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  1. very interesting point, should have added a case where if you dont enter within 10-15 seconds of dying you'll get kicked out (prevent lobby afkers). If you've died 2 times then you wont be kicked of course as at that point you wont be able to enter anyways.
  2. Tooltips should really help out players (both new and old) figure out what things do, excellent addition to the game. Please use it to its fullest extent and post anything we're missing for items / objects. Great update Bennie boy
  3. There are going to be 2 new updates coming soon to: 1) help people with pvm who have pets 2) add little more cash flow into the server via another skilling system soon As for killing bosses, I don't think its "impossible" but just slow. you could kill plenty of bosses with medium gear if you bring food and prayers, but you may not get fast kills like you see with other geared players. Hopefully the coming updates will help with these issues you brought up
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