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  4. Great Update, doing Slayer for the next month. Good luck peoples ❤️
  5. Greetings Exorians, It's time for another update, with this we'll end the summer event. All items obtained from the summer event will remain, and consumables will also retain their functionality. You can still access the summer event shop by typing the command ::summershop We're also doing some other changes and have added some slayer abilities. Let's dive right in! Here are the new coupon codes: + Boss Instances We're hearing you when it comes to respawn timers in instances. It can get annoying have to wait for the boss to respawn for a longer time, especially when killing hundreds. We've reduced the respawn timer, within instances by 50% on all bosses. Some bosses received an increase in price due to this. - Added Ganodermic behemoth to the Boss Instances list. + Raid Slayer Abilities We've added new slayer abilities for the high end players. These abilities will increase your overall drop rate for the specific raid ability that you unlocked. That means whether it's a solo, duo or squad raid the drop rate will always be applied. It is also stackable with the skillmaster raid drop rate, if you have that unlocked also. That means if you do a solo raid both skillmaster and slayer raid abilities will stack. + Lietrye Raid Ability - Increases Lietrye drop rate by +0.5%. - Cost: 1000 points. + Argus Raid Ability - Increases Argus drop rate by +0.5%. - Cost: 2000 points. + Faceless Raid Ability - Increases Faceless drop rate by +0.5%. - Cost: 2000 points. + Pinata World Boss We've added a new world boss for immortal+ rank. It has long been asked for a donator type boss. The pinata drop table still remains the same, a part from some small changes. It spawns every 4 hours in the master zone, however only immortals can receive rewards. This will not have a collection log, so it is a donator only world boss. + Undying Heart - The undying heart has been renamed to faceless heart. - The faceless heart will no longer grant ranged strength and melee strength bonuses. - The faceless heart will now grant +20 magic strength instead of +15 magic strength. + Pulsing Heart - You can no longer use both undying heart and pulsing heart at the same time. - Lowered pulsing heart magic strength from +15 to +8 magic strength. + Changes - Lowered the stat increase from enchantment of overcharge from +145 to +140. - Increased the amount of favorited slayer tasks significantly. - Increased the HP and magic defensive bonuses of ebonchill dragon. - Max prestige will no longer grant you 0.50% drop rate. You already get enough drop rate from prestiging. (And we will soon have an item that will increase your maximum prestige cap) - Buffed vorago hide drop rate slightly. - Banker NPCs will now have 'Bank' as their first option. Talk-to as their second. + Skill tasks - Added akdall's tree skill task - Added brew aggression potion skill task. - Added runecrafting akdall rune skill task. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with account pin. It will now only ask you if you've logged in from a new IP and computer. Once verified it will no longer be asked. Thank you for taking the time to read the update log! As always, good luck & have fun!
  6. Greetings Exorians, They have limited uses, and can only be used via the PayPal & Credit Card method. Good luck! Codes: - 40OFF - Percentage Discount: 40% - Code uses: 10 - Starts from packages on and above 2500 credits. - 30OFF - Percentage Discount: 30% - Code uses: 50 - Starts from packages on and above 750 credits. - 20OFF - Percentage Discount: 20% - Code uses: 100 - Starts from packages on and above 250 credits. Thank you for supporting Exora. Good luck & have fun!
  7. Good evening, Exora family. This is a guide that points towards helping new players in a very efficient way to make money. I've noticed in my time here that players who would join seem to find it kind of difficult to obtain cash having no gear and what not, so if you think you fit in the category, this one's for you. This method doesn't really require you to obtain gear as fast as you can and just start PVMing, it's more of a skilling result and sacrificing your time for that so later on getting a gear set isn't as hard. With a little bit of time and commitment, you should be rolling, just have to put the work in. Keep in mind, THIS CAN BE AN ALT ACCOUNT. As you know King players get a higher drop rate than other game modes, which is harder to level up, but since this method is only for making money while mining, just make it a Sir account, so that it's easier to level up. This does not have to be your main account. This is just an easy way to make money on the side. Let's begin. 1. You want to hit Ctrl+G, and teleport to Skill Master in your Global Teleports. Talk to the Skillmaster and click "Can I access the Skill Point shop?" option. This menu should come up on your screen. 2. After you see this menu, you want to click the "Learn" tab on the top right. After clicking that, you will see various amounts of things that you can learn with skill points. Obtaining skill points isn't too rough. You put the time and effort in, and you'll get it done in no time. It's a requirement you do 30 easy tasks, 25 mediums, and 20 hard tasks to access Master tasks. You get points per task and go on a streak, similar to Slayer, you can see it in your Quest tab. On your 10th task, make sure you're doing a harder task to get the most points out of it. That way, this process of making money becomes quicker. You can see the "Learn" tab menu below. 3. Now that we got that out of the way, there is 1 thing you need to buy from the "Buy" tab, and 2 things you want to learn from the "Learn" tab to this way of making money. The only item you need for this method of money making is a "Miners (tr)". The first thing you want to get from the learn tab is "Learn to gain logs, mine rocks, and catch fish faster." The second thing you want to get is "Learn to mine galactic rocks from elemental star." You can see all these items circled in red down below. 5. After obtaining all these, you can see that everything you have obtained has something to do with mining. The reason you are getting these items is so that you can mine the elemental star. The elemental star spawns every 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can see this in your ques tab after hitting the "Event Viewer" icon in the top right of your quest tab. There you will see the teleports and what time the Elemental Star is going to spawn. You then would teleport there by type" ::estar "and it takes you right to it. I have listed how to get to the ::estar through the quest tab below. 5. I'm not saying you need these items to mine the elemental star, I'm saying if you want to be the most efficient in obtaining these ores, this is the most efficient way. You're mining the ore faster, and you're getting these Galactic rocks which can be chiseled into 2-6 elemental chunks, which then you can chisel the elemental chunks into elemental dust. These are the ores you obtain while mining. You need 60 mining to mine the elemental star, but in the meantime while you're waiting for it to respawn I suggest you get your mining to 90 to use a Lucky Pickaxe, which has a percent chance to turn the ore you mine into dust, and your crafting to 70, which allows you to chisel your elemental chunks into dust. I would recommend investing in a Lunar Chisel, which allows you to have a 5% chance to cut double the elemental chunks. You can find that in the vote shop at home, or buy it from other players. Do not stress about not having a Lunar chisel when you first start, it's just an upgrade you can get later on. 6. As I suggested, when elemental star has been fully mined, and you're just sitting around on your account, there is also a Rift Dungeon. It's located directly east of home past the dock. You'll see an orange pickaxe on your map located on the top right of your screen. In the Rift Dungeon, there is only 1 hour available time in the Rift Dungeon as a new player (without benefits, meaning donating and becoming a higher rank gives you more time in the Rift Dungeon). In the Rift Dungeon, there are small elemental rocks that you can farm for elemental dust as well! Yes, you do farm small elemental chunks, but they all chisel into elemental dust either way, so it's the same thing. You can farm here every single day for 1 hour, so that you're making the most out of this every single day. While farming the ::estar every hour you can, and the rift dungeon every single day, you will be making a good amount of money. The elemental dust sells for around 1.5m-2.5m each depending on the market at the time. This way while you're doing this and making money getting gear sets and what not is easier when you can just buy them. You don't have to go straight into PVM and hope for a drop. Down below, I have listed where the small elemental rocks are in the Rift Dungeon. Overall, this will help all of you guys, especially new players, start making some money so not too many issues come up in the future when trying to purchase something. You can always result back to this method if you're ever short on cash, or always have two clients open with one doing this tactic, and the other as your main account doing whatever you please to do. Good luck and I hope this helped you!
  8. In-game Name / Discord Name: Breakfast Age: 25 Country & Timezone: Australia - AEST Time Played: 24D Do you have any past experience?: Yes on a few old servers Why do you want to be a part of the team?: I appreciate the server and the community, because of my time zone I'm also available in some peak times where other staff cant be available. In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?: I get along with 99% of people, I am friends with most people on the server and I think Breakfast is a familiar name. I'm not concerned about the title, I'm not one to power trip or look down on other people, I'll do my best to empathize and understand every situation. I like to chat and have fun with other people. I am very active in chat and I have a sufficient knowledge of the game. I am familiar with all of the staff already and we have good relationships (I think) and I understand the rules. In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team? I like to think I'm not intimidating or hard to approach, I want to help, I want to be asked questions and I want to see the server thrive and do the very best it can. I think being a stronger part of the community will prove to be beneficial to the server.
  9. Greetings Exorians, Today we'll bring you a new trinket, a new battle pet ring as well as a bunch of fixes and changes. This is a fairly small update, since we're still at work with our new Raids, we'll soon be able to show off some of the raid. We're taking our time with this one, since we're bringing lots of mechanics to it. And introduce a lot of new items. Summer event ends in around 2 weeks. The Summer Category in the summer event shop will be closed, and all other summer event items will no longer be obtainable. (Can still be used after event ends). Summer coupon codes are refreshed and can be seen here: We've also added a new payment method on our store. You can now pay by crypto currency! + Multi Boss Changes Due to player feedback, we've lowered the respawn timer of all multi bosses by a minute. This is more of a test to see how it goes, but it will likely remain for the time being. We may lower the drop amount of them, but we'll see how it goes. + Superior (trinket) The superior trinket, as the name suggest is a drop from all superior monsters. This trinket (while equipped) has a 10% chance to double a superior essence drop. In the long run, this will allow you to receive more superior essences. + Ring of Divine Ring can be made at the titan forge. - Requirements: Ring of Eternal, x20 Divine plates, x250 Superior Essence - Success chance: 30% - To view the stats of the ring of divine, simply head over to the titan forge and view the item there. + Daily Mystery Box Changes The daily mystery box was incredibly lackluster. We've changed some of its rewards so that it can be worth it to run your daily challenges. It has some spicy rewards! + Fixes - Fixed an issue with enchantment of overcharge not properly working while having an overload active. The overcharge buff will now take priority over overload. - Fixed an issue with ignore list not properly working with donator accounts. You may now ignore pitiful in peace. + Changes - Increased the HP of Khaashee, Elderwood Hecarim. - Killcount messages are now filtered. You can enable filter by right clicking the 'game' tab and setting it on filter. Thank you Exorians! Good luck & Have fun.
  10. Greetings Exorians, It's time for another update! We'll be releasing very important trading post changes, as well as the new battle pass! There are more changes coming of course. Let's get to the update. Summer coupon codes refreshed! Use your coupon code and get the season 7 battle pass on the cheap! + Trading Post Changes Our current trading post is good as is, however we know it lacked some important features. We know that some players would like to buy items while not having to be online. Due to time zone differences, it can be a bit harder for certain players. That's why we've decided to add the buy-offer feature. Which allows you to purchase items at a specific price/quantity via the trading post. This means that if a player sells an item you want, at your price, it'll be auto completed/filled. + Buy Offers Players may now set buy offers, listing an item at a specific price and quantity. Your buy order can be filled by multiple players at a time. - How it works: - Visit the Trading Post. Once on the trading post select the button "place order". - You'll be prompted an interface, where you can search for an item. - Once an item has been selected, you can now choose the price to purchase it for, and the quantity. - You must have enough money in your coffer in order to place buy orders. (You cannot set a buy order for 1b, while only having 900m in your coffer) - Click the place order for item button, and you'll now have an active buy order. - You can now view your buy offers at the front page of the trading post interface. Note: Buy orders are filled from oldest to newest. The sell price does not matter. For example: if you have a buy order at 50m, and someone else has it at 51m, while the sell item is listed for 40m. This means that the oldest offer will go through first, higher price does not matter. Note: You will receive money back if the sold item is less than what you have a buy order for. For example: You have a buy order for 1b, someone sells the item for 900m, you receive 100m back and the item. + History Look-up You can now look-up item history, without it being listed in the trading post. Simply go to the second page of the trading post interface (recents, item or player) and click the 'history' button. From there you may search for an item to look-up. + More Offer Slots Players now have more slots in order to sell and buy. These are the increases - Regular players: 6 - Donator: 7 - Extreme: 8 - Legendary: 11 - Super: 14 - Uber: 16 - Master: 18 - Immortal: 20 - Eternal: 25 + Personal History Your history on the front page will now accurately reflect your recent history. + Battle Pass Season 7 I thought it would be hard to top the season 6 pass, but the new season is extremely good! It also has a new cosmetic set 'Hell knight'. This pass also contains a lot more tiers, and more rewards for free players. Free players can actually get a free golden pet if they complete it! Go ahead and check the battle pass in-game! Here's the hell knight set. + Slayer Changes - Removal of infernal spider task from Sumona, and Kuradal task list. - Added Fire Dragon superior. - Added Infernal Demon superior. - Added Infernal Spider superior. - Added Giant Sea Snake superior. - Added Ebonchill Dragon superior. - Added Abyssal Horror superior. You can view the superior rates, and where to obtain such tasks here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Superiors + Completionist Cape Requirements - Added Vorago requirement: Kill x500 Vorago. - Added Exorian Nightmare requirement: Kill x500 Exorian Nightmare. - Added Barrelchest requirement: Kill x500 Barrelchest. - Added Fire Dragon requirement: Kill x1250 Fire Dragons. - Added Shadow Demon requirement: Kill x1250 Shadow Demons. - Added Deep Water Snapper requirement: Kill x1250 Deep Water Snappers. - Added Blubbery Snapper requirement: Kill x1250 Blubbery Snappers. - Added Hellside Monsters requirement: Kill x1250 of each Hellside Monster - Increased the quantity of the Akdall the Forsaken requirement from 50 to 500. - Increased the quantity of the Gothmog requirement from 10 to 500. - Increased the quantity of the Balrog requirement from 500 to 1000. + Titan Forge Changes - Double trinket (i) now also requires x25 superior essence. - Elemental Lvl 1 now also requires x50 superior essence. + Changes - Increased the drop rate of the rarest drop table on Lietrye Raids. - Increased the drop rate of Akdall's Tail and Vorago's Hide. (GL) - Increased the damage output of Power Charge spell. - Increased the damage output of Hellfire Burst spell. - Increased the damage output of Dark Matter Demons. - Lowered Tormented Beast poison accuracy. - Removed Exorian pieces from the drop announcements. - Lowered experience of monkfish during fishing.
  11. Greetings Exorians, Today we'll bring you the summer event 2022, and some small changes. The event will introduce 2 new world events, new equipment, weaponry and more! With the event we've also refreshed the summer coupon codes read here: Let's get to the update! + Summer Event The summer event allows you to obtain various equipment, weaponry, battle pets and cosmetics. They can be obtained as a drop or purchased from party pete's shop at home. You'll be able to obtain summer tokens via killing monsters at the Beach, or from different activities on Exora. Such as slayer tasks, dailies, task scrolls and clue scrolls. Summer event will be active from 27th of July till 1st of September + Party Pete's Quest To start with the summer event; speak to party pete at the beach. Global teleports > General > Beach (or ::beach/::summer). Help party pete defend his beach, by killing the fish around the Beach. This quest will reward you with the ability to obtain summer tokens from the fish around the beach, and a summer mystery box. This quest is a daily, which can be completed every day for a summer mystery box. + Giant Summer Snapper With the Summer event comes a new World Boss. It will only be available during the summer event. The events tab shows when the snapper will spawn. It drops all of the Summer event items. Once killed the snapper will drop lots of candies for the players to collect! It may also be spawned with the world boss token. To teleport to the giant summer snapper use the command ::snapper or teleport via the events tab. + Summer Pinata Another world event for all players to enjoy! The pinata has lots of HP, however it is very easy. All you have to do is attack the pinata, and do enough damage to get loots! You can view its drop table by examining it. Once killed the pinata will drop lots of candies for the players. This event can not be spawned via the world boss token. To teleport to the pinata simply use the command ::pinata or teleport via events tab. + Summer Tokens After completing Pete's Quest, monsters at the Beach will now always drop Summer tokens. These monsters will drop anywhere between 50-250 per kill depending on the monster, however this amount can be enhanced with Summer trinket. You will now also be able to receive Summer tokens from general gameplay such as; Task Scrolls, Clue Scrolls, Dailies and completing Slayer Tasks. Tokens can be spent in Party Pete's shop. He stands at home, patiently awaiting Exorians. + Summer Emblems Emblems are a way for players to get more Summer tokens while grinding out at the Beach. They have a 1% chance to drop from monsters in the area, and will only drop once Party Pete's quest is completed. Emblems can be cut with chisels to turn in to Summer tokens. You will be notified by game message that an emblem has dropped. + World Essence - When broken with a chisel gain 2500-4500 Summer Tokens. + Sun Smoldered Prism - When broken with a chisel gain 2000-3500 Summer Tokens. + Solar Shard - When broken with a chisel gain 1500-2500 Summer Tokens. + Crystal Flower - When broken with a chisel gain 1000-2000 Summer Tokens. + Summer Adventurer's Log Just a reminder to check the log, and claim any rewards you may have missed. We've added a new book called Party Pete's Book. This will only be in the log until the event has ended. Meanwhile, you can complete Summer tasks to receive Summer rewards. They're fairly easy, and you have a total of 4 tasks to complete for some goodies. If you don't know where it is simply go to Quest Tab > click on "Adventurer's Log" + Summer Slayer Tasks During the summer event you may receive a summer slayer task. These tasks can be received from Chaeldar or Sumona. + Summer Rewards Let's get to the juicy stuff! You'll be able to obtain lots of items to progress in the main content. We've added lots of battle pets, weaponry and equipment for the players. Mainly for beginner-mid tier players, but also some high-end gear. Other than that there are consumables and juicy cosmetics! + Summer Consumables Obtainable from the Summer Mystery Box, Bunny's Shop, World Boss and the credit shop. All summer consumables are stackable. + Pineapple - Allows you to feed a pet without the specific food required. + Redbull - Acts as a single dose overload. + Ice Cream - Increases XP Rate by +10% + Orange Slices - Increases Summer tokens gained by +10%. + Watermelon Slice - Increases drop rate by 0.10%. + Gin Tonic - Acts as a single aggression pot. + Summer Items with Stats We've decided to switch up with this event regarding weaponry, so that there's more variety. We also wanted more weaponry that also worked in the Underwater Dungeon, for the beginner-mid tier players. + Solar Rapier (t1) - Slightly faster than a rapier. + Solar Rapier (t2) - Slightly faster than the t1 version. - 5% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Solar rapier (t1), 75K Summer tokens. - Success chance: 100% + Solar Rapier (t3) - Fast hitting rapier. - 10% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Solar rapier (t2), 100K Summer tokens. - Success chance: 50% + Solar Crossbow (t1) - Allows bolts up to toxic bolts. + Solar Crossbow (t2) - 5% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 75% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Solar Crossbow (t1), 75K Summer tokens. - Success chance: 100% + Solar Crossbow (t3) - 10% chance at hitting twice. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. - Forge Requirement: Solar Crossbow (t2), 100K Summer tokens. - Success chance: 50% + Solar Wand (t1) - Has its own basic spell ability. + Solar Wand (t2) - Fast attacks. Has its own basic spell ability. - Forge Requirement: Solar Wand (t1), 75K Summer tokens. - Success chance: 100% + Solar Wand (t3) - Casts spells twice as fast. Does not have its own special ability. Casts spells refers to magic book. - Forge Requirement: Solar Wand (t2), 100K Summer tokens. - Success chance: 50% + Solar Melee Set - A strong melee set - Obtained from the summer crab, pete's shop, and world bosses. + Solar Range Set - A strong range set - Obtained from the summer lobster, pete's shop, and world bosses. + Solar Magic Set - A strong magic set - Obtained from the summer spinner, pete's shop, and world bosses. + Summer Battle Pets This event will introduce lots of new battle pets! In total we've added 8 new pets, all obtainable from the event. + Golden Battle Pets (Limited until 1st of September) + Golden Snapper Pet - 10% chance to apply an additional special hit. - Hits: x3 - Obtainable from the Giant Summer Snapper World Boss, Summer Mystery Box, Credit Shop + Golden Crab Pet - 10% chance to apply an additional special hit. - Hits: x2 - Obtainable from the Giant Summer Snapper World Boss, Pete's Shop, Summer Mystery Box, Credit Shop + Golden Lobster Pet - 10% chance to apply an additional special hit. - Hits: x2 - Obtainable from the Giant Summer Snapper World Boss, Pete's Shop, Summer Mystery Box, Credit Shop + Golden Spinner Pet - 10% chance to apply an additional special hit. - Hits: x2 - Obtainable from the Giant Summer Snapper World Boss, Pete's Shop, Credit Shop + Regular Battle Pets (Limited until 1st of September) + Giant Summer Snapper Pet - Hit: x2 + Summer Crab Pet + Summer Lobster Pet + Summer Spinner Pet + Summer Misc/Cosmetics + Summer Mystery Box - May be obtained from Pete's Shop, Pete's Daily Quest, Monsters, World Bosses, Adv. Log, and Credit Shop + Summer 2022 Trinket - Increases Summer tokens gained by +25% while killing monsters at the Beach - Obtainable; Pete's Shop, Credit Shop, World Bosses, Summer Mystery Box + Pinata F* (Shoulder Pet) - Increases EXP rate by +50% when worn. - Obtainable; Pinata World Boss, Credit Shop + Spinner Parasol - A one-handed parasol, made out of the summer spinner monster. - Obtainable: Summer Spinner, Summer Mystery Boxes, Pete's Shop, World Bosses, Credit Shop + Straw Hat - Obtainable: Summer Crab, Summer Mystery Boxes, Pete's Shop, World Bosses, Credit Shop + Sunglasses - Sunglasses because my eyes can't take it. - There are multiple color variations available in Pete's Shop - Obtainable: Summer lobster, Summer Mystery Boxes, Pete's Shop, World Bosses, Credit Shop + Sun Set - Includes mask, shield and cape. - Obtainable: Summer Mystery Boxes, Pete's Shop, World Bosses, Credit Shop That's it for the rewards. Of course all Summer items are in the transmogrifier, under the category "SUMMER". + Credit Shop - Added the Summer Category - See in-game to view the summer items. - Golden scoria weaponry, and dweller cape are re-introduced this event. (Credit shop/Pinata world event) - Lowered price of Faceless soulcage. - Increased price of Argus soulcage. + August Daily Rewards We've changed the check-in chest daily roll reward. It'll go live in on the 1st of August. + Superior Wiki We've added a new page to the wiki which lists all superior monsters, rates and which slayer masters can give them. Read more here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Superiors + Changes - Increased the rate of superior wednesday by +5% (Now +15% extra on wednesday) - Aggression potions can now be sipped up to 5 minutes. - Added scroll of charges to the Exo shop for 5000 exo points. - When attacking with the twilight crossbow set, it'll no longer delay the 3rd hit. - Loreroot gloves now gives +1 extra magic strength. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with the ninja impling not being in dravonic cave. - Fixed an issue with ground items being black when on a different graphic setting (new client required for this) Thank you, Exorians. Hope you enjoy the summer event! Good luck & Have fun!
  12. In-game Name / Discord Name: jaiz Age: almost 20 Country & Timezone: gmt+2 Time Played: Do you have any past experience?: yes i do , was a mod on 2 other servers , and had a server of my own Why do you want to be a part of the team?: i'm seeing my self helpful to all players in a grateful way so i decided to give it a shot In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?:responsible of my actions , be friendly and approachable with everyone , be kind In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team?: i usually keep my eyes on discord and friends chat so i can immediately help the ones in need of help if a staff member wasn't paying attention
  13. Greetings Exorians, It's that time again. Thank you all for the suggestions, we've added most of the suggestions received throughout the weeks. If we've missed any make sure to let us know. This update will bring you the revamped dravonic monsters, lots of QOL features, general changes, and additions. Also: Coupon codes are now refreshed! Use them while they're still available. Read more here: Let's get to the update! + Dravonic Revamp Recently we tried to narrow the gap more between gear types that are available throughout Exora. We feel it is necessary for players to have a better progression path when it comes to styles like magic and ranged. We've added 2 new dravonic type monsters, and each monster has their own dravonic set. In order to fit the monsters, we've made some changes to the Dravonic Cave map. This way there is more room, and is visually more pleasing. Note: 'Dravonic Demon' slayer ability now changed to 'Dravonic Monsters'. If you've already unlocked dravonic demon, you'll be able to attack all dravonic monsters. + Dravonic Map - Added 2 new rooms, each side containing either the Dravonic Hydra, or the Dravonic Devil. + Dravonic Devil - Dravonic devils attack with the ranged combat style. They're weak to ranged and melee. - They drop the Dravonic ranged equipment. - Can be obtained as a slayer task from Sumona, and Kuradal. - Has a superior version. + Dravonic Hydra - Dravonic hydras attack with the magic combat style. Every so often they will spit out poison. Standing on the splatter will poison you. - They drop the Dravonic magic equipment. - Can be obtained as a slayer task from Sumona, and Kuradal. - Has a superior version. + Dravonic Equipment + Dravonic Range - When full set is equipped, receive 0.25% increased drop rate. + Dravonic Magic - When full set is equipped, receive 0.25% increased drop rate. + Dravonic Mystery Box & Chest - Updated dravonic mystery box and chest to contain regular dravonic pieces. - Removed marble dravonic from the dravonic mystery box. - Updated dravonic mystery box, and chest collection log. + Dravonic Pets With new monsters, comes new pets! + Dravonic Demon Pet (Finally lol) + Dravonic Devil Pet + Dravonic Hydra Pet + Skillmaster Durzag Additions + Herb Catcher - The herb catcher automatically picks up regular and grimy herb drops from slain monsters. It'll send it directly to your bank. - Cost: 350 skill points + Seed Catcher - The seed catcher automatically picks up seed drops from slain monsters. It'll send it directly to your bank. - Cost: 350 skill points + Empty Potion Flask, Robust Glass Machine You'll now be able to create empty potion flasks. This way ironmen, can also claim the benefits of flasks. How to make potion flasks: 1. Go to the mining zone, in skill zone. Behind the smithing furnace, you'll see a large mining rock. This is the red sandstone rock. You'll need lvl.81 mining in order to mine it. 2. Once you have the red sandstone, head over to the robust glass machine in the crafting area, in skill zone. Click the machine, and it'll convert all your red sandstone to robust glass. 3. Use a glassblowing pipe to turn it in to a potion flask. Lvl. 89 crafting required. Glassblowing pipe can be purchased from the Misc. shop Once you have your empty flask you can go to Bob barter, and decant your regular potions, to your empty flasks. + Bottomless Potions - Bottomless potions are no longer made via the titan forge. They are also removed from the titan forge collection log. - Bottomless potions are now made by combining them in your inventory. You'll need all pieces in order to create them. + Bottomless aggression You'll now be able to obtain the bottomless aggression potion, it'll be extremely hard to obtain. The potion acts as a regular aggression potion, but has unlimited sips! To find out how to obtain them, view the bottomless potion wiki here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Bottomless_Potions + Loop & Tooths Conversions - Loop and tooth half keys are now stackable. + Combining - You'll now be able to quick-combine your half keys to an enchanted key. + Converting - You'll now be able to convert 2 half keys, for another half key. - Right click a half key > convert. + Day Event - Monster friday has been removed. - Added new friday event. 'Soul Friday, Soulcages fill double the amount'. This means for every 1 kill, it'll count for 2 kills. + Pool of Sacrifice Changes - You'll now be able to sacrifice multiple of the same items, in one go. You must have at least 2 of the same items in your inventory, to trigger it. - Added more items to the sacrifice pool. Head over to our discord #guides to see an update list of values. + Point Value Changes - Lowered titanite kiteshield from 7500 to 3500. - Lowered lucky pickaxe from 2700 to 1000. - Lowered riptide pickaxe from 3000 to 1250. - Lowered riptide sword from 2500 to 1250. - Lowered dravonic equipment from 4000 to 3500. + Sacrifice Item Additions - Dark matter weaponry: 25000 - Prayer scrolls: 1000 - Demonic dice: 250 - Ragnos backpack: 300 - Pulsing heart: 300 - Akdall's crossbow: 4000 - Akdall's shield: 7500 - Akdall's amulet: 4500 - Scorching pieces: 1250 - Bottomless OVL pieces: 1000 - True crystallic rapier: 4500 - True crystallic longsword: 5000 - True crystallic whip: 3500 - Dravonic equipment: 3500 + Collection Log - Added the dravonic devil collection log. - Added the dravonic hydra collection log. - Added dravonic demon pet to the dravonic demon collection log. - Updated dravonic chest and mystery box collection log. + Slayer Changes - Abyssal horror added to Sumona task list - Dravonic monsters added to the Sumona, Kuradal task list. - Deep water snapper now has a superior variant. - Blubbery snapper now has a superior variant. - Dravonic hydra superior variant added. - Dravonic devil superior variant added. + Titan Forge Changes - Removed bottomless potions from the titan forge. - Godwar Pet Armor from 10 to 25. - Infernal Pet Armor from 10 to 25. - Dinh Pet Armor from 15 to 20. - Abyssal Pet Armor from 25 to 30. - Nex Pet Armor from 20 to 30. - Elite Nex Pet Armor from 25 to 30. - Exorian Pet Armor from 15 to 35. - Dravonic Pet Armor from 30 to 45. - Omni Pet Armor from 35 to 45. + Monster Spawner Added the following bosses to the monster spawner: - Barrelchest - The Bloodchiller - The Warmonger - The Earthbreaker - Exorian Champion + New Hotkeys You can now use CTRL 1-5 to teleport to your favorited locations, in the global teleports interface. + Magma Monsters - We've updated the magma elemental and superior model. As the old ones wasn't really up to Exora's standards. - Added magma key drops to the magma elemental and torcher. - Added range and magic infernal guard equipment to the burning chest. + Changes - Slight graphical change to the dravonic demon head. - Increased the ranged bonuses of solari equipment. - All overloads are now notable. - Increased the quantity of arrows dropped by world bosses. - Added hellside bar to the smithing skill guide. - Lowered dagannoth bones XP on burying and on altar. - Increased magma bones XP on buring and on altar. - Scroll of slayer will now show as purple on the ground. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with magma torcher not being on the ring of slaying list. - Fixed an issue with magma torcher not being in the slayer information, when asking for it. - Fixed an issue with akdall's book not properly checking your killcount. - Fixed an issue with items being alchemized on certain chests without it being listed as alchemized. + Credit Shop - Added bottomless aggression potion to the general category for: 11999 Credits. - Added marble dravonic set, including scythe to the cosmetics category for: 1336 Credits Thank you all for taking the time to read through the update log! We appreciate every player. Keep the suggestions coming. Good luck & Have fun!
  14. As one of expensive items in credit shop I think it would make sense to use it at least as a material in titan forge for end game weapon.
  15. This has been incredibly useful, thank you for creating this!
  16. Greetings Exorians, It's time for another update. To all the players bringing us suggestions, we're gonna start working on them very soon, some have already been implemented of course. But with the influx of newer players giving us suggestions we may be a little behind on them. Don't worry though, we'll get to it eventually. For this update, we've got a bunch of much needed QOL and fixes coming, as well as general content additions. Note: Some of the updates require a new client. Make sure to use the Launcher, or download the new client here: https://exora.io/play SUMMER COUPON CODE DROP: + Magma Dungeon Changes After your beginner gear starts to run out, you'll need to get your next equipment set. Usually that is the infernal guard set, however that is only for melee, and not range and magic. We've made it so each magma monster drops its own set infernal guard equipment set, of their respective combat style. We've also added a new magma monster, which drops the ranged set. + Magma Torcher - A new magma monster that drops the ranged infernal guard equipment set. - Can be obtained as a slayer task from Chaeldar and Sumona. - Monster has a superior version. - Location: East of Magma Dungeon (Around the Magma Chest) + Magma Elemental - Now drops the infernal guard magic equipment set. + Magma Beast - Will be the only monster that drops the infernal guard melee set. - Lowered combat level of magma beast, and hitpoints. Note: New Inf. guard pieces can be broken down in to infernal plates. + Infernal Guard Magic (Can be transmogged) + Infernal Guard Range (Can be transmogged) + Bigger Badder II Slayer Unlock We know you guys have been asking for more slayer unlocks. We're planning on adding more unlocks. For now we've added the Bigger Badder II unlock. Which permanently boosts your chance at receiving a superior by +5%. It costs 600 task points to unlock. Good luck! + Credit Auction House Changes We've made some changes to the auction house to make it more fair and reasonable for players to bid on. These are the following changes: - You'll now have to outbid a minimum of 10% of the highest bidder. You can no longer outbid with 1 credit. - If there is less than 5 minutes left and someone outbids the highest bidder, the time will refresh back to 5 minutes left. It will complete once no-one has bid for more than 5 minutes. + New Adventurers Books It's been a while since we've added more adventurers books. Usually we add new ones when we have an event on-going. These ones however will stay. If you're unaware about the adventurers book system. They are small tasks you may do to receive item rewards, or permanent account rewards such as increased drop rate etc. Each book has its own reward table, and tasks. To access the adventurers book go to your quest tab > adventurers book + Akdall's Book - Mine small elemental rocks 0/50 - x10 elemental chunks. - Catch hellside imps 0/50 - x20 aggression potion. - Defeat rift dungeon monsters 0/500 - x5 raid potions, x5 titan forge potions. - Defeat Akdall the Forsaken 0/250 - Bonus 0.1% drop rate in the rift dungeon. + Sumona's Book - Kill superior monsters 0/75 - Permanent +1% superior increase. - Unlock the special drops ability - 2% permanent XP increase. - Receive slayer point scrolls 0/10 - x5 points scroll. - Open a slayer mystery box - x2 slayer mystery box. Note: If you already have the special drops ability, you'll automatically complete the task. Head over to the adv. book to claim the reward. + Quick-Loadout hotkeys You'll now be able to use hotkeys from CTRL + 1 to 5. You can assign these hotkeys for your presets. You can only use these hotkeys while having the bank interface open. To start editing a preset, simply click on the settings button next to your preset name. You'll have able to choose which CTRL # to assign a preset. + Slayer Changes - Increased dravonic demon unlock points from 40 to 50 points. - Lowered the slayer level required to kill or unlock tormented beasts from 93 to 85. - Lowered the slayer level require to kill or unlock crystalite gargoyle from 93 to 86. - Magma beast slayer tasks can now also be obtained from chaeldar. They remain on the higher slayer masters. + General Changes - The auto alchemizer will now work for any other object chest, such as the dravonic, blurite and magma chest. This excludes chests and boxes that are opened in the inventory. - Slightly Lowered overload herblore battle pass task. - Magma elemental will now always drop magma bones. - Magma torcher will now always drop magma bones. - Added infernal guard pieces to their respective collection logs. - Removed (elite) nex pieces from the announcement in Lietrye raids. - Gemstone hatchets will now longer require 60 attack to equip. + Bug Fixes - Fixed an issue with the 'private chat only appears in chat box' option not saving correctly. - Fixed an issue with shift-drop sticking on client, when moving away from the Exora client. Thank you for taking the time to read the update log. Hope you guys enjoy Exora. Feel free to let us know any suggestions you may have. Good luck & Have fun!
  17. Rule added: Any form of item gambling will not be allowed. This refers to boxing and 'trading' items and back. Anything to try to skirt the rules of gambling items is not allowed. Doing so will result in your winnings being taken, or account termination. Past item gambling: If you've gambled items in the past, you will not be punished. However do not try to do it again. We have a gambling system, that allows the gambling of credits and cash. We do not want players to gamble items, as that generally affects the server in a negative way. Respect the rules.
  18. Amazing brother gonna be a hard grind for the new Pet armour. Keep up the Good work
  19. Greetings Exorians, It is that time again! Today we'll bring you the new battle pass, new battle pet equipment, some collection log changes and a bunch of general changes. We have also refreshed the new coupon codes! Check it out, they can only be used for payment methods Credit Card & PayPal: Let's get to it! + Battle Pass Season 6 Yes! We've made some changes to the battle pass for the early rewards, and added more free rewards. We've also made some other changes to the later tiers, so that it is more worth it. The season 6 pass, also brings a battle pass cosmetic exclusive (like all the battle pass before). To see the battle pass simply go to your quest tab then click on 'battle pass'. I wish you good fortune on completing it, Exorian! The 'Skeletal Adventurer' set: The battle pass: + Collection Log Changes The monster category lacked some good rewards when it came to the completion rewards. Most remain untouched, however we've made it so some bosses have a new completion reward. The chance to roll an extra drop is decent, but not good enough for bosses that have a hard collection log. The new completion reward is: % chance for your rare drop to be doubled. The % depends on the collection log, and how hard it is to complete. These are the following bosses with the new completion reward: - Graardor 7% - Zilyana 7% - K'ril 7% - Bloodchiller 5% - Warmonger 5% - Earthbreaker 5% - KBD 7% - Corp 5% - Nex 5% - Vorago 5% - Gothmog 5% - Akdall 3% - Exorian nightmare 5% - Cerberus 5% - Zulrah 5% - Blink 7% - Nomad 7% - Sunfreet 5% We may change these depending on player feedback. - Collection will now show green if you have a collection completed. Overall better visibility. + Battle Pet Equipment We've added new battle pet equipment! It's been a while since the last one. Here are the details: + Divine Plates - You'll now be able to break down dweller equipment and capes for divine plates. These are used to forge the new battle pet armour. - Dweller armour pieces give 3 plates. - Dweller capes give 2 plates. + Divine Pet Armour - Stats: (Pet Lvl: 46), +1% drop rate, +120 attack, +108 defence, +121 strength, +8% special attack, +300 special damage. - Forge: Eternal Pet Armour, x30 divine plates, x250 superior essence, x1000 lava bars. - Success: 100% + Ring of Eternal - Stats: (Pet Lvl: 32), +0.25% drop rate, +80 attack, +35 defence, +78 strength, +175 special damage, +2% SP Attack. - Forge: Ring of demon, x20 eternal plates, x50 superior essence - Success: 40% + Titan Forge Changes - Ring of demon now requires x10 superior essence to forge. - Lowered ring of ember success rate from 60% to 50%. - Lowered faceless tome success rate from 20% to 15%. - Increased quantity of superior essence from 25 to 100 for goliath weaponry. - Increased quantity of superior essence from 10 to 25 for ring of demon. - Increased quantity of superior essence from 50 to 100 for eternal pet armour. - Increased success rate of true featherfall bow, firestorm greatsword from 40% to 60%. + Player Settings We've added a new player setting, which disables your monster drop announcements. It is on by default, to toggle this feature, see the settings manager. + Changes - Drop catcher will now filter game messages if an item has been caught. To enable this, simply toggle the 'filter' via games tab under chat box. - Alchemizer pieces will no longer be tradeable. - Slightly buffed blurite chest rarest drop table rates. - Lowered dragon slayer task quantity on all slayer masters. - Removed dark celestial scimitar, pressure equalizer from the monster drop announcement list. - Added tooltips for battle pet plates, to better explain what can be cut down. - Eternal pet armour drop rate increased from 0.60% to 0.75%. - Slayer XP share now filtered in friends chat. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with falador leprechaun not allowing you to note items. - Fixed an issue with making overload (4) while on 96 herblore. - Fixed a spelling issue with cauldron of venom. (lol) - Fixed an issue with rangos backpack not picking up monster materials from chilly hand. - Fixed an issue with regular restore potion not working properly. Thank you for playing Exora. We appreciate you! Now fuck off and play the game ❤️
  20. In-game Name / Discord Name: ItsPhoto / NotPhoto / Photophobia (The last one would be the crowned account) Age: 26 years old; Country & Timezone: Southeast, Brazil (-3 BRT) Time Played: Combined playtime of 10d across 2 accounts. Do you have any past experience?: I've been an admin and moderator for multiple rpg forums, on mmo's I've been a moderator on mu online and ragnarok private servers and on Exora I'm a part of the wiki team. Why do you want to be a part of the team?: I already spend a good amount of time on the server having beta access too so i might as well go all in. In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?: I am really poggers good at dealing with people, I've grown up helping my mother that was a teacher for special education students, thus i've actually dealt with a wide variety of mental states, then i worked as a general manager of a shop for 3 years usually dealing with clients that were not happy with how the product ended up. In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team?: I am fluent in 3 languages* (Portuguese, English, Spanish and currently learning Japanese.) and went to college for game design, other than that i believe i can cover a very good time zone spot on the staff team, since i am usually online to see other members of the staff saying their good nights and good mornings.
  21. Greetings Exorians, Time for another update! First off, I'd like to take this time to thank the community for playing, enjoying and helping Exora. We really appreciate it. A special shoutout to iron jisko and itsphoto for helping us on the Exora wiki. We've recently done a major design overhaul to our wiki, so make sure to check it out! This update will bring the long asked well of goodwill, with lots of cool server-wide benefits for every player to enjoy! As well as 8 new superior monsters, and other general changes. Let's get to it! Important note: An updated client is required for some of the content listed in the update log. Download the new client here: https://exora.io/play If you use the Launcher, simply close all clients and load Exora with the Launcher. + Well of Goodwill The well of goodwill is a new feature that allows players to donate their coins or bill bags to it. In return the well activates server-wide events that all players in Exora may make use of. We tried to think of the best kind of benefits the players mostly ask for, and made a list which you can choose from. You'll be able to choose specific benefits to activate, without having to donate for other benefits. The well of goodwill is located right at home, near the opal gem tree and across the enchanted chests. These are the following benefits: + 50% Increased Experience - Cost: 5B - Time active: 2 hours + 1% Increased Drop Rate - Cost: 2B - Time active: 2 hours + 1% Increased Raid Drop Rate - Cost: 5B - Time active: 1 hour + 10% Increased Superior Spawn Rate - Cost: 2.5B - Time active: 1 hour + 50% Slayer Point Increase - Cost: 2.5B - Time active: 1 hour + 50% Skill Point Increase - Cost: 2.5B - Time active: 1 hour + 50% Chance Double Monster Materials - Cost: 1B - Time active: 1 hour + Additional Slayer Superiors Not many monsters have a superior version, on the current version there are only 15 superiors. While that's a decent amount, we felt that because of that superiors weren't spawning as much as it could be. We decided to add 8 more superiors so that it may be easier to get a superior spawned. These are the following superiors that can be spawned from their task: - Added 'Malevolent mage' superior to infernal mage. - Added 'Marble gargoyle' superior to gargoyle & crystalite. - Added 'Flaming pyrelord' superior to pyrefiend. - Added 'Abhorent spectre' superior to abberant spectre. - Added 'Vitreous jelly' superior to jelly. - Added 'Monstrous basilisk' superior to basilisk. - Added 'Spiked turoth' superior to turoth. - Added 'Nechryarch' superior to nechryael. We have added some more superiors to low-level tasks, so that newer players could get a superior spawned. + Demon 'type' changes We've made some changes to the demon type list. This list is for items that refer to 'demon type' for increased bonuses, such as the enchantment of demon. However we made a distinction when it comes to the faceless king set, as 2% additional drop rate for these monsters/bosses would be far too much. We may still make some changes to this list and change depending on community feedback. The current list refers to only items that refer to 'demon type' such as the enchantment of demon. This list does not refer to the faceless king set. - Earthbreaker - Bloodchiller - Warmonger - Any monster with 'demon' in their name. The only exception being the faceless king set, which refers to only monsters containing the word 'demon'. + Power Charge (Already Live) - Reverted base damage nerf (increased back to 300) - Decreased power charge special cooldown from 10 to 7 seconds + Hellfire Burst (Already Live) - Lowered base damage from 320 to 295 + Changes - You'll now be able to view your total EXP when hovering over your total level in skill tab. - Slightly buffed bloodchiller, warmonger and earthbreaker equipment drop rate. - Buffed dawnlight defender drop rate. - Buffed hellside imp horns drop rate. - Beginner equipment now has ranged & magic bonuses. - Increased the amount of runes, rune pouch can hold from 64k to 132k. - Updated the list of items that skillers' backpack can hold. - Lowered spawn timer for exorian nightmare multi boss. - Added new exo weaponry to the sacrifice list for 200 sacrifice points. - Lowered exo weaponry sacrifice from 300 to 200 sacrifice points. - Twisted horn boots now require lvl. 91 defence to equip. - Added banshee monster to spria and mazncha tasks. - Added new global announcment icons. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with the titan forge bridge fucking up pathing (lol). - Fixed an issue with beginner/exo staff not giving increased attack speed when using magic. - Fixed an issue with ironmen not being able to speak to the warrior guild npc at the top floor. Thank you for taking the time to read the update log! Good luck & have fun!
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