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  1. Greetings Exorians, Quick little update to end the Easter Event. Thank you all for participating. Anything to do with Easter event has been disabled, except for equipment and food items. If you wish to spend your tokens then you may do so by using the command ::eastershop This update also brings a few changes to the beginner gear, new weaponry additions for the beginner tier, and exo point changes. + Beginner Changes For beginners it is a bit harder to level combat styles such as ranged and magic. Due to the fact that you don't receive a beginner bow and staff. We've made it so any new player start with a beginner bow, staff and bow. Allowing them to sufficiently level their combat styles until it runs out. Existing players can claim these beginner weaponry by using the command ::collectbeginner We've also made changes to the amount of charges a beginner weapon contains. Previously it was 2500 charges, while that is do-able, beginners ran out of charges far too quickly, without having their next upgrade. These are the following beginner charges changes: + Sir Mode - 5000 Charges + Lord Mode - 5000 Charges + Baron Mode - 7500 Charges + King Mode - 10000 Charges + Exo Point Changes Exo point was too heavily focused on completing Achievements. We're taking the first steps on increasing overall exo point gain via monster kills, task scrolls and a new way of obtaining exo points via Raids. This should make it a bit easier to grind exo points. + Exo Point Gain Per Monster Killed + Monster Combat Level Below 60 - From 1 exo point per kill increased to 8 per kill. + Monster Combat Level From 60 to 100 - From 4 exo points per kill increased to 16 per kill. + Monster Combat Level Above 100 - From 8 exo points per kill increased to 32 per kill. + Task scroll Exo Point Gain + Easy Task Scroll - From 750 to 1250 exo points. + Medium Task Scroll - From 1250 to 2000 exo points. + Hard Task Scroll - From 2000 to 3000 exo points. + Elite Task Scroll - From 3000 to 4500 exo points. + Raid Exo Point Gain + Lietrye Raid - 125 exo points per run completed. + Argus Raid - 150 exo points per run completed. + Faceless Raid - 150 exo points per run completed. + Exo Weaponry We've added new Exo weaponry allowing a beginner player to get to an upgrade more quickly. We've also reduced the prices of Exo weaponry significantly. - Exo Weaponry price reduced from 12500 to 7500 Exo Points. We'll also be making some much needed changes to the Exo shop in the following updates. + Power Charge Changes The power charge magic spell is a bit too strong. We've made some base changes to the spell. We'll be adjusting the spell as we update. - Power charge charge stack has been increased from 8 consecutive hits to 10 for power charge special attack. - Power charge internal special attack cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. - Lowered base damage of power charge from 300 base damage + magic bonus to 150 base damage + magic bonus + Changes - Lowered lucky pickaxe equip requirement to lvl. 1 attack. - Added a deposit bank box to the mining zone, in skilling zone. - Significantly reduced the respawn timer of Gothmog. - Lowered master task forge requirements for Hunter. - Lowered enchanted dragonstone dust required for hunter forge materials. - Lowered 'feast' titan forge dust requirements. - Lowered 'feast' forge master task quantity. - There will now be an announcement if less than 10 votes are required to spawn the vote boss. Thank you for playing Exora. If you have any suggestions or reports, feel free to let us know.
  2. Greetings Exorians, We're just doing a quick little update with changes to prestige, and other misc. changes. Not a big update, we need some more time for our grouping revamp. Once we have that done we can do lots more grouping related content, such as new raids, grouped instances and more. Note: Easter event will be ending very soon! Make sure to grab your rewards while you can, and spend those tokens! Another note: We'll be extending double XP until the end of sunday. So get your prestige grind in while you can! 🙂 + Prestige You will now receive 0.10% extra increased drop rate per prestige. Maxing prestige to 20 will give an additional 0.50% drop rate Prestige interface will now show your current additional drop rate and next additional drop rate per prestige + World Boss Changes - Due to newer players not being able to receive drops from world bosses (because not enough damage) we decided to lower the required damage from 250 to 50 for all world bosses. This allows newer players to get some drops, and also participate in our world boss mass events. - Hardcore ironmen will no longer lose status when they die to world bosses, the exception being riptide strykewyrm. Hardcore players may now actually make use of the world bosses! + Enchantment of Demon A new pet scroll enchantment. The demon enchantment scroll allows you to deal 25% more damage to demon-type monsters. It works against any monster which has 'demon' in their name. It requires pet lvl. 12 to equip to your pet. The enchantment of demon is dropped by Kr'il tsutsaroth. + Changes - Buffed gothmog's spine drop rate at Gothmog - Significantly buffed vial of blood drop rate for all superior monsters. - Buffed twilight crossbow additional hit effect from 10% chance to 20%. - Changed noted items in the raid rewards chest to their regular version. - Lowered gothmog pet drop rate. - You can now purchase regular dragon bolts from the range shop. - Toxic bolts must now be made with regular dragon bolts, instead of the enchanted (e) version. - Lowered bottomless prayer renewal credit price. - Discontinued cosmetic boss shoulder pets. (Graardor F*, Kree'ara F*, Zilyana F*, K'rill F*) - Buffed dragonic gloves. We'd also like to take this time to show-off a custom request for the user @Barzini It's still a WIP but here it is: Hellbat: If you're interested feel free to send me a private message! Thank you for playing Exora. We've got the best community! More exciting updates coming soon 🙂
  3. Greetings Exorians, Today we'll bring you lots of QOL changes, twisted accessories, the infinite prayer renewal and lots more! I'd like to take this time to let everyone know that the Easter Event will be ending on the 16th of May. So make sure to get your goodies from the Easter event! The donation coupon event is also ending on the 16th of May. Get your discounts while they're still up! (Codes have been reset) Read more here: Let's get to the update! + Raid Tokens Lots of players have suggested we add raid tokens, so that raiders may get an additional chance at obtaining a rare reward from Raids content. We agree with that, thus we've added Raid Tokens. Raid tokens can be obtained by completing any raid. Each raid has its own raid token, for example the Argus raid has its Argus raid token. Every one raid that you complete, will net you one raid token. Collect 100 raid tokens to craft a raids chest. Raids chests contain the raid drop table from their own respective raid. This includes the extremely rare rewards. However raid tokens and raid chests can not be traded or sold via the trading post. Note: Players that already have a killcount from any raid, will receive 20% of their killcount in raid tokens retroactively. You will receive your tokens automatically when you first login. + Twisted Accessories We wanted to give the twisted crystal more uses other than upgrading the horn boots. You can now use twisted crystals to upgrade the following accessories: Dragonic, Crystal and Poison claw. You may also upgrade the imbued version of these rings. So don't worry about a wasted imbue drop rate scroll! Each of these twisted accessories will give you a set effect. These are the following set effects: + Crystal (Twisted) - Increased drop rate by +1% against the Bloodchiller. + Dragonic (Twisted) - Increased drop rate by +1% against the Warmonger. + Poison Claw (Twisted) - Increased drop rate by +1% against the Earthbreaker. + Bottomless Prayer Renewal Yes, it's finally here. Time to finish the full set of the bottomless potions! The bottomless prayer renewal allows you to drink it infinitely without any doses. However it is extremely hard to obtain. The bottomless overload pieces focused on monster drops, and the brew focused on skilling. The renewal will be a bit of both. Here's how to obtain them: + Hellside imp horns - Low chance of receiving when catching hellside imps. + Gothmog's spine - Rare drop from Gothmog multi boss. + Vial of blood - Rare drop from superior slayer monsters. After obtaining the materials head down to the titan forge to forge the bottomless prayer renewal. + Skill Task Addition We've added a new skill task ability! This one is for the end-game players that want to grind for a valuable ability. + Elite Durzag - Allows you to use durzag's crystal on elite task scrolls. - Requirements: Must have Lucky find 1 and 2 learned. - Cost: 5000 points. + Drop catcher - QOL We know that it is very annoying to fill your inventory in order to send items to the bank. We've added a new right click option that allows you to send items directly to your bank, without having a full inventory. Simply right click your drop catcher and press "toggle". This can be turned on and off at will. + Bank Placeholders - QOL You'll now be able to remove and add a placeholder with the 'always set placeholder' function on. Previously you weren't able to remove individual placeholders if that function was enabled. + Trading Post - QOL We know it has been time consuming for 'rich' players to deposit large amounts of cash to the trading post. As previously it only accepted coin deposits. We've now made it so you can deposit bill bags to the trading post. The option to deposit bill bags will only appear if you have bill bags in your inventory. + Task scroll Reward Changes We've done some changes to the elite task scroll, as their rare rewards were very lackluster. We've also removed some of the drops since they were extremely bad. + Removals - Dinh's gilded set - Tormented weaponry - Tormented wings - Armadyl wings - Sled - Golden octo + Additions Rare pool: - Miner's jewel trinket - Fisherman trinket - Prayer totem - Combat trinkets Super rare pool: - Neon pieces - Dark lord pieces - Solari pieces *Elite task scroll collection log has been updated. + Raids Reward Changes Raids was already in a decent spot when it came to rewards, however it was not enough for what that type of content. The rewards lacked supplies and general consumables that may help you in your gameplay. We've added lots of new exciting misc. rewards to all of the current raids. To view the rewards simply examine the raids chest when you're in a raid. + Safe Box Reward Changes - Increased the quantity of higher tier skill materials. - Added monster mystery box t1 and 2 to the reward table. - Added lava bars to the safe box reward table. + Collection log - Added legendary mystery box collection log. - Added legendary mystery box collection log completion reward. - Added Gothmog collection log. + Changes - You can now lock your combat XP gain via the command ::lockcombatxp - Buffed world boss rare drop rates. (Was already updated last week) - Lowered khaashee/easter dragon damage output. - Lowered gem stone hatchet woodcutting requirement to lvl. 15 - Lowered infernal guard defence requirement to lvl. 55 - Lowered exo sword attack requirement from 70 to 62. - Lowered scorpian wand requirements from 65 to 45. - Removed HP requirement from dragonic/crystal/poison claw accessories. - Significantly reduced the strength stat of dragonic gloves. - Increased ranged strength stat of poison claw gloves. - Increased magic bonus stat of crystal gloves. - Reduced the strength stat of goliath gloves. - Added range strength stat to swift gloves. - Added magic bonus stat to spellcaster gloves. - Removed range and magic attack bonuses from amulet of dragonic. - Significantly buffed twilight crossbow. - Significantly buffed off-hand twilight crossbow. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with shift-drop action remaining on client, when alt-tabbing your screen. (New client required) - Fixed an issue with trimmed sea completionist cape not applying double clue rewards. + Credit Shop - Added bottomless prayer renewal to the credit shop for 9999 credits. As always, thank you for supporting Exora. Hope you guys enjoy the update! Good luck & Have fun!
  4. Greetings Exorians, Today we'll bring you the easter event, some much needed trading post QOL, new world boss and fixes! We're also hosting an easter coupon code and limited coupon codes with the easter event. Read more here: + Easter Event The easter event allows you to obtain various equipment, weaponry, battle pets and cosmetics. They can be obtained as a drop or purchased from the easter bunny's shop. You'll be able to obtain easter tokens via killing monsters in the easter zone, or from different activities on Exora. Such as slayer tasks, dailies, task scrolls and clue scrolls. Easter event will be active from 16th of April till 16th of May + Easter Bunny's Quest To start with the easter event; speak to the easter bunny at the easter zone. Global teleports > Easter Event (or ::easter). Help the easter bunny defend its eggs by defeating evil bunnies in the easter zone. This quest will reward you with the ability to obtain easter tokens from evil bunnies and an easter mystery box. This quest is a daily, which can be completed every day for an easter mystery box. + Easter Dragon With the Easter event comes a new World Boss. It will only be available during the easter event. The events tab shows when the dragon will spawn. It drops all of the Easter event items. It is similar to the khaashee dragon, however upon killing the easter dragon it drops lots of easter candies! To teleport to the easter dragon use the command ::edragon or teleport via the events tab. + Easter Tokens After completing Bunny's Quest monsters in Easter Zone will now always drop Easter tokens. These monsters will drop anywhere between 50-250 per kill depending on the monster, however this amount can be enhanced with Easter trinket. You will now also be able to receive Easter tokens from general gameplay such as; Tasks Scrolls, Clue Scrolls, Dailies and completing slayer tasks. Tokens can be spent in Easter Bunny's shop. He stands at home, patiently awaiting Exorians. + Easter Emblems Emblems are a way for players to get more Easter tokens while grinding out in the Easter zone. They have a 1% chance to drop from monsters in the area, and will only drop once Bunny's quest is completed. Emblems can be cut with chisels to turn in to Easter tokens. You will be notified by game message that an emblem has dropped. + Heart of Easter - When broken with a chisel gain 2500-5000 Easter Tokens. + Crystalized Easter Egg - When broken with a chisel gain 2000-4000 Easter Tokens. + Ancient Medallion - When broken with a chisel gain 1500-3000 Easter Tokens. + Palm Leaf - When broken with a chisel gain 1000-2000 Easter Tokens. + Easter Adventurer's Log Most players don't even know adventurer's log exist. Just a reminder to check the log, and claim any rewards you may have missed. We've added a new book called Bunny's Book. This will only be in the log until the event has ended. Meanwhile, you can complete Easter tasks to receive Easter rewards. They're fairly easy, and you have a total of 3 tasks to complete for some goodies. If you don't know where it is simply go to Quest Tab > click on "Adventurer's Log" + Easter Slayer Tasks During the Easter Event you may receive an easter slayer task. These tasks can be received from Chaeldar or Sumona. + Easter Rewards I know you've been waiting for this! Let's get to the juicy stuff. This time we've added a lot more useful items like equipment sets, weaponry and battle pets to help you progress in the main content. This time there are useful items for all combat styles and not just melee. Other than that there are consumables and juicy cosmetics! + Easter Consumables Obtainable from the Easter Mystery Box, Bunny's Shop, World Boss and the credit shop. + Easter Carrot - Allows you to feed a pet without the specific food required. + Choc' Eggs - Acts as a single dose overload. It is stackable. + Cinnamon Stix - Increases XP Rate by +10% + Spring Grass - Increases Easter tokens gained by +10%. + Ginger Bunny Ears - Increases drop rate by 0.10%. + Hot Cross Buns - Acts as a single aggression pot. It is stackable. + Easter Items With Stats + Easter Sword (t1) - Simple fast hitting sword. + Easter Sword (t2) - Fast hitting sword. - 5% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Easter sword (t1), 75K Easter tokens. - Success chance: 100% + Easter Sword (t3) - Fast hitting sword. - 10% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Easter sword (t2), 100K Easter tokens. - Success chance: 50% + Easter Bow (t1) - Allows arrows up to rune. + Easter Bow (t2) - Allows arrows up to rune. - 5% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 75% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Easter bow (t1), 75K Easter tokens. - Success chance: 100% + Easter Bow (t3) - Allows arrows up to dragon. - 10% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Easter bow (t2), 100K Easter tokens. - Success chance: 50% + Easter Staff (t1) - Has its own basic spell ability. + Santa's Staff (t2) - Fast attacks. Has its own basic spell ability. - Forge Requirement: Easter Staff (t1), 75K Easter tokens. - Success chance: 100% + Easter Staff (t3) - Casts spells twice as fast. Does not have its own special ability. Casts spells refers to magic book. - Forge Requirement: Easter Staff (t2), 100K Easter tokens. - Success chance: 50% + Easter Melee Set - A strong melee equipment set. - Obtained from the red evil bunny. + Easter Range Set - A strong range equipment set. - Obtained from the green evil bunny. + Easter Magic Set - A strong magic equipment set. - Obtained from the blue evil bunny. + Easter Battle Pets + Golden Bunny Pet (Limited until 16th of May) - Stats: 1.5% Drop Rate, Attack: 95, Defence: 60, Strength: 95, Special Damage: 350, Special Rate %: 13, Special Hit: x3 - Obtainable: World Bosses, Easter Mystery Box, Credit Shop + Evil Bunnies - Obtainable: Respective bunny in the easter zone, Easter Mystery Box, Bunny's Shop. + Easter Misc./Cosmetics + Easter Mystery Box - May be obtained from Bunny's Shop, Monsters, World Bosses, Adv. Log, and Credit Shop + Easter 2022 Trinket - Increases easter tokens gained by +25% while killing monsters in the easter zone. - Obtainable; Bunny's Shop + Bunny Suit - A bunny suit. - Obtainable; Bunny's Shop, Credit Shop + Evil Bunny Tails - A new cosmetic item that goes on to the behind of the character. Note: Tails equip to the amulet slot. - Obtainable; Respective bunny, Bunny's shop, World Boss. + Basket of Eggs - A cosmetic. Changes the walking animation. - Obtainable; Bunny's Shop, World Boss. + Rubber chicken - A cosmetic. - Obtainable; Bunny's Shop, World Boss. Of course all the easter items are in the transmogrifier under the category 'Easter' + Trading Post (Previously; Auction House) The auction house is no longer named 'auction house'. Will now officially be named Trading Post. We've done some big changes to the trading post, due to player feedback. We appreciate your suggestions. + Changes - You'll now be able to sort the trading post list by price from low to high-high to low. by pressing the 'modify' button. - You'll now be able to view an item history up to the last 25 sold items. Click on the item name to view its history. + Credit Shop - Added a limited credit shop category: Easter + Changes - The rift dungeon will now check your IP before trying to enter it. You will no longer be able to enter with multiple accounts. - Buffed deep rock abdomen drop rate on both deep rock monsters. - Buffed wildwood monster equipment drop rate significantly. - Lowered wildwood equipment sacrifice points value. - Lowered wicked claws item value. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with not being able to customize the colors of max and completionist capes. - Fixed an issue with the enchanted pestle and mortar not making all of an ingredient in one click. - Fixed an issue with the astral rune in spellbooks. - Fixed an issue with the completionist cape stating double vote as a reward. That is no longer the case. Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! Hope you guys enjoy the update. Good luck & Have fun!
  5. Greetings Exorians, With the easter event comes coupon codes! We'll be giving away an easter coupon code which will last till easter ends, and limited coupon codes with limited uses! These codes are active until the 16th of May Codes: - EASTER40 - Percentage Discount: 40% - Code uses: 10 - Starts from packages on and above 1000 credits. - EASTER30 - Percentage Discount: 30% - Code uses: 25 - Starts from packages on and above 100 credits. - EASTER20 - Percentage Discount: 20% - Code uses: 100 - Starts from packages on and above 100 credits. Good luck & Have fun!
  6. Greetings Exorians, Today we'll do a mini update to release the new battle pass, general changes and additions. + Battle Pass Season 5 We have tons of goodies and lots of unique items in our new battle pass. We've added some more free rewards for the newer players as well. The battle pass is 54 levels. We also added some more transmogable cosmetics to the battle pass. New back items, and a battle pass unique set. + Akdall's Essence Pouch An essence pouch that holds up to 50 akdall's essence. Allowing you to craft more akdall's essence per run. Obtainable via the Exo Shop. + Changes - You'll now be able to check your pouches to see how many runes/pure essences you have in it. - Power charge magic spell internal cooldown has been lowered to 5 seconds per proc. - Lockpick trinket now gives +10 extra loose springs when opening safeboxes. - Lowered prestige cap from 25 to 20. - Buffed prayer per prestige from 15 to 20. - Buffed health per prestige from 25 to 30. - You can now check your rift timer with the command ::rifttimer + Fixes - Fixed an issue with aggression potion, monsters targeting you while you are in combat in a single zone. - Fixed an issue with the Faceless global boss. - Fixed an issue with certain skilling actions while being kicked out of the rift dungeon. Thank you for supporting Exora! Good luck & have fun.
  7. Not that I know of currently, we have too many items and systems at the moment. So it just depends which ones catches my eye.
  8. I'm sorry. 😞 But the Prestige rewards were a bit too strong. They were implemented years ago and never really noticed, until recently.
  9. Greetings Exorians, It's that time again! Today we'll bring you lots of new content additions, more skilling resources, new magic spells, some QOL and lots more. I'd like to take this time to thank our whole community for supporting Exora. We have received some questions regarding an Easter event, and would like to confirm now, that we are indeed doing an Easter event. It'll be similar to our previous events, just a bit different. Now let's get to the update! + Hellside Rift Dungeon The hellside rift dungeon is the first rift dungeon coming to Exora. Rift dungeons are time based dungeons that any player can access. Players may be able to freely enter and leave rift dungeons within their time frame. All players have a default time in rift for 1 hour, every day. Certain donator ranks have increased time in the rift. Once your time is up you will be kicked out of the rift. Players may be able to use a rift reset scroll obtained from monster drops/credit shop. Rifts contain lots of skilling resources, monsters and a multi-boss. *New day event: Rift Mondays, 30 minutes increased time in the Rift. How do I enter the rift? The rift entrance is located south-east of home. Click the object to teleport to the rift. Once you enter the rift, your timer will start. You are able to leave and re-enter within your timer. + Hellside Monsters Hellside monsters each drop a unique item, as well as a main rare drop that all monsters inside drop. They are high-level monsters, with lots of defenses. + Hellside Gazer - The gazer attacks with Magic and is weak to range attacks. + Hellside Basilisk - The basilisk attacks with melee and is weak to magic attacks. + Hellside Behemoth - The behemoth attacks with range and is weak to melee attacks. + Akdall the Forsaken Akdall is a new multi-boss within the Hellside rift dungeon. Akdall only has Magic attacks, and a few special attacks. Bring your prayer pots, because she likes to sap the prayer out of you. Top 5 players with the most damage dealt will receive a drop. + Hellside Drops + Scroll of Power Charge - Lvl. 98 magic required. A scroll that learns the power charge spell. The power charge magic spell is a part of the modern spellbook. - The spell allows you to gain power charges while in combat with the enemy. Every successful hit adds +1 charges, up to 8. Once reaching 8 charges your next spell hit deals twice the amount of damage. However, if you have an unsuccessful hit your power charges reset back to 0. Gaining charges has an internal cooldown of 8 seconds (after a successful charged attack). - Runes required: x25 Water rune, x4 Death rune, x4 Soul rune, x1 Akdall rune + Scroll of Hellfire Burst - Lvl. 98 magic required. A scroll that learns the hellfire spell. The hellfire burst magic spell is a part of the ancients spellbook. - Hellfire burst is an AOE spell that allows you to regain prayer points while attacking enemies. 5% of your last damage is returned in prayer points. The spell effect may only proc once every 5 seconds. - Runes required: x25 Fire rune, x4 Death rune, x4 Blood rune, x1 Akdall rune + Twisted Crystal - The twisted crystal allows you to upgrade your horn boots. + Fire horn boots (twisted) + Frost horn boots (twisted) + Wind horn boots (twisted) + Amulet of Akdall - No longer consume akdall's runes when casting spells that require akdall's runes. + Akdall's Crossbow - Fast attacks. Has a 30% chance to hit twice, its second hit dealing 50% less damage. Increases toxic bolt special attack damage by +50%. + Akdall's Shield - A strong defensive/offensive shield. + Rift Reset Scroll - A scroll that resets your rift timer. + Hellside Mystery Box - Hellside mystery box can be dropped from monsters, or made via monster materials. + Hellside Skilling Resources + Small Elemental Rock - Lvl. 60 mining required. - Small elemental chunks can be turned in to 1 elemental dust with a chisel, or lunar chisel. + Hellside Ore Rock - Lvl. 96 mining required. - Hellside ores can be turned in to bars with x3 hellside ores, x4 coal. - Used to create hellside arrowheads. + Hellside Imp - Lvl. 92 hunter required. May be caught with a regular box trap. - Hellside imp is an ingredient used to create new potions. + Akdall's tree - Lvl. 96 woodcutting required. - Akdall's logs are used to create hellside arrowshafts. + Akdall's Essence Rock - Lvl. 90 mining required. - Mine the rock to obtain akdall's essence. Essence can be used to craft akdall's runes. - Can be accessed via the Runecrafting NPC. Speak to him, and teleport to the essence mining area. + Akdall's Altar - Lvl. 95 runecrafting required. - Once you have Akdall's essence you can craft them in to runes at Akdall's altar. - Can be accessed via the Runecrafting teleports. + Hellside Finished Skilling Resources + Hellside Arrows - Hellside arrows are the new bis arrows in the game. Weaponry on and above scoria may be able to use those. - How to create: 1. Cut akdall's logs in to hellside arrow shafts. 2. Use feathers on hellside arrow shafts to create headless hellside arrows. 3. Smelt hellside ores in to hellside bars. 4. Use hellside bar to smith hellside arrowheads 5. Use hellside arrowheads on headless hellside arrows. You'll now have hellside arrows. + Akdall's Runes - Akdall's runes are used to cast the new spells 'power charge' and 'hellfire burst' - How to create: 1. Mine akdall's essence at the essence mine location. 2. Use akdall's essence at Akdall's altar. You'll now have akdall's runes. + Aggression Potion - Within a 8x8 radius monsters will become aggressive towards you. It takes 1 second after killing a monster, for another to attack you. (1 minute per dose, stacking at the maximum of 4 minutes) - How to create: 1. Catch hellside imps with a regular box trap. 2. Create an unfinished fellstalk potion. (clean fellstalk + vial of water) 3. Use hellside imp item on the unfinished fellstalk potion. You'll now have an aggression potion. + Raid Potion - Increases the raid drop rate by +0.50% on the next raid encounter. - How to create: 1. Catch hellside imps with a regular box trap. 2. Create an unfinished torstol potion. 3. Gather the following materials: - x1 superior essence, x5 hellside bars, x10 akdall's logs, x40 enchanted ruby dust, x25 enchanted dragon dust and x4 hellside imps. 4. Forge a dusted hellside imp at the titan forge. 5. Use dusted hellside imp on unfinished torstol potion. + Titan Forge Potion - Increases the chance at successfully forging by +1% upon the next forge attempt. - How to create: 1. Catch hellside imps with a regular box trap. 2. Create an unfinished fellstalk potion. 3. Gather the following materials: - x1 superior essence, x5 hellside bars, x10 akdall's logs, x40 enchanted ruby dust, x25 enchanted dragon dust and x4 hellside imps. 4. Forge a dusted hellside imp at the titan forge. 5. Use dusted hellside imp on unfinished fellstalk potion. + Hellside Pets + Akdall the Forsaken + Hellside Gazer + Hellside Basilisk + Hellside Behemoth + Rune Pouch The rune pouch is an item that allows you to store up to 3 runes. You'll be able to cast spells while having those runes in your rune pouch. It can store up to 64k runes each rune. Rune pouch is obtainable via the following ways: - Exo Shop - Skill Shop - Sacrifice Shop - Credits Exchange + Prestige Changes - Lowered prestige prayer increase from 50 to 15 per prestige. - Lowered health prestige increased from 100 to 25 per prestige. - Increased prestige cap from 10 to 25. + Minor Additions - Added a new skilling task ability. 'Ready Player Two' increases SOLO faceless raid drop rate. - Monday day event is now 'Rift Monday' increases rift time by +30 minutes. - Timer increases in rift for certain donator ranks: + Eternal - 45 minutes of extra time in the rift. + Immortal - 30 minutes of extra time in the rift. + Master - 15 minutes of extra time in the rift. + Changes - Raised pet level cap from the bosses pet list from 41 to 50. - Lowered titan forge collection log reward from 10% to 5%. - Changed master zone to now be a multi zone area. - Amulet of eternal fire will no longer give unlimited death runes. - Lowered toxic bolts trimmed completionist cape requirement to x500 toxic bolts fletched. - Lowered lava ore required to smelt lava bar from 5 to 2. - Added a new completionist cape requirement: Kill x50 Akdall - Added a new trimmed completionist cape requirement: Fletch x500 hellside arrows. - Added a new trimmed completionist cape requirement: Chop x300 Akdall's log. - Added a new trimmed completionist cape requirement: Catch x100 hellside imps. - Added a new trimmed completionist cape requirement: Mine x250 hellside ores. - Added a new battle pass task: Enter the rift dungeon - Lowered wildwood dungeon monsters defenses. - Added more skilling related items to safe box. - Lowered titanite kiteshield, tormented shield raw stats. - Lowered giant sea snake oceanic pearl drop rate. + Fixes - Lietrye will now heal the player after completing the raid. - Fixed an issue with the slayer teleport, in skilling teleports. - Fixed an issue with toxic bolt trimmed requirement counting the wrong amount fletched. + Credit Shop - Added misc. and consumables category to the credit shop. - Added rune pouch for 249 credits to the misc. category. - Added twisted crystal for 1899 credits to the general category. - Added scroll of power charge for 1149 credits to the general category. - Added scroll of hellfire burst for 1149 credits to the general category. - Added rift reset scroll for 129 credits to the general category. - Added raid potion x5 for 129 credits to the consumables category. - Added titan forge potion x5 for 99 credits to the consumables category. - Added aggression potion x10 for 49 credits to the consumables category. Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! Hope you guys enjoy this update.
  10. Greetings Exorians, Its time for another update! We'll bring you the long awaited home redesign, skillmaster durzag additions, some general changes, and a few more fixes. This update may have taken a bit longer than usual, it is because a new home area is a lot to think about. Quite easy to mess up, so we wanted to take our time with this one. Hope you guys enjoy the update! + Exora's New Home Ah..finally. We've always wanted to redesign our home eventually. Our old home is quite small, and has too many npcs, objects in a small area. It looked very disorganized. Our new home will have all of what our old home had, and more. But this time there will be dedicated places for certain npcs and chests. We'll only show one screenshot, I'd like to keep the rest a surprise for when you login! + World Vote Boss After lots of request to add in a vote world boss, we decided to add it in. We've noticed that the Giant Orc multi boss was rarely ever being killed. So we turned it in to a world boss. The boss will be spawned in once a global of 75 votes have been claimed. (Claimed via the command) The Giant Orc is located north of shadow dungeon. You may be able to teleport there via the command ::giantorc or you can teleport via the events tab. The Giant Orc can not be spawned in via the world boss token. You'll be able to view its loots by examining the Giant Orc or checking the World Boss collection log. He is weak to ranged and melee. However magic can still work on the Giant Orc. + Skill Master Durzag We've added another learnable ability to the skill master. You'll now be able to learn how to craft supreme saradomin brews. Similar to how the overload works, you'll have a 10% chance to receive a supreme brew when you craft saradomin brews. + Mad Alchemist II - Learn how to craft supreme brews. 10% chance to craft supreme brews when making saradomin brews. - Must learn Mad Alchemist I before unlocking. - Cost: 250 Points + Supreme brew - No longer reduces your combat stats when sipped. - You'll now receive 10% additional health when sipped. + Lockpick (tr) We've added a new trinket for safe boxes. When cracking safeboxes with the lockpick trinket equipped, gain a 10% chance to roll an additional drop from the rarer reward drop table. The lockpick can be obtained from safe boxes, or from the credit shop. + Enchanted Pestle & Mortar When crushing herblore ingredients with the enchanted pestle and mortar, gain a 5% chance to obtain an additional ingredient. Can be obtained via the vote shop, or clue scrolls (challenge scrolls). + Additions - Failed titan forges will now announce for high tier forges. (So that we can all laugh at you, looking at u @cameron) - Added a custom exora altar at home, that'll be where you'll sacrifice bones, change your prayer books, and spellbook. - Battle pass completions will now be announced globally. - Gamble zone no longer located at home. You can access the gamble zone via command ::gamble or via global teleports. + Changes - You will now longer automatically quit your party when finishing a raid. You'll now stay in the party until you decide to leave. - Nerfed book of wisdom, book of exora from 100% increased XP to 50% increased XP. - Increased the price of book of exora to 10 vote points. - Increased the price of book of xp from 3 to 5 vote points - Increased the sacrifice value of lots of items, for the pool of sacrifice. - Increased the rate at which you craft supreme overload from 5% to 10%. - You'll now only require 1 superior essence to forge true crystallic weaponry. - Buffed the chance to receive ashey logs from Magic trees. - Lowered Argus pet special attack from 400 to 300. - Significantly lowered elemental star skilling task quantity. - Reduced the amount of overload flask drops from fire dragons. - Removed camera shake of skeletal strykewyrm raid boss. - Increased the amount of Wildwood monsters, in the Wildwood dungeon. - Increased the amount of edimmu spawns, in Shadow dungeon. - Removal of the slayer cave, and any other mention of it. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with ice rush and ice burst freezing Argus indefinitely. - Fixed an issue with eternal pet armour not announcing when forging. - Fixed an issue with Lietrye raid bugging a party, in certain scenarios. + Credit Shop Changes - Reduced the price of flower of dawn (tr). - Added the lockpick (tr) to the credit shop for 799 credits. Thank you all for taking the time to read through the update log! We appreciate all the support we get from you guys ❤️ If there's any suggestions you may have, or bug reports do let us know via discord. You can do so via the channels #suggestions, #bug-reports.
  11. Thank you for these! We appreciate the suggestions/bugs. I highly recommend sending over these to the discord #suggestions We'll look in to some of these issues.
  12. Greetings Exorians, We are giving away a few coupons! These will only work with the payment methods PayPal & Credit Card. Here they are: Codes: - 40OFF - Percentage Discount: 40% - Code uses: 5 - 30OFF - Percentage Discount: 30% - Code uses: 10 - 20OFF - Percentage Discount: 30% - Code uses: 25 Good Luck & Have Fun!
  13. Greetings Exorians, Here we go again! Time for another update. This update brings us the sacrifice system, new weaponry and off-hands and general changes. We're also hosting our first donation event! You can read more here: Now that's out of the way, let's get to the update! + Goliath Weaponry It has been quite a while since we've introduced a new BiS weaponry set. We generally don't want to introduce bis every update. However it has been a very long time since we've had more. (Ever since faceless) and even before faceless it had been years. The new goliath weaponry can be obtained via the titan forge. Here are the details: + Goliath Sword - 100% Chance to hit twice, with no reductions to its second hit. - 25% chance to add an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage. - Ingredients: Scoria sword, Titanite sword, x100 titanite shards, x25 superior essence, x500 lava bars. - Success rate: 20% + Goliath Staff - 100% Chance to hit twice, with no reductions to its second hit. - 25% chance to add an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage. - No longer require blood runes. - Ingredients: Scoria staff, Nebula staff, x100 titanite shards, x25 superior essence, x500 lava bars. - Success rate: 20% + Goliath Bow - 100% Chance to hit twice, with no reductions to its second hit. - 25% chance to add an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage. - May use any arrows. - Ingredients: Scoria bow, Orthite bow, x100 titanite shards, x25 superior essence, x500 lava bars. - Success rate: 20% + Pool of Sacrifice The pool of sacrifice is a new system introduced to Exora. It is a way to still get something in return if you are not able to sell your duplicate items. Not only that, but it is also a good solution for an item sink. When you sacrifice an item you'll receive sacrifice points in return. You'll see how many points you'd get before sacrificing of course. You'll be able to spend your points in the sacrifice shop. It mostly has high-end and misc items in its shop, and a few medium tier items. You'll have to see it in-game! How it works: 1. Click the pool of sacrifice. It is located in the middle of the home area. 2. Click on an item in your inventory. 3. Click on the hammer button, and sacrifice. + Faceless Tome The faceless tome is a new magic off-hand. It has very high magic bonuses. You'll be able to obtain it by titan forging. We know you've been asking for more uses for the twilight shard. So that'll be one of the ingredients you use to titan forge it. The success rate is 20%. + Dawnlight Defender It has been a while since we've introduced a new defender. (years even). So we decided to add a new tier of defender (lvl. 80 atk) requirement. You'll be able to obtain it the same way you've obtained the arclight defender, via the warriors guild minigame. In order to receive it as a drop you must have lvl 80 attack. It is significantly more rarer than the arclight. + Changes - The auto alchemizer will now notify you via game message, on what has been alchemized and for how much. - The auto alchemizer will now alchemize items from the raids chest, and world bosses. - You'll now be able to reply to private messages, even without having them on your friends list. - Akrisae no longer on the rare drop table, on enchanted chests. - Titan forge collection reward buffed from +5% chance to +10% increased chance. - Increased the price of titan master's gloves in the vote shop. - Increased the price of enhanced gemstone in the vote shop. - Increased price of the lunar chisel in the vote shop. - Reduced the price of special trinket in the vote shop. - Reduced the price of the vote mystery box. - Added world boss token to the vote shop for 60 vote points. - You'll now be able to access the limited auction via the command ::auction - Added a way to destroy an ironman group. - Added new items to transmogrifier. - Added scarfs to the transmogrifier. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with ground item text not properly formatting. (Has already been pushed to live server, 2 weeks ago) - Fixed an issue with multiple whips in the safebox table. - Fixed an issue with drop catcher being in the hard task scroll collection log. - Fixed the damn anvil at the master zone. - Fixed an issue with the credit exchange npc sometimes not showing limited auction as an option. + Credit Shop Changes - Reduced the price of tormented weaponry significantly. - Reduced the price of the arclight defender significantly - Added the dawnlight defender to the credit shop for 449 credits. Thank you all again, for supporting Exora! We wanted to add in one more update, which is a new home area. However we're quite ocd when it comes to that, so it is taking a bit longer than usual. We'll be posting some sneekpeaks soon!
  14. Greetings Exorians, We'll be hosting our first donation event. You'll have a chance at doubling your donation in credits! This is how it works: Every package tier has a percentage of doubling your credits. Each tier the percentage goes up by 5%, the highest package being 50% chance. These are the tiers and percentages. + 50 Credits ($5) - 5% chance to double + 120 Credits ($10) - 10% chance to double + 300 Credits ($25) - 15% chance to double + 600 Credits ($50) - 20% chance to double + 900 Credits ($75) - 25% chance to double + 1200 Credits ($100) - 30% chance to double + 3000 Credits ($250) - 35% chance to double + 6500 Credits ($500) - 50% chance to double Thank you all for supporting Exora. It helps us keep up with development, and marketing costs.
  15. Greetings Exorians Welcome to the Exora general poll, we'll be asking questions about how you feel about the server so far, and what we could change in the future. please answer each question honestly and thoughtfully, it helps us make better choices for future updates and changes. We will be giving out a Mystery Box if you've filled in the poll, reply in this thread. Again, please be honest and think about the questions/statements 🙂
  16. Welcome aleon, I recommend joining discord. A lot more active there 🙂
  17. Greetings Exorians, Time for another update! Thank you all for continuing to support Exora. We're happy we've been quite consistent when it comes to updates, and are planning on keeping it that way. If you guys have any suggestions, or reports please don't hesitate to let us know. Let's get to the update! Note: Some updates require an updated client. Please download the new client here: https://exora.io/play If you use the auto-launcher then simply run that and it'll auto update. + Ground item text (Client update required) We've received this suggestion quite a lot, and while we wanted to get it done faster, we had some other updates that had priority. You'll now be able to see ground item text for any item that is dropped on the floor. Currently all items under 100k GP value will show as white text. All items above 100k value will show purple text. However there are some exceptions for some items that have a low GP value, but are still valuable. If you'd like to hide ground items under a certain value you can hide it with the command ::hidegroundvalue If you'd like to hide all ground item text you can do so in player settings. + Credit Exchange Limited Auction Shop The limited auction shop is a way for players to spend their credits for items that aren't necessarily attainable in-game. From cosmetics to other custom items. Anything can be sold in its shop. It is a global auction where players may bid for an item, with a time limit. The #1 bidder wins the auction once the timer runs out. The shop can only contain one item. The currency used for this shop is credits. Placing a bid requires 1 credit tax. Credit auctions can only be hosted by me, however we may do a poll for these every time we host them so that players can vote what they'd like to see in its shop. To access the limited auction shop visit the credit exchange. Note: There are some strict rules for the auction, any false bidding will result in account termination. So I highly recommend reading the FAQ before placing a bid. + Raid Collection Completion Reward First of all, congratulations to @stanj053 for being a crazy beast for completing a raids collection log. Thus making us actually have to add in a completion reward for them (lol). A new collection completion reward has been added for all types of raids: Always roll an additional drop when claiming raid rewards. + Credit Shop Additions & Changes + Titan Forge Fail-Safe We've decided to add a fail-safe token for the titan forge. This token allows you to keep your forge ingredients if you've failed a forge. In order to use it simply have it in your inventory. However the ticket will be consumed even if you succeed. The fail-safe token can currently only be obtained from the credit shop for 799 Credits. Price may change depending on the feedback. + Legendary Mystery Box Similar to the super mystery box, however it contains Neon, Dark lord, Solari and Dweller capes. As well as a higher % rate at receiving better items. Available in the credit shop for: 149 Credits. + General Credit Shop Changes - Removal of Golden Scorias from the shop. - Lowered the auto alchemizer price from 1499 to 1099 Credits. - Lowered price of bottomless saradomin brew from 3499 to 2999 Credits. - Lowered price of prayer scrolls from 299 to 199 Credits. + Battle Pass Season 4 Aw shit...here we go again! The season 4 battle pass is one of the best passes we've seen thus far. 2 battle pass unique cosmetic sets and some big rewards down the line. We have added 6 extra levels from 54 to 60. Good luck & have fun grinding the pass! Let's show off the new battle pass sets! + Devilish Set + Lightbringer Set + Skill Master Durzag Task Changes - Lowered all cooking tasks amount to cook. - Reduced mining skill task amounts. - Increased runecrafting task amounts significantly. - Increased Man/Women pick-pocket task amounts. - Increased some of the hunting task amounts. + Changes - Wildwood dungeon monsters will now drop coins, morchella and toadflax seeds/herbs. (Has already been pushed to live) - Slightly reduced wildwood dungeon monsters hitpoints. - Slightly reduced deep rock monsters hitpoints. - Added Magma beast pet to collection log. - Added Magma elemental pet to collection log. - Added Dark celestial fox pet to collection log. - Added Dark celestial pet to collection log. - Titanite kiteshield pet plates now only give 1. - Nerfed elemental lvl 1 from 2.25 seconds to 2.75 seconds. Healing from 1.75% to 1.25% + Bug fixes - You will now be able to progress skill task overload using (4) extreme potions. (Has already been pushed to live) - Fixed an issue with eternal pet armour forge not announcing when succeeding. - Fixed an issue with the slash attack style doing stab animation. - Fixed an issue with being able to attack Lietrye with battle pets while Lietrye is invincible. - Fixed an issue with Lietrye raid chest interface sometimes not displaying all rewards. - Fixed an issue with some of the tormented demons not dropping wicked claws. - Fixed an issue with being able to block boss tasks, but never being able to remove them from block list. (You'll no longer be able to block boss tasks.) + Tudor's Custom Item Request Thank you Tudor for supporting Exora! Your request was a recolored/textured version of the Scoria Bow! So here it is! The Shang's Huntress Bow Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! Good luck & have fun! #sneekpeak
  18. Greetings Exorians, Today we'll bring you a massive update we've been working on. It introduces a lot of new content, general changes and fixes. I'd like to thank you all for supporting Exora. We will keep at it and bring you great updates. Grab some popcorn, or get a coffee because it'll be a very long update log! Let's get started. Before we get started on the new update, I'd like to announce a new rule change: Raids: You will no longer be allowed to raid with alt accounts in the same raid. However you may raid with alts on separate raids. Incase of confusion. You can not be in the same party as your alt account! + Skillmaster Durzag We've wanted to bring in skilling related content for a while now. Currently we have had a few skilling updates, but not enough. We're introducing new skilling content slowly but surely. This is our first step towards it. The skill master, durzag is a master of skilling. Players can receive skilling related tasks from durzag. You may choose which tier of tasks you wish to receive. However in order to be able to get master tasks you'll have to complete a certain amount of easy, medium and hard tasks. Once you complete a task you'll be given skill points. Which you can then use to purchase from durzag's shop. Similar to slayer, he has a learn-ability shop and a regular shop. You'll be able to reset your task for free every 12 hours. However that will reset your skill streak. To track how long you've got left for your free reset simply go to your quest tab and then click on "skill task". Which will let you know about your current task progress, streak and time left until your free reset. - Point distribution - Easy - Random between 4-7 skill points. - Medium - Random between 7-11 skill points. - Hard - Random between 18-25 skill points. - Master - Random between 30-45 skill points. - How it works: 1. First speak to Skillmaster Durzag. (He's behind the skill zone bank) Alternatively you can use global teleports > general > skillmaster 2. Ask for a task. 3. Choose a task tier 4. You now have a skilling task! + Durzag's Shop You'll be able to spend your skill points in Durzag's shop. He has a lot of variety of what you can go for. To access Durzag's shop, speak to him and ask him to show his shop. Here's a list of what Durzag has in his shop. + Ability Learn Shop + Hot Hands - Increases the rate at which you mine rocks, cut logs and catch fish by 10% - 150 Skill Points + Wise Words - Permanently increases your XP gained by 10% Not limited by any game mode. - 200 Skill Points + Animal Whisperer - Permanently increases your chance at obtaining a skilling pet by 10%. - 75 Skill Points + Mad Alchemist - 5% chance to create a supreme overload potion, while creating regular overload potions. - 175 Skill Points + Galactic Rocks - 5% chance to mine a galactic rock from the Elemental Star - 250 Skill Points + Lucky Find - Increases the rate at which you find task scrolls by 10% - 150 Skill Points + Lucky Find 2 - Increases the drop rate of rare items by +2% from all task scrolls. - 250 Skill Points + Durzag's Best Friend - Durzag will now give you additional rewards per completed skill task. 1-5M coins, 4-8 skill points. - 350 Skill Points + Ready Player One - Increases Lietrye & Argus drop rate by +1% when killing them by yourself. (SOLO RAIDS) - 500 Skill Points + Genius Genie - Permanently increases XP gained from cinder lamps by +30%. - 300 Skill Points + Safe Cracker - Allows you to crack safe boxes around Exora, filled with valuable loot and the special alchemizer. - 100 Skill Points + Item Shop + Durzag's Crystal - Instantly complete your task scroll when clicking collect. Note: This does not work for elite task scrolls. + Cinder lamps - Grants experience on a chosen skill. + Prayer Totem (tr) - 5% chance to reward you with +50% more experience on any offered bones to the altar. + Deep Sea (tr) - Invulnerable to the underwater poison when worn. + Miner's Jewel (tr) - Gain a +10% chance of mining double the ores. + Fisherman (tr) - Gain a +10% chance of catching double the fish. Let's explain some of the items/benefits. + Durzag's Crystal There is no requirement to purchase this item - it can be purchased for 40 points. It will automatically complete your task scroll once you press on the collect button. Your crystal will be consumed. + Supreme Overloads The mad alchemist ability allows you to create supreme overloads. When you create regular overloads you'll have a chance at receiving them. The supreme overload acts as a regular overload, however it increases your stats by +27, lasts for 8 minutes and reduces incoming damage. + Galactic Rocks When you've learned the galactic rocks ability, you'll be able to mine them from the Elemental Star at a 5% chance rate. The big rocks give increased elemental chunks. Simply use a chisel (or lunar) on the galactic rock. It will give you 2-6 elemental chunks. Lunar, of course may give additional chunks. + Safe Box Cracking Once you've learned the ability safe cracker. You may open up safes around Exora. There are 3 total safes which are player-based, similar to farming patches. You'll need lvl. 61 thieving in order to crack them, and you may fail when trying to crack them. However you'll be able to open them regardless, even if you fail. Safe boxes reset every 5 minutes. Completing a safe-box route will grant you increased thieving experience. Opening a safe box will give you various loots/skilling supplies and guaranteed 500-750k coins, loose springs when opening. You may also receive pieces of the auto alchemizer, which will be further explained down below. Here's how it works: + Auto Alchemizer The auto alchemizer is similar to the drop catcher, however instead of picking up drops for you, it auto sells the item to the general shop, for increased value, by 25%. So an item you'd generally sell to the shop for 10m, you'd get 12.5m. You'll be able to add items, like the drop catcher to the auto alchemizer. Be careful of adding rare items by accident though! The auto alchemizer can hold up to 1000 charges. In order to recharge the auto alchemizer you must use loose springs on it. The pieces of the auto alchemizer can be obtained from safe boxes at a low rate. There are the following pieces: - Alchemizer gearbox - Alchemizer funnel tube - Alchemizer blast-shaft + Wildwood Dungeon We wanted to make the gear progression a bit more streamlined, for all of the combat skills. We noticed there was a lack of accessories/equipment when reaching certain point of the game. The Wildwood dungeon serves as a way to narrow the gap between gear jumps in terms of armor and accessories. The dungeon consists of 3 monsters. Which are the loreroot fungal, grovewarden snake and the lichwood stag. Of course all the Wildwood monsters may also drop the wildwood mystery box, and monster materials. You may also receive them as a slayer task from masters on and above Chaeldar. When on task its superior version can spawn. In order to access the Wildwood dungeon, simply go to global teleports > dungeons > Wildwood dungeon + Lichwood stag - The lichwood stag drops melee equipment and accessories. It is weak to magic attacks, and has high ranged and melee defence bonuses. + Grovewarden snake - The grovewarden snake drops ranged equipment and accessories. It is weak to melee attacks, and has high magic and ranged defence bonuses. + Loreroot fungal - The loreroot fungal drops magic equipment and accessories. It is weak to ranged attacks, and has high magic and melee defence bonuses. + Wildwood Equipment + Lichwood Equipment + Grovewarden Equipment + Loreroot Equipment + Preset Manager Our old preset system was very outdated. As it was coded years ago, we had been using it ever since. We decided to give it a complete revamp. Previously you were only able to create 2 presets maximum. You'll now be able to create 6 presets, depending on your donator rank. All players though, will have at least one preset slot, no matter the rank. How it works: 1. Access the preset manager via the preset button in the bank interface. 2. Select a preset slot. 3. To save a preset you'll simply have to click the "save preset" button. That will save both inventory and equipment. If you wish to save only equipment, or only inventory, you may do so by right clicking the 'save preset' button. 4. Once saved you'll be able to set a new for your preset. 5. Done! You now have a preset. What if you want to remove a preset? You can click the settings button next to your preset slot, right click and clear the preset. You can also edit the name of your preset. + Attendance Rewards We want to reward players for playing Exora! From now on you'll receive hourly rewards up to 5 hours. They reset every 24 hours. You can access the attendance reward interface via the check-in chest. The check-in chest now has 2 options, the daily roll reward and the attendance reward. + Battle Pets With new updates come new pets and battle pet equipment! Here's a list of new equipment and pets. + Battle Pet Equipment + Ring of Demon - Pet Lvl. 25, +65 Attack, +25 Defence, +65 Strength, +140 Special damage, +1% SP attack - Forge: x1 Ring of Ember, x15 Omni plates - Success Rate: 50% + Eternal Pet Armor - Pet Lvl. 40, +0.6% drop rate, +100 attack, +96 defence, +100 strength, +6% special attack, +250 special damage. - Forge: x1 Calamity Armor, x40 Eternal plates, x50 superior essence, x500 lava bars - Success Rate: 100% - Eternal plates can be obtained by breaking Orthite, Nebula and Titanite equipment. + Battle Pet Additions + Ceres Pet (New credit shop pet) - Stats: +1.25% drop rate, +84 attack, +90 defence, +90 strength, +12% special attack, +325 special damage, x3 hits + Lichwood Stag Pet + Loreroot Fungal Pet + Grovewarden Snake Pet + Shoulder Pets Since the Faceless King has a shoulder pet, we decided to add the lietrye and argus shoulder pet, they'll now be in their respective drop table as a rare reward. They'll also be obtainable via soulcages. We have also made some slight changes to the other shoulder pets. + New Shoulder Pets + Argus F* - Benefits: Increases drop rate by +3%, heals 175-200 HP and restores prayer by 125-175 every 7 seconds. - Obtainable: Argus Raids, Argus Soulcage, Credit Shop + Lietrye F* - Benefits: Increases drop rate by +2.25%, heals 135-160HP and restores prayer by 100-125 every 9 seconds. - Obtainable: Lietrye Raids, Lietrye Soulcage, Credit Shop + Shoulder Pet Changes - Adjusted Hellcat F* drop rate from 2% to 1.75% - Slightly adjusted shoulder pet stats of Hellcat F* and above. - Faceless F* now has a different color graphics around the player. + Eternal Donator Rank A new donator rank! Eternal rank is a rank that comes in at $5k total. To view the eternal donator rank benefits simply go to the store on the website and click 'donator benefits'. We're still working on more benefits for donator ranks. + Credit Shop New changes and additions to the credit shop! + Credit Shop Additions + Ceres Battle Pet - Cost: 3499 Credits + Argus F* - Cost: 4899 Credits + Lietrye F* - Cost: 2999 Credits + Auto Alchemizer - Cost: 1499 Credits - Also completes collection log pieces when purchasing via the Credit Shop + Imbue Scroll (e) - Cost: 549 Credits - Allows you to imbue the ring of wealth (e) on dragonic, poison claw or crystal ring. - Ring of wealth (e) and the imbue scroll (e) will be consumed. + Credit Shop Changes - Removed golden santa pet from the credit shop. - Lowered the price of Snail F* from 1099 credits to 999 credits. - Lowered the price of Golem F* from 1899 to 1499 credits. - Lowered the price of Hellcat F* from 2899 to 2199 credits. + General Additions - You'll now be able to imbue the ring of wealth (e) to dragonic, poison claw or crystal rings. It requires a row(e) and imbue scroll. - Added 'Safe Box Cracker' to achievements from easy to elite. - Added 'Skill Task' achievement from easy to elite. - Added trimmed completionist cape requirement: Durzag's Crystal used x100 - Added trimmed completionist cape requirement: Safe box cracked x300 - Added trimmed completionist cape requirement: Galactic rocks cut x75 - Added a battle pass task to complete skill tasks of any tier. - Added a daily task to complete a durzag task, of any tier. - Added teak & mahogany tree in the skilling zone (woodcutting area) + General Changes - Titanite sword chance to double hit has been increased from 30% to 40%. - Scorching sword chance to double hit has been lowered from 35% to 30%. - Buffed scoria sword overall attack/strength bonuses. - Buffed sea-dweller magic damage bonus % - Buffed twilight crossbow and its off-hand significantly - Slightly buffed nomade and nomadi amulet bonuses. - Buffed poison claw ring ranged bonuses. - Buffed crystal ring magic bonuses. - Buffed dragonic gloves melee bonuses. - Buffed crystal gloves magic bonuses. - Lowered immortal rank drop rate from 2.5% to 2% - All raids will now heal the player and restore everything once completing a raid. - You will now be able to use other darts on the toxic blowpipe. - Lietrye pet special will now longer freeze Argus for 5 seconds, instead 1 second. - You will now be notified what type of curse has hit you via game message at the Faceless King. - Increased the rate at which you gain enchanted gems from gem trees. - Item gambling has been disabled. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with Argus dissappearing. - Fixed an issue with the elemental heirloom not healing the player. - Fixed an issue with Queue on raids. - Fixed an issue with ragnos' backpack not picking up dravonic, ebon monster parts. - Fixed an issue with being able to gain XP while doing no damage on certain monsters, such as the faceless mobs. - Fixed an issue with the tutorial still showing the old event viewer. - Fixed an issue with the friendschat not being able to see your own or others messages. (Finally) Thank you all for taking the time to read this update log. Bless my fingers for typing so fast, and not giving up on me! Love you all ❤️ If you guys have any suggestions, do let me know! I regularly check discord suggestions. Good luck & have fun grinding the new update!
  19. Greetings Exorians, Thank you all for participating in the Christmas Event! From today all christmas related in-game activities are coming to an end. Candies and relevant items will still work. And you may open the christmas shop via the command ::xmasshop Thank you again!
  20. Hey, are you using the mac client? Have you played Exora before? Are you running the Launcher or the standalone client? Let me know, if you wish to get helped faster use our discord and @ me on #help.
  21. Hey Range! Nice to meet you. Would love to see a few guides. Oh and I ought to try out gw2. By the way, It'd be better to join our discord here: https://discord.gg/meTzBRX for sneekpeaks, giveaways and more. See you in-game!
  22. Greetings Exorians, Today we'll bring you some QOL with the revamped event viewer, a new bob barter option, bottomless saradomin brew, credit shop changes and a few more things. It's not a big update, we are currently working on the skilling update. We're in need of extra game testers, if you're interested feel free to DM me or Matty on discord. Testers will be given a unique tester cape in-game! + Event Viewer Our old events tab was quite outdated, and didn't serve its purpose that well. We've decided to give it a full revamp. It will now also show events that weren't previously listed such as; double experience, drops, and day events. Any server event will be listed on the viewer. So no need to keep asking if double experience is active! 🙂 You'll also be able to teleport to an event (if it has any) right from the interface. To save you a bit of time. Typing commands can be very annoying. To access the event viewer, simply click the blue icon in the quest tab. Same as before. + Bottomless Saradomin Brew The bottomless saradomin brew allows you to infinitely sip it. The materials to obtain it are different than the bottomless overload though. For the overload it is a monster drop. However we wanted to bring some more unique end-game items to skilling as well. Certain skilling activities may give you a material. Here's where you obtain them from: + Ashley logs - Obtained by woodcutting magic trees. + Mysterious fish - Obtained by fishing for squid. + Exorian coin - Obtained by pick-pocketing hero You'll be able to titan forge it with a 100% success chance once you acquire these materials. + Bob Barter (Combine Unf. Potions) You'll now be able to speak to Bob Barter to combine your herbs and vial of waters for the unfinished version. Note: Each combination costs 10k coins. You'll have to bring noted herbs and vial of water. + Gambling We'll be temporary allowing item-gambling. We've been experimenting with certain rules and changes, to see if they're fine or if we should leave the rule as is. Depending on how it goes we may or may not toggle item gambling. With that comes the addition of a new rule which is: - You are not to spam your hosting on yell. (Once every 10 minutes is allowed) + Credit Shop Additions & Changes - Lowered price of world boss token to 99 credits. - Added bottomless saradomin brew to credit shop for 3499 credits. + Limited Golden Scoria Weaponry (Available until 1st of January, discontinued after.) + Golden Scoria Sword - Fast attacks. Has a 100% chance to double hit. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Cost: 8999 Credits + Golden Scoria Bow - Fast attacks. Has a 100% chance to double hit. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. Consumes scoria arrows. - Cost: 8999 Credits + Golden Scoria Staff - Casts spells twice as fast. Has a 100% chance to double hit. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Cost: 8999 Credits + Golden Dweller Cape (Melee) - 1% chance to apply an additional hit, dealing 75% less damage. May stack with other extra hits. - Cost: 5499 Credits + Bug Fixes - Fixed an issue with not being able to use magic to attack players near undead dragon. - Fixed an issue with not being able to use magic to attack the undead dragon. - Fixed an issue where my frying pans would be given multiple times (lol) - Fixed an issue where enchantment of hunger would persists while attacking the DPS dummy. - Fixed an issue with the battle pass dark matter soulcage not progressing. + Transmog - Added all skill and 120 capes to transmogrifier > back category. Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log. Exciting stuff coming soon!
  23. Greetings Exorians, Merry early Christmas! Today we'll bring you a quick mini-update with a few changes and additions. + Titan Forge Collection Log We've added a new collection log, the titan forge log. In order to complete it you'd need to successfully forge every item in the titan forge. When completed you'll receive an additional +5% chance to your titan forge success rate. Past successful forges will not count. + Heirloom Elemental Dusts You'll now be able to break all level heirlooms in to elemental dusts. This can be done with using a chisel on any heirloom. You'll receive 40% of the elemental dusts it requires to level up the heirloom. For example lvl 1 > 2 requires 500 elemental dusts. Chiseling a lvl 2 heirloom would give you 200 elemental dusts. This of course depends on which heirloom you're breaking down. + Changes - You'll now be asked to confirm a purchase before buying items from the Auction House. - Buffed the nebula staff magic attack and bonus damage. - Buffed scoria staff magic attack and bonus damage. - Slightly nerfed the toxic crossbow and its bolts. - Slightly nerfed the drop rate of Christmas items from mobs in Santa's Dungeon. - Buffed Lietrye raids rarest rewards drop rate significantly. - Buffed Faceless raids rarest rewards drop rate significantly. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with coins overflowing in bank when depositing coins to bank via the raid reward interface. - Fixed an issue with the candy cane displaying the wrong tooltip information. - Fixed an issue with the Christmas bow being able to be worn with a shield. Short but sweet, we'll be back soon with a bigger one 🙂
  24. Hey, Nice application, however you'd need a bit more knowledge & experience of Exora before you could help players to the best of your ability.
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