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  1. Hello Exorians, Thank you all for participating in the open beta. We've gotten lots of feedback and we very much appreciate it. We will now be ending the open beta. We are however still beta testing with the closed beta testers. If you wish to participate in the closed beta you will need to apply here: Those of you that do participate in the closed beta will be eligible for the custom item reward on release. Only if you have provided feedback and are an active tester. The server will be releasing: 13th of December, 8 PM (20:00) CET (UTC +1) If you are unsure about the exact time, simply go to the home page and check the count down timer. An update log will be out soon with some more content, changes and fixes. Hope to see you all on release!
  2. Welcome. Maple! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay.
  3. Hello Exorians, Thank you all for being interested in the beta test. The open beta will be starting and ending on the following dates: Start: 19th of November 8 PM (20:00) CET (UTC +1) End: 26th of November 8 PM (20:00) CET (UTC +1) The point of the open beta: Play the server as you would if it was officially released to the public. Try to break things, and give us constructive feedback/suggestions. Bug reports can be posted here: Suggestions can be posted here: How do I get the client? The client can be downloaded here: Will account be reset? Yes, accounts will receive a full wipe. That means achievements, skills, items and everything else. Can you vote? Yes, players are able to vote. Can you donate? Yes, players are able to donate (If you do so, then the credits will be given upon release)
  4. The real question is, do you like: Welcome btw 🙂