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  2. Keep it up!, always nice to see the community getting involved with different events!
  3. Hey guys, Following such a great launch, and with the festive season in full flow, we would like to thank the community for their unwavering support. As a result, we will be doing a weekend full of events beginning Saturday (27th February) to Sunday (28th February). The timeline will be as followed: Saturday Timeline (PST) = (GMT-8) 11AM: Drop Hunt 1PM: Pet Hunt 3PM: Massboss Event [saladin] 5PM: Hide N Seek 9PM: Double drop Sunday Timeline (PST) = (GMT-8) 9AM: Drop Hunt 10AM: Massboss Event [saladin] 1PM: Pet Hunt 3PM: Hide N Seek 7PM: Double drop Coinciding with all of this, Double XP will run at points in the weekend as a token of gratitude. Exora Staff Team.
  4. what ever you just said sounded solid to me so +1
  5. Last week
  6. 1. Should we introduce the Black Market Trader? good idea tbh i hope monster shields get added to the pool because those things are hard as fuck to get as ironman 2. Should we introduce World Boss Tokens? don't see why not not going to be too overpowered or underpowered imo 3. Should we introduce Content of the day? sure aslong as it's balanced and useful it'll be worthwhile Other changes: 1. Should we change gambling to only allow for cash? doesn't effect mean so i don't care, i'd say no cuz there's hardly any cash in the game 2. Should the king black scorpion have its KC requirement removed? instead the scorpions in the zone would drop a key to get into the lair (higher level the scorp, better drop rate of key) yes 3. Should we replace using cash at the instance manager with boss tokens? only if it doesn't make uniques rarer from bosses by polluting their table, or if something else is removed from the table to counteract 4. Should the skillers backback from ach store be able to store different skilling supplies such as ores, bars, herbs, etc? seems useless the price of it for 1 and the use don't care about this 5. eco reset? no if u eco reset i will quit, the server doesn't need one don't do it.
  7. What i was meaning by the gp thing is we use the cash to pay for a set amount of kills other then that its spent on supplies that we are able to use so making it boss tokens would make money only good for going for max and stocking up supplies to max then after that its just useless
  8. 1. Should we change gambling to only allow for cash? i dont this is the best way to deal with the problem, if you made a fc like 'help' just called 'gamble' you are only allow to ask for host and advertise in that fc, so ppl dont have to look and get temped also i think it would be a good idea to add in rules, - Host it not allow to ask for rematch 4. Should the skillers backback from ach store be able to store different skilling supplies such as ores, bars, herbs, etc? the limit / quantity would be around 50 per item. this is a great idea since it cost 100k to buy form store so i dont mind it been a bit op skill wise hmm dont think you should base content on how much gp ironman have, normal players without dc and 25 days playtime, it is hard to spend 50-100m on a instance. i really like the idea with tokens, since we only have 1 server eco reset gotta be the worst idea, even if 1 player is holding eco. this will hit players that have wasted days grinding one item,
  9. IRONMAN STAND POINT: all is fine with me my only concern with reseting of the eco is the irons that put in the hard work to have their progress striped and basically start again is gonna loose the ironside of the community if anything disable the De-ironing option and as for boss tokens while it is a good idea this makes cash even more useless as a iron i buy instances all the time just so im not taking up what little boss spawns there are atm. 1.i like the idea but needs to be a decent amount that makes it fair so one person cant stockpile the deals and make a huge profit 2. i like this idea 3. as long as the items ae rewarding that help with progression i could see this working / some instore items 1a) i beleive cash should be the only gambling currency as going all in with items/gold tends to kill player count 2A) BLACK scorpion is one of the most under used boss as soon as u get the kc count its hardly used so i say remove it 3a) DEAR GOD NO! wth are irons gonna spend their coins on? also would lead to over crowding of single spawn bosses Skillers back pack yes! this item is the most expencisve item in the achiement store give it some awesome perk *********Do not panic at this suggestion, this change has not been approved or confirmed at all. The purpose of this question is to get an idea of how many people would like an eco reset. Regardless of how many people agree, the choice to reset the eco will be up to Bennie. - Should we reset the eco? Players will keep their donor rank and all points refunded. gambling will also be changed to only gamble cash and no more items. BIS weapons and armour will be removed from store. Regardless of the result of this poll, the final choice will be held by Bennie. This poll is to get an idea of how the players feel about a reset IF a reset was to happen even keeping the donor ranks and all points refunded and removal of bis slots i would say dont mess with the irons A complete reset to a normal account is fine they can trade with others as a iron that IS A MAJOR SET BACK AND VERY EXTREME disable being to de-iron and leave the irons alone if reset is happening some irons have worked to hard to be sent back to being a blank slate thats how i feel about it
  10. Good freaking ideas right here... 1) far too many times, myself included get tired of the grind and chuck our items in hopes to win better... Having a cash only gambling system will I think be better because it will force people to sell their items before they gamble so items won't just get on stuck on one person's account. 2. Remove requirements for scorp. Love it. Make the key drop like you said. 3. I like boss token idea especially with instances because there is a lot of times where I'm working on boss slayer and someone else is doing their trim cape. Which is totally fine cause most people will let others get their small sub 15 KC but this system will allow for a better chance of not having to share a boss room. Eco reset. I don't want it. I've grinded too much for my collector that I don't want to redo that again. If we didn't need to dump so many dust into the heirlooms maybe a reset I'd fine but as I see now no please
  11. If the eco was reset with us all being given our total donated back as credits, i wouldn't mind so much. But please be wary of ironmen. Gambling for only cash may be a good idea indeed, and the tax system seems great to me! The boss token aspect seems a great idea! instances dont get alot of use due to the high cash requirement, and this would greatly help us PVM'ers out. Skillers backpack - the update to it would be very cool, sounds great! maybe hold more than x50 of an item though e.g coal (we all know how much that sucks even with coal bag) maybe if the achievement points needed for it could be lowered too due to the current amount seems very high. KBS Kc requirement - Yes please do this, the boss is a great way for new players to start their bossing journey, the only thing id say is if the KBS is your current boss task and it takes you longer than the allotted time to complete the boss task would you get less bossing points? or stay the same? That content of the day seems fun!, Its sort of like the daily tasks but with a spin on it, id enjoy that! brings more of the community together. on that note though, maybe daily tasks could be changed, due to some of them require to make 'royal feast' and so on, which is something that no one would really strive for due to the amount of items needed for it, stats needed plus the bonuses from the royal feast arn't really worth the time and effort it would take. But thanks for this, nice to see you asking the community for their own opinions!, keep up the good work. - Wiz
  12. Welcome to the latest Exora poll. Here we will introduce a set of new suggestions, changes, and other things to bring more communiy involvement and have your voices heard. Please understand that this is a poll and not garunteed changes coming to exora. Depending on the feedback and some other factors, many of these suggestions may or may not be brought to the game. Content polls: 1. Should we introduce the Black Market Trader? The BMT (black market trader) will be accessed by a untradeable key drop from another smaller chunk of content. The key would be obtained as a rare drop and cannot be traded, sold, or placed on the AH. The BMT would serve as an upgraded general store who would buy items at a higher price for cash. Along with selling items to the BMT, he will have an option called "deals of the day" where he puts up 3 random items which players can buy for cash. these items are reset every 24 hours to something new and will have a set stock. examples could include buying titante shards, elemental chunks, and other sought after crafting and trading goods. slot 1 is open to all members, slot 2 is open to specific donors, and slot 3 is open to higher ranked donors. (shop can be used to ironmen as well) 2. Should we introduce World Boss Tokens? World boss tokens will be shop only items (bought from Exora store) in which you can instantly spawn any world boss. The restrictions (subject to change) are that you cannot spawn them back to back, there would be a time limit cooldown. Ex: if you have 3 hecarim tokens you can spawn one instantly if the world boss is under a long cooldown, but once its dead you cannot spawn another one for another 30 minutes or more. You CAN spawn other world bosses back to back however the cooldown is linked per worldboss type. 3. Should we introduce Content of the day? This would be a board you check at ;;home area in which every day it tells you to do some tasks (much like a daily task but more to do). These tasks could vary from killing bosses (including raid ones), skilling related, or handing over items. Completing any 3 will reward you wil a new mbox for items (to be determined). completing more than 3 would reward each completed task with gold. Other changes: 1. Should we change gambling to only allow for cash? Gambling is seen as a problem for some and not for others. We cannot exactly remove gambling to appease one group nor leave as is to upset the other group. The suggested change would only allow players to gamble cash instead of items. Hopefully this helps with someone holding too many items which he/she then can control prices. Additionally, we can introduce a small tax to the gamble which may help suck a bit of gp out of the eco, however this option would need to be polled seperatley. 2. Should the king black scorpion have its KC requirement removed? instead the scorpions in the zone would drop a key to get into the lair (higher level the scorp, better drop rate of key) 3. Should we replace using cash at the instance manager with boss tokens? boss tokens would be obtianed but almost all bosses at different rates (depending on how tough the boss is) so the tokens can be used to make an instance at the instance manager. 4. Should the skillers backback from ach store be able to store different skilling supplies such as ores, bars, herbs, etc? the limit / quantity would be around 50 per item. Vote, and let your voices be heard!
  14. I'm in (ingame name jokus)
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  16. hello exora community Darkchild here, im giving you the opportunity now to get a banner & logo for the forums. things you can buy for now. (only ingame money i dont take real money.) banner: 250m In-Game logo: 200m In-Game banner & logo: 400m In-Game you can pm me here and shoot a dm on discord Martijn#8194 if you are interested. or if you need more info about it.
  17. congrats @flaffy and @ragnos
  18. Exora Tournament - DH 1v1 PVP Items is NOT safe on death You will be able to sign up 30 min before event starts by commenting you ign: on this thread Tournament will be hosted at High Risk Arena this Friday 19/02 at GMT +1 20:00/ 8 pm Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 1st Place - Dwh + 250m 2nd Place - 150m 3rd Place - 75m Rules: You may only use the gear on the list Overloads is allowed Vengeance is allowed No overhead prayer No looting bag Maximum of 2 saradomin brew flask (6) maximum of 4 karambwans Defender is safe on death Gear Setup: Helmet - Dharok's Helm Neckless - Amulet Of Fury Cape - Max cape /Fire cape /Magma cape Special Attack Weapon - Ags /Dragon claws - Granite Maul Main Weapon - Abyssal vine whip /Abyssal whip - Dharok's Axe Off hand weapon - Arclight Defender /Behemoth Defender /Dragon Defender Body - Dharok's Platebody Legs - Dharok's Platelegs Boots - Steadfast boots /Dragon boots Gloves - Culinaromancer's Gloves 10 /Goliath gloves Ring - Berserker ring (i) / Berserker ring / Shadow stone ring
  19. Congratz @flafffy and @ragnos(Iron)
  20. Congratulations Flafffy and Ragnos!!!!!!!!
  21. Hi guys, @ragnos(iron) has been promoted to Administrator. @flafffy has been promoted to Moderator. With good news comes bad, and its unfortunate that we have had to demote both @Dennie (inactivity) & Lucid (breaking rules). Thanks for the continuous support!
  22. thx keta if you need one let me know 😛
  23. really nice guide, just what the server need. keep up the good work brother
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