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  1. I like the idea of combining the raids in the last question... Maybe make it how you have zulrah sometimes spawn in argus raid... But instead of zulrah make it another raid boss 🤣
  2. im late but i made it.. very cool event and visuals
  3. serious great addition giving every1 a pet to get started... props team.
  4. damnnn the new forge mage set... i remember when i suggested it and got shot down by mostly everyone >.> glad it happened though edit:: and im glad you are pumping quality updates. gj team
  5. Cubs

    Raid rework idea

    A raid is suppose to be hard but you can solo it when you get scoria wep. You can do 3-4 runs before banking when you get scoria wep, 2/3rd bis armour and hellcat. I don't think you should be able to solo it before then anyways. Defeats the purpose of a "raid" that's end game content. Once you get end game gear you can solo the first one easy and you can barely do argus but still doable
  6. Cubs

    Raid rework idea

    You can solo when you get scorias.
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