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  2. Exora Weekend Event 14/05-16/05 Weekend Bonus DR/XP (Friday - Sunday) Saturday 20:00 GMT 1 Drop hunt (20:00 - 21:30) Mass boss (21:30 - 22:30) Hide and seek (22:30 - 23:30) Sunday 18:00 GMT 1 Mass boss (18:00 - 19:00) 2x drop (19:00 - 19:30) Drop hunt (19:30-21:00) if you have any ideas for future events, feel free to pm me on discord or forum,
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  4. Atm raids is dead content its way way to easy and drop table is insane and contain way to many shitty drops that makes the bis drops almost impossible to obtain, How Raids works 1 person go Drake - 1 person go Rotgut - 2 go Strykewyrm it takes around 1-3 min for each run, you don't use any supplies, no punishment for deaths, you click ones and goes afk for the next min. this is late game content and should be hard and drop table should reflect that. Suggestions 1 life: (you still get loot if raid complete, you only re spawn if raids is completed to loot chest)
  5. Hello There! Welcome to heirlooms guide! We have some cool heirlooms for Pvming,skilling,pvp,cosmetic. these heirlooms gives great benefit during different activites! Skilling heirlooms - Fisherman heirloom (Task scroll hard/elite and washed-up caskets/credit store) - you have 10% chance of double the fish when this heirloom is equipped. - Miner's jewel (Task scroll hard/elite/credit store) - You have a 10% chance of mining double the ores when this heirloom is equipped. Pvming heirlooms - Collector (Exo shop,boss point shop,cr
  6. Starter guide for new player If you follow this steps you will be able to progress fast. Step 1: Vote to the server its a really good way to make some quick cash in the beginning of the game How you vote just do ;vote or ::vote then make sure you type in right use name then you click on the link and follow the steps to make the vote complete. Step 2: Start with slayer, once your at slayer take a task from (SPRIA) and do the task, don't forget to pick up all the cash that drops/monster parts or any sorts of bones for prayer level. Most of the slayer npc drops enchanted key
  7. Please read the rules and make sure you understand the rules here at Exora. Rule breakers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with according to their offence immediately. Breaking the rules may result in a permanent in-game or forum ban. Please abide by the rules, which can be read below. Server Rules Rule 1. Offensive Language, Flaming, Disrespect, Discrimination & Other Players of the Exora community are not allowed to use Offensive, Inappropriate or Disrespecful language towards another person ingame. This includes, but is not limited to, Ethnicity, Rel
  8. Hello there! welcome to the achievement point store Guide! Achievement points are earned by completing achievements. Your achievement progress can be found by clicking your quest icon. 3rd row > Achievements manager The tasks consist generally of skilling and pvm tasks but there's also a few miscellaneous ones too. Each difficulty offers different amounts of points. At home at the "Achievements" Npc, you can exchange your earned points for some cool items which can give you benefits across pvm and skilling. You can exchange these points for some c
  9. Cubs


    Hi, glad the forums are back! Most know me, im Cubs. I like long walks in the Dark Matter Caves, and fishing
  10. Cubs


    hi im cubs :D
  11. Keta

    Slayer guide

    Slayer Guide Introduction Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill different monster around the world. Player must visit slayer camp and talk to one of the different slayer masters, who will assign you a task to kill a certain amount of monsters. General knowledge Shop Unlocks Where do i find slayer camp Slayer Masters Mazchna level 25 (1 point) Vannaka level 45 (2 point) Chaeldar level 60 (3 point) Sumona
  12. Optional permanent ironman gameplay change, lose your ability to drop items (iron duplicates polluting eco), if u die in the wild ur lost items are deleted (preventing death xfer). What this means is your items u have and will get are locked into that iron account, this will benefit normal player eco slowing down the pollution, making it easier for normal players to sell items and should help maintain item prices and keep up item demand. You will not be able to sell items to the general store, but instead ironman shop 3 will function as the general store does for normal players.(ironman shop 3
  13. Hello Exorians, Sadly our hosting had a major fire at one of their data centers. We have been hit the hardest of the 3 affected. We've lost our forums, and website but managed to get all back online. The only thing that was affected was our forums, and its data incl. posts, threads and members. We're in contact with our host and are waiting on any solutions. They may still get the data back, but is not likely. Luckily we did not lose our player files, nor any other game files. The game server was not affected, only the website. Registrations are now open, so feel free
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