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  1. Rule change layout: Date / Time of Rule change: Old Rule: New Rule: Date / Time when the new rule will be introduced
  2. Atm raids is dead content its way way to easy and drop table is insane and contain way to many shitty drops that makes the bis drops almost impossible to obtain, How Raids works 1 person go Drake - 1 person go Rotgut - 2 go Strykewyrm it takes around 1-3 min for each run, you don't use any supplies, no punishment for deaths, you click ones and goes afk for the next min. this is late game content and should be hard and drop table should reflect that. Suggestions 1 life: (you still get loot if raid complete, you only re spawn if raids is completed to loot chest) make it so you have to kill one boss before you can enter the next, Droptable drop table contain over 78 items remove all those junk items, add some skilling supplies drops instead, GENERAL ROTGUT Increase hp form 25k to 100K - 150K increase damage on jump make it so when boss jumps. the area around where he lands take high damage SHADOW DRAKE increase hp form 20k to 100k - 150k increase spawn rate on speical attack alot, every 10-15 sec and should last for 5 sec Increase the spot the splash land on, like argus tonado attack Increase damage for standing on splash alot, like argus tonado attack SKELETAL STRYKEWYRM increase hp form 20k to 100 - 150k wyrm boss have a special attack where he spawns zombies, this should be spawn a random amount of times instead of 1 change the healing 'wyrm boss' gets while minons is alive form attack damage to gain hp over time. increase health on minons alot so you have to have more than 1 person use magic. increase damage on minons increase damage on spikes. LIETRYE increase hp form 50k to 150k - 100k - 50k Add 5 min timer for boss to active rage mode, like blood chiller
  3. Please read the rules and make sure you understand the rules here at Exora. Rule breakers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with according to their offence immediately. Breaking the rules may result in a permanent in-game or forum ban. Please abide by the rules, which can be read below. Server Rules Rule 1. Offensive Language, Flaming, Disrespect, Discrimination & Other Players of the Exora community are not allowed to use Offensive, Inappropriate or Disrespecful language towards another person ingame. This includes, but is not limited to, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual orientation, Lifestyle choices or Personal beliefs. This also applies in all parts within the game including account names. What is considered "Offensive", "Inappropriate" or "Disrespectful" will be decided by staff members who can use their own discression where applicable. Failure to abide will result in punishment depending on the severity and will be decided by the involved staff member Account names that are disrespectful or deemed to be offensive will not be tolerated in Exora. This will resolve in premban Players of the Exora community are not allowed to discriminate against other players due to race, religious beliefs, gender expression, age, etc., that may make another player feel uncomfortable, isolated, or unwanted on Exora. Rule 2. Multi Logging Players of the Exora are allowed to have up to 3 accounts online at once on the same IP/Mac/UID at any given time, A maximum of ONE account can be used to interact with the same; Elemental star, Global world boss, Minigame(including Raids and Argus), Hosted events, Npc considered "Boss". You can however interact with these at the same time ONLY if they are different(E.g Killing Argus while mining Elemental star) Rule 3. Use of 3rd Party Software Player of the Exora community are not allowed to use any software that will render in a disadvantage to other players. This includes items such as DDoS Tools/Websites, 3rd party software allowing personal, marco, or botting Rule 4. Player V Player (Wilderness) Players of the Exora community are not allowed to engage in any actions that will result in the unfair gain of Exora items and/or points. This includes actions such as farming, leeching or boosting, Luring is strictly prohibited in anyway. We do allow multiple accounts in wilderness at once, but only if they are not interfering with each other Rule 5. Encouraging/Hacking/Scamming/Bug Abuse Exora will not be held accountable or refund any lost items do to hacking (We highly suggest players use account pin to prevent their accounts from being hacked), Players of the Exora community are not allowed to hack or deceive players in any way. Players that encouraging others to brake the rule or bug/glitch abuse will be punish the same way as the player abusing or braking the rules Players court abusing any bug or glitch that somehow allow that player, to gain an advantage over another player or game related content. will result in punishment depending on the severity and will be decided by the involved staff member (All bugs found should be reported to staff to make Exora better for everyone) Rule 6. Real World Trading (RWT) RWT will not be tolerated in anyway, this include purchasing/selling goods or services (Leveling, Real life Cash, Accounts, RSGP, etc) Rule 7. Advertising Advertising for another Rsps server will not be tolerated in-game, discord or forums. this will result in an IMMEDIATE Ban form Exora community Players are allow to advertise Exora related content, videos, streams. in ;;yell, (atleast 5 min apart each ::yell) Indirect advertising like ''do i know you form Exora'' will not be tolerated in anyway Rule 9. Impersonation of Others Impersonating a staff member is Strictly prohibited. (Exora staff will never ask for your password) Impersonating anyone of exora community for entertainment or fraud will result in punishment depending on the severity and will be decided by the involved staff member Rule 10. Dicezone Rules. All players must follow Dicezone Gambling rules or face punishment varying depending on the severity or frequency. *Players asking someone to gamble via ::yell or in the help CC is forbidden. Permitted places to ask are either in public chat or private chat. Repeatedly asking someone once they have denied the offer to gamble is harassments and will be punished. *Players are not permitted to gamble for others(proxy gambling). *Players are not allowed to "host" any type of "Manual gambling". *Players are not allowed to engage in unbalanced gambles. Specifically, same item but differing quantities(E.g 150 elemental chunks vs 120 elemental chunks). Gambles where "General store sell items" total value of the items is not fairly equal between players. Gambles where staff at their own discretion deem "unbalanced" if you're unsure that your gamble is unbalanced speak to a member of staff before gambling. *Players are not allowed to gamble with any form of promise of future compensation, paying back, refunding the difference or doing any form of favor. Rule 11. Hosting Giveaways Hosting giveaway events or giving away items to players without first getting permission from a member of staff is strictly forbidden and punishable for both player It is forbidden to advertise giveaways in the help CC, Permission must be obtained before advertising any giveaway in ;;yell Rule 12. Items lending Players are allowed to borrow and lend items only after they get the permission from Staff after stating who is lending, who is borrowing, the period of the lend, what is being lent. There is a zero exception no refund policy on stolen/lost items. You are solely responsible for any loss due to lending, do not ask staff members for assistance with any matters relating to this they will not assist you. Rule 13. In-Game/In-Name Donations You gain in-game donator rank when spending credits at the "Credits Exchange" Npc found outside the bank at home at a rate of $1 per 10 credits spent. You do not gain donator rank from the initial purchasing of credits with real money. Ironmen can request to have their credits, that they bought from players on an alternative account, be transfered onto their ironman via Bennie. Buying "In-Name Donations" from players Should be with a Administrator as MM to avoid scams. Rule 14. Voting Accounts caught using VPNs or redeeming more than once every 12 hours, any court abusing will have bank wiped Rule 15. Spamming If a player obtain a donator rank, that have a short yell cooldown, that doesn't give them the right to spam ;;yell chat. Begging will not be tolerated in ;;yell or ''help'' cc
  4. Keta

    Slayer guide

    Introduction Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill different monster around the world. Player must visit slayer camp and talk to one of the different slayer masters, who will assign you a task to kill a certain amount of monsters. General knowledge Shop Unlocks Where do i find slayer camp Slayer Masters Mazchna level 25 (1 point) Vannaka level 45 (2 point) Chaeldar level 60 (3 point) Sumona level 75 (3 point) kuradal Level 90 (4 point)
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