the slayer master. - You can now use the teleport function when your slayer helmet is in your inventory. - Zulrah boss task coin drops will now drop under the player. - Fixed a slight issue with Hanto's dialogue. - Fixed an issue with having to click prayer altar twice, to recharge your prayer if you have a prayer boost. - Fixed an issue with cow ring of slayer teleport. - Fixed an issue with master donators being able to open the monster spawner. - Fixed an issue with certain items not having a sell value in the general store. - Behemoth now has a yellow dot on map. - Fixed an issue with dark celestial superiors not being able to be attacked. - Fixed an issue with the donator drop rate not being properly displayed. We'll be working on new content for the next update. For sneakpeeks check the discord.
  4. Hello Exorians, The long awaited update is here. First off like always I'd like to thank the players for continuing to enjoy the server. The update should have come a bit sooner, but I was tested positive with COVID, so It was a bit delayed as I was not able to work. Regardless this is still very fast for what we've done this update. As you also may know the christmas events will now officially be over. All have been inactivated including the credit shop limited section. + Slayer We've been working very hard on our slayer system and have done massive changes to its backend. As well as its rewards, common issues/bugs fixed and a lot more features. We are very happy with our current system. Hopefully you guys are as well! This section will be split in 4 parts; Slayer General Changes, Rewards, New Monsters, New Dungeons Some quick FAQ for players that are unaware. - You will not lose any slayer points. - You will not lose your unlocks. Only thing that will be lost are your blocks and favours. + Slayer General Changes - Slayer Masters Previously you would talk to any slayer master and get a task, so slayer master's didn't really matter. Slayer masters are now giving tasks from their own list thus depending on the slayer master you get different tasks. Of course there's still a slayer level requirement on slayer master. If your slayer level is too low to receive a task then you will not receive them. - Slayer Streaks You will now gain slayer streaks when doing slayer tasks. The current streaks are on; 10, 50, 100 The higher the slayer master's level the higher the streak points reward. - Boss tasks Boss tasks are now linked with Slayer and you will gain slayer experience, and boss task points upon completion. You will now also be able to get extra rewards by completing within the time frame. However you are not able to receive boss tasks while already on a slayer task and vice versa. - Blocking & Favouring Previously you were not able to unfavor a task nor were you able to block a lot of tasks. We have no made it so you can block and favor up to 5 tasks. For any more tasks a donator rank is required. See more in rank benefits in the store. - Interfaces Our previous interfaces were very limiting as what we could do with it, and didn't provide us much room to play around it. We decided to give all the slayer interfaces a complete redesign and it will allow us to quickly add new rewards to it. We also experimented with our new tooltip system and we'll likely be developing in the future for items, and other interfaces. + Rewards While our current slayer rewards were decent, they certainly were not as good as it could have been. On this new slayer revamp we decided to step it up a notch. The following rewards are not the only rewards, these are new rewards and the old ones are still in it. - Task Point Shop (Buy) - Cinder Lamps There are 3 types of Cinder Lamps that can be purchased; small, medium and large. They can be purchased for 15, 25, 50 task points and give flat experience no matter your game mode. You can choose which skill you want to use it on. - Bluerite Polish (6 Task Points) They can be used on enchanted keys to create a bluerite key. They are used to open the bluerite chest in shadow dungeon. - Task Point Shop (Learn) - Special Drops When on slayer tasks on and above Chaeldar gain the ability to receive the following drops; - Slayer Mystery Box - 500-1M Coins - Scroll of Slayer (Gives 3-7 task points when claimed) - Bluerite Polish - Double Monster Parts When on slayer task gain the ability to receive double monster materials. 25% chance when dropped. - Bigger & Badder While on slayer task, superior monsters can be spawned from their respective monster. The chance at which they spawn is; 1/300 for masters below Vannaka 1/200 for masters above Chaeldar - Firelands Unlock Firelands will now have to be unlocked for 25 task points before you can attack monsters there. They will also be assigned on task when it is unlocked from their appropriate masters. - Bluerite Chest Bluerite chest can be opened with a bluerite key. The bluerite chest contains lots of goodies and rare rewards. It is north of Shadow Dungeon. - Broken Sirenic Broken sirenic can be used in the titan forge to create a working version of the Sirenic armour. It is a ranged set. - Bluerite sword A custom cosmetic sword. (It is a blue version of the scoria sword) but it gives no stats nor bonuses. Purely for transmog. - Royal set A custom cosmetic set purely for transmog - Husk of vitality When claiming this item gain permanent +100 hit points. It can only be used once. (Tradeable) - Crystallic shards Can be used to add charges to true crystallic weaponry. - Superiors Has been suggested multiple times, it is also the reason we decided to completely rewrite our slayer system. The bigger & badder ability can now be unlocked. While on task they can be spawned from killing their respective monster. It has a lower rate spawning from masters under Vannaka and higher rate from masters above Chaeldar. Superiors that can be spawned: Bloodveld: Blood Gorger Balrog & Shadow Demon: Shadowmog Otherworldy Being: Zarosian Disciple Chilly Hand: Superior Chilly Hand Abyssal Demon & Dravonic Demon: Superior Abyssal Demon Dark Beast & Tormented Beast: Superior Dark Beast Dust Devil: Superior Dust Devil Cave Horror & Jungle Horror: Superior Cave Horror Dark Celestial: Superior Dark Celestial Kurask: Kurask Overlord Strykewyrm: Superior Strykewyrm We'll be adding more superiors as we update. Superiors all have the same drop table and around the same hitpoints which is from 8500-9000. It has a lot of good drops in its drop table and a 100% chance to get the following drops: x1 Superior Essence, 500-2.5m coins, Grand Void, Range and Drop rate potion. Rare drops: - Pulsing Heart When activated it will boost your magic damage bonus by 15% for 7 minutes. - Ragnos' Backpack For the players that are unable to obtain the drop catcher, but want to pick up spammy drops such as monster mats, coins, half keys. It acts as a drop catcher and will pick up those drops. However you are not able to add custom drops to its list. It can also be equipped and transmogged without losing its effect. - Lil ploom pet Mostly cosmetic, but it has a certain function. You can beg your cat for food. It can give you 1-7 cooked sharks when the user right clicks > begs the cat. It has a 10% chance at failing, and doing so your cat will flame you. It has a 5 minute cooldown. - Flower of Dawn (h) A rare and powerful artifact that inflicts a terrible curse on your enemy and yourself. When worn, all incoming attacks are reflected back at your attacker (75%) but upon reaching 750 total reflected damage, you suffer 200-350 damage. This has a 1 minute cooldown. - Demonic Dice Make a deal with the devil, rolling the dice while in combat will roll between 1-100. Rolling below 50 will deal significant damage to your character, but rolling higher will deal your current hitpoints x2 to the target. 3 minute cooldown. (Don't mind the damage I happened to be on godmode) + Slayer Monsters & New Monsters We noticed that we had very few slayer tasks for the lower slayer masters. We also wanted to add more and new monsters to kill. We also removed some of the annoying tasks and replaced them with different monsters. + Slayer Monster Changes - Giant rats can now be killed on rat task. - Giant spider can now be killed on spider task. + Slayer Monsters - Crawling hand: Spria - Desert lizard: Spria, Mazchna - Molanisk: Mazchna, Vannaka - Grifolapine: Chaeldar - Mutated Jadinko baby: Chaeldar - Jungle horror: Vannaka, Chaeldar - Jungle strykewyrm: Vannaka, Chaeldar - Otherworldy Being: Vannaka, Chaeldar - Grifolaroo: Sumona - Mutated Jadinko male: Sumona - Kurask: Chaeldar, Sumona - Desert strykewyrm: Chaeldar, Sumona - Edimmu: Chaeldar, Sumona - Chilly Hand: Chaeldar, Sumona - Ice strykewyrm: Sumona, Kuradal - Shadow Demon: Sumona, Kuradal + New Dungeons We really did not like the way Monster Lair was done, as it was very rushed and a quick way to place a bunch of monsters. We wanted a more map and area for the monsters. We removed Monster Lair and have spread out the NPCs in it. We have also added new areas for monsters. Fear not though, if you have a task you can always use the enchanted gem for help. Or the ring of slaying. + Monster Location Changes - Aquanites are now in the fremennik dungeon (Where mithril dragons used to be) - Goblins & Chickens are in Lumbridge and can be killed there. - Goblin & Hobgoblins can both be killed to continue your slayer task. - Spider & Rats are now in the shadow dungeon in the form of Giant rat, and Giant spider. - Bats are now in the shadow dungeon. - Cave horrors are now in the shadow dungeon. + Shadow dungeon We made a new zone for new monsters and old ones. Low level monsters are on the left side of the dungeon. Middle level monsters in the middle, and on the right a few high level monsters. You can teleport to the dungeon via global teleports. + Stryke Island We wanted a nice location for Strykewyrms and some other monsters. So we decided to make a new map for them with 3 themes. Jungle, Ice and Desert. You can teleport to the island via global teleports. + Titan Forge Changes We did a few changes to Titan Forge items, equipments and added new items. - True Crystallic You can now titan forge your crystallic weaponry for the true crystallic version. True crystallic have a 15% chance at double hitting and give 0.1% extra drop rate when equipped. However when they are successfully forged they give a base 4000 charges. To recharge your crystallic weaponry use crystalic shards on them. Crystallic shards recharge your weapon for 100 charges. (25% success rate) Mats: Crystallic weaponry, 100 ele dusts, 50m coins, 5 superior essence. - Sirenic You can now forge broken sirenic for Sirenic equipment. Mats: Broken sirenic piece, elite pernix piece, elemental dusts and 25m coins. (100% success rate) - Titanite Equipment Titanite can now only be forged with the following mats: A dark lord piece, Dravonic piece, 25m coins and 20 titanite shards. However the success rate is now 60%. - Titanite kiteshield Mats: Monster hunter shield, 100m coins, 20 titanite shards, 10 superior essence. - Quivers are now in the accessory section. + Changes - You can now use hotkeys to do the following (Client Update Required): CTRL + B = Open Bank CTRL + H = Teleports Home CTRL + G = Opens Global Teleports - New daily check-in chest rewards. - Added new dailies and removed event ones. - Winter event map has been removed and replaced with base map. (No snow) - Reduced the quantity of easy-elite tasks significantly. (Task Scrolls) - Reduced the dagganoth ring prices to 1.5m (Sell price) - Removed Giant Orc from events. (Will re-introduce a better way in the future) - Titanite kiteshield now has the dragonfire shield bonus. - Buffed the flame king's greatsword. - Renamed superior tormented demon to infernal tormented demon as to not confuse with slayer superiors. - Added fireballs heirloom to transmog - Added new helmets to transmog. - Added true crystallic and sirenic to transmog. + Bug fixes - You can now cut farming trees with other hatchets. - Fixed an issue with the infernal pickaxe. - Fixed an issue with trading while doing an action. - Fixed an issue with stack overflow with mystery boxes. - Fixed an issue with some pets not having pick up option. (If you have one that doesn't have it you can use the command ;;dismiss) - Fixed an issue with some NPCs not having attack animations. - Fixed an issue with overflow when you open an impling jar. - Fixed an issue with being able to put slayer master's armour in AH. - Fixed an issue with the death mechanic. - Fixed an issue with the elemental star not properly tracking IPs. - Fixed an issue with the revenant caves not showing the wilderness level. - Fixed an issue with not being able to use clean fellstalk on vial of water. Thank you for taking the time to read the update log! This ones big, hope you guys enjoy. GL & HF Exorians!
  5. Bennie

    ironman shop

    I understand why you would want this. But let's not forget why ironman is ironman. We've added a few things to its shop to make life a little easier. But the point of ironman is to go get those items yourself. We however are planning on adding skilling tasks which should help with getting general skilling materials.
  6. Well, we did a weapon rebalance cause v1 was just way too strong. The end game items are still strong. It also gives us room to introduce better items in the future.
  7. Hello Exorians, Merry Christmas ❤️ We're gonna be hosting lots of events tomorrow. If you'd like to read more visit: This update consists of changes, additions and bug fixes. We're also enabling double XP throughout Christmas. Double drops for 1 hour will be enabled tomorrow 8PM CET and Sunday 3 AM CET. + Dagannoth Kings You will now be able to teleport to dagannoth kings Global teleports > Boss. These drop rings and dragon hatchets. + Changes - Made it so you can't mine the elemental star on 2 accounts with the same IP. - Prayer renewals will now heal slightly more prayer points. - Lowered the damage required from Hecarim and Khaashee dragon to 250. - Draven's scythe accuracy has been buffed. - Dragon Hatchet is now obtainable from Dagannoths. - Dragon pickaxe in the ganodermic behemoth drop table. - Added mage's book to magma elemental and zamorak minions drop table. - Tormented, Toxic and Scorpian blowpipes buffed in range attack bonuses. - Buffed the amount of scorpian scales you receive from scorpions. - Buffed the drop rate of scorpian scales you receive from scropions. - Renamed infernal wing to "broken infernal wings". - Nerfed abyssal horror damage and magic defence. - Made it so you can't use emotes while in gamble. - Vorago now gives loot to top 5 players. - Added more Transmogs - Removed the scythes category in Transmog. Replaced with two-handed. - Removed swords category and replaced it with onehanded. + Bug fixes - Fixed an issue with not being able to click search in bank after you've already clicked it once. - Fixed an issue with couldron of venom not working for Range and Mage. - Fixed an issue with skilling outfits being able to get PKed. You will now keep them on death. - Fixed an issue with blue dragons in scorpion pit not being able to be attacked. - Fixed an issue with max cape colors not changing properly. - Fixed an issue with slayer ring teleports not teleporting to gargoyles, aquanites and blue dragons. - Fixed an issue with air battlestaff not giving infinite air runes. - Fixed an issue with nechyrael not having attack animations. - Infernal/lucky pickaxe will now be able to combust when having it in the inventory instead of only equipped. Thank you all for sticking with us! This is a small update log before the big one. Enjoy your Christmas ❤️
  8. Bennie

    Hi I am Cub

    Hey Cub, seen you in game. Welcome 🙂
  9. While I completely understand this. A lot is going on when hosting an RSPS. It may seem like a hobby project but a lot comes in to play when hosting an RSPS and even more when it's a successful one. In order for our players to have the best experience it is something that is required. Marketing and development may seem like it wont cost much but they're incredibly expensive. You may think that we don't need it, but we absolutely do if we want to continue having a decent player base. We did make it so anything can be obtained in-game a part from a few items like the gamble permit. As well as making it so credits can be purchased from other players without any limits. But yeah like you said there are both pros and cons when it comes to this and it is very hard to satisfy everyone. However when we introduce new BIS content it will most likely not be in the credit shop. I hope this has answered your question a bit.
  10. Hello fellow Exorians, Time for another update log, this contains new additions, QOL, buffs, nerfs, bug fixes and quite literally a damn frying pan. Before that, thank you all for supporting Exora! We've got some sick plans in store and have already started working on them. We'll be posting some sneakpeeks soon in the discord, so make sure you're active there! + Christmas Sale (15% extra credits) Get 15% extra credits when purchasing from the webstore. No promo code required. + Vote Shop Changes While the current vote shop is pretty good, we wanted to add in more useful items that can help you progress in the game. - Lunar chisel Lunar chisel will grant you a 5% chance to receive double the elemental dusts. Cost: 50 Vote Points. - Enhancement stone Enhancement stone can be used on a gemstone hatchet to increase the rate at which you receive enchanted stones while cutting gem trees. Cost: 50 Vote Points - Titan master's gloves Increases the chance by 5% successfully upgrading items at the titan forge. (Must be worn) Cost: 75 Vote Points - Lowered vote mystery box price + Announcement System You will now be able to see Event and System announcement above your chatbox in private messages area. They can be clicked to hide or they can be toggled off in the settings manager. + Cooking We understand that burning foods can be quite annoying. We have got an alternative for you guys. I have been working very hard these past couple of days, and it is not because of the update. I've been honing my cooking and have decided to give you all my frying pan. You can only get my frying pan if you burn your food a lot. Once you get the item you can turn your burnt food in to the cooked version. There's a catch though, you have a 50% chance at losing that food. And you can only use that item every 1 minute. Cook-It-Up! - Slightly lowered burning rates + Nerfs Chill before you think about anything else read first. No need to go to auction house right now and putting up your ff bow. I'm sure most you guys saw this coming a mile away. While we did our best not to go overkill with the nerfs. There were some big problems when it came to ranged. Arrows and bows were given too much ranged strength bonuses. We've lowered them, we however did give a small ranged attack buff. - Reduced ranged strength of featherfall and true featherfall bow. - Reduced ranged strength of dark matter, scoria arrows. - Reduced ranged strength of dark matter bow and scoria bow. + Buffs We made some beginner items a little stronger so that featherfall bow isn't the only option. - Buffed celestial scimitar - Buffed magma whip - Buffed royal soldier's sword - Buffed dinh's battleaxe - Razor whip now has the same attack speed as magma whip. - Buffed flame king's greatsword. + Changes - Added drop catcher to task scroll hard/elite in the rarest loot table. - You will now need a slayer requirement before you learn a high level slayer task. - You can now kill demonic gorilla on a black demon task. - Slightly lowered the respawn delay of all monsters globally. - You will now get a message when you get a task scroll. - Added more bronze dragons in brimhaven dungeon. - Elemental chunks now require 70 crafting instead of 99. - Zamorak minions now deal less damage. - Added more ice giants to blurite dungeon. - Superior dark celestials now give more experience. - Level heirlooms can now be traded or sold on the auction house. - Reduced the amount of elemental chunks you get from elemental star. - Increased the elemental star spawn rate by 30 minutes. - Reduce the shop value of elemental chunks and dusts. - Lottery will now announce when there's enough players in the lottery. - Lowered the spawn time of hunting implings. - Buffed the drop rate of monster parts of ebonchill dragon and dravonic demon. - Reduced the damage accuracy of dravonic demons. - Nerfed abyssal horror attack damage. - Slightly reduced maple tree cut time. - Noted vial of water in the herblore shop. (hhh) - Increased the experience rate of gem cutting. - Bonecrusher now gives less experience. - Lvl 99 announcements will now only happen for King and Baron modes. (All skills will be announced) - Added attack animations to a few slayer monsters that were missing. - True featherfall bow now has a 20% success chance. - Earthbreaker will now not shake your screen if its about to die. - Moved the ruby gem tree to tormented lair. - Ironman now have a yell timer. + Bug fixes - Fixed an issue with being able to convert wilderness tasks while regular task was started. - Fixed an issue with super donators not receiving the extra loyalty points. - Fixed an issue with slayer ring not teleporting to black demon, cave horrors task. - Fixed an issue with agility not facing the player the right direction. - Fixed an issue with boss tasks not tracking Zulrah and Exorian champions properly. - Fixed an issue with being able to transmog sled in to weapon. (bruh) - Fixed an issue with dravonic not showings its drop rate. (Full set must be worn) excluding scythe. - Fixed an issue with bank going to the first tab when depositing in the last 2 bank tabs. - Fixed an issue with firelands not dealing the proper damage if you don't have a potion or amulet. - Fixed an issue with experience gained when hitting 0. You will now not receive any experience if the hit is 0. - Fixed an issue with the boss task teleport function. - Fixed an issue with Hecarim task scroll not tracking. - Fixed an issue with super anti-poison not being able to drink it. - Fixed an issue with pikes not giving the burnt food. - Fixed an issue with skilling outfits being tradeable/sold to shop. - Fixed an issue with the daily reward interface not properly claiming the days. - Fixed an issue with starved effigies being tradeable. - Fixed an issue with dinh's bulwark slowing down your attack speed. - Fixed an issue with the gambling interface. + Pog Sled We all know @lumplum has a sled fetish so let's satisfy his needs. You can obtain the Pog sled from the enchanted chest. Here's how it looks: Any suggestions or feedback? Feel free to make a post about it. We are listening. Thank you all for reading! Good luck & Have fun!