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    EXORA SUGGESTIONS (Only some of these suggestions are only from me, this is a list of compiled suggestions that I have seen from the community push for, but still hasn't been implemented into the game. ALL of these suggestions are suggestions that I feel are important and improve the customer/players experience. I left out many other great suggestions simply because I do not know if they have been worked or are iron-man based.) SKILLING Wilderness skilling location @;;banditcamp needs a lot of love. Add a Banker (needs to be located in a safe spot building) to make this an effective skilling location. Maybe make the banker Donator only accessible to push donations traffic. Ability for skills to give clue scrolls or Skilling task bottles bring more content to skillers Adding cooking gauntlets, goldsmith gauntlets to a shop to get extra experience when cooking or smithing gold bars. Be able to note cooked fish, smelted bars, mined ores etc. at each skilling spot, so people don't have to bank every time. (For F2P skilling zone Charge gp to note and remove banker) ;;Dzone have a banker located next to each skilling location ($100 Donator perk exclusive to encourage donations) Skilling based outfits to boost skilling exp in said skilling field. Create skilling tasks with a reward system to obtain skilling clothes. (Will help push people to skill and promote purchase of infernals.) COOKING Fix Cooking burn rates. (Cooking Gauntlets/Chefs hat.) HUNTER Add Implings to Hunter. SLAYER Boss tasks aren't properly tracked in the "player statistics > Task" Section Also when a boss is killed it gives you the remaining bosses left, but in black text. (same color that drop catcher loot spams chat with) Wilderness slayer tasks should give a small amount of Blood Money per kill Allow slayer helm to see kills left Upgraded slayer helm see kills left + teleport to slayer home. (or allow the player to be able to pickup another task through their helm) Slayer needs a Task streak bonus system. Make it so when you have ring of slaying your slayer tasks are aggro. (Charge ring of slaying with slayer points ex: 1 slayer pt Charge=25 kills or create a custom currency that is dropped during slayer tasks to charge it. Ex: 1 charge = 1 kill) Skip slayer tasks with Cash. FISHING Make fishing holes "examine" option say which fish can be caught from the hole. Make Heron catch 2x fish at all times. FARMING Add NPC that allows players to note herbs. Add a notification for when your herbs are done growing. Speed up the growing time for herbs. Make Tree farming a thing. King mode Farming is not realistic currently. Watering can should be an unlimited source of water. Super Compost should make it so herbs never become Diseased. (If herbs become diseased implement Plant Cure to game and make it announce to player that an herb has become Diseased.) NON-SKILL QoL Completely rework the PoS. Can't add noted items to PoS. Clicking "RECENT" tab only shows offers posted in alphabetical order not by whom actually posted most recently. When searching for an item, the cheapest item should be at the top of the view-able offers. Add noted items to shops or make a ;;dzone shop sell noted items to push customers to donate. Create more LOTTERY type events. Hourly, daily weekly some ideas. Make the weekly cost say 10M and the game taxes 20% out of it. 100 people donate 1B game removes 200M from that for 800M weekly. Hourly = 1M Daily = 5M Weekly= 10M Make Pay2Win items even more rare. This is an eco server and it's not being handled like it is. Drop rates for Dark matter should be 1:5000. Make Pets right click only. Should never be able to click on another person pet. Drop Catcher: When typing in an item name, have a drop down menu so you can click the item you wish to collect. Add a feature to be able to see floor drops like what RuneLite has. Raids scaled if you solo, duo or Squad. Make ;;raids teleport you to raids NPC Add the ability for players to see their boosted drop rate on the account. Bank placeholders (if possible). Costume overrides. Fashion-scape, but still max gear. Challenge scrolls reward with Exo points. Money sink idea: instead of having every weekend bonus xp and bonus dr. Make 2 separate โ€œwellsโ€ one with like 1% bonus dr for an hour and one for 10% bonus xp for an hour and have each of them cost somewhere between 1-3b to activate which also stacks for a 5% xp boost weekend once a month. Instances should return your invested money if you leave early or die or DC from them. Instances should be reduced cost/free for X amount of kills per 12hrs/day Depending on donator rank. Paid instances should be aggro bosses (hence why X amount per 12hrs/day). Have an "anti-afk" random event to prevent over-night afking. (Example: AFK-Guard that you have to talk to to continue. Doesn't disrupt combat, but teleports you home if you don't reply after 60 seconds.). ADD a kills left counter for boss instances. (Currently no way to check how many more kills remain) Donator zones unique to certain donator tiers (currently skilling zone F2P access has more positive perks than ;;Dzone) EarthBreaker still 1 shots players. Make is so we can "TAB" reply to anyone. (Currently we have to add them to reply) Infernal/dragon skilling tools do NOT gather materials quicker than rune skilling tools. Make infernal tools 50% combust/burn rates. Make captains Harpoon work for all harpooning (fastest fishing method) Would encourage people to purchase from the store. Implement Bonds into the server. (That way players can purchase donator ranks and not flood game with p2w gears.) Have bonds open and also give a "bond currency" you can buy exclusive items/random boxes to get fun goodies. General Store and it's prices are extremely inconsistent and broken. Example: rune items shouldn't be the same or more than dragon items. Add rewards from loyalty points, people that donated have no purpose for points currently. (Possibly the purchase of "bonds" once implemented) Buff the prayer xp from ebon dragon bones. (250xp more then Frost dragons which have almost 4x less health.) For the achievement bone burier (bury 2000 ourg bones) allow the use of an altar or Bonecrusher. Before making character selection, the player needs to be warned about the soul split issue. (This is very discouraging for new players like myself when I found out about the issue down the road.) Add a shop in the the game where we can deal with all of our collected or unwanted clue rewards. (Exchange them for a currency which could be used in a custom "Clue shop") Make Enchanted Keys stack-able The "game (Filter)" tab needs to actually filter spam caused from Drop Catcher. Add a cosmetic (custom) helmet and cape which signatures each game mode / experience rate. Daily Mystery Boxes are dead content after playing the server for a few days. Needs a major re-work to be worth players time. Add custom aura's to the aura slot which have (unlimited) time to give certain boosts, maybe adding aura's (cosmetic) as a donator perk would be nice aswell.
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    Hello Exorians, Hope you guys have enjoyed your christmas. It's time for the long awaited update log! + Titan Forge Titan forge is way to clean items from the economy and create new, better equipment in return. By titan forging you have to sacrifice equipment, weaponry or materials in return for an upgrade. There is a success chance shown in the interface. Titan forging may not always be successful, and you may lose your materials. To start titan forging you need a hammer and titanite shards. To obtain titanite shards, you will need to kill monsters and bosses. The titan forge object is at the south of home, across the bridge. + Titan Forge Weaponry - True featherfall bow (an upgraded featherfall bow) Allows the use of dragon arrows. - Flame King's Greatsword, a strong 2 handed sword, with unique animations. - Titanite sword, a stronger version of the dark matter sword. + Titan Forge Equipment - Godwars Quivers, quivers boosts your ranged bonuses and pick up your arrows. In order to titan forge it you need 50x of its respective god hide. God hides are obtained from godwars bosses. - Demonic book, it is the best in-slot magic off-hand. - Titanite equipment, the 2nd best in-slot equipment set, created from dravonics and exorians. - Infernal Guard, a decent equipment set for beginner-intermediate players. As we update, there will be more titan forge equipments, weaponry and cosmetics. + Tokhaar-Jad Tokhaar-Jad is a new wilderness boss, that drops goodies, materials and rares. The tokhaar-jad is a multi boss in multi wilderness. Top 5 players with the most damage done to the jad receive a drop. To teleport to Tokhaar-jad, use the global teleports > bosses. + Vorago Vorago is a boss that is extremely weak to magic, and has very high melee/range defensive bonuses. It is in the safe zone, and its spawn time is a few minutes. The top 3 players with the most damage receive a drop. Vorago drops the new magic equipment set, tectonic and it drops other magic accessory such as the tectonic wand, goodies and general materials. + Hope devourer Hope devourer is a wilderness only monster. To kill hope devourer open global teleports > pvp zones > hope devourer. It drops goodies, materials and the new molten cape that increases all your bonuses. + PvP Changes After loads of community feedback, we've changed the allowed wilderness equipment and weaponry. You are still able to bring your ' banned' items, and attack monsters with it. However if you try attacking a player you will not be able to. The following items were banned from the wilderness: - Celestial staff - Wand of scorpian - Virtus wand - Virtus book - Exorian staff - Featherfall bows - Razor darts - Toxic crossbow - Monster hunter weaponry/equipment - Earth-dweller - Sky-dweller - Sea-dweller - Scoria - Dark matter - Neon - Dark lord - Solari - Dinh's - Abyssal equipment - Snail, Hellcat, Golem - Horn boots - Celestial triwhip - Dark Celestial - Firestorm sword - King's greatsword - Exorian equipment/weaponry - Exo sword - Infernal guard + Changes - Tormented the bloodchiller magic defence lowered. - Lowered some bosses, monsters magic defence. - Buffed all magic weaponry by +10 magic bonus and +10% magic strength. - Made lots of monsters/bosses passive. - You now can't teleport from the wilderness above level 30. - Ganodermic now has the proper stats. - Ironmen are now able to create prayer renewals. - Announcements regarding lvl 99, and 200M xp achievements now show game mode. - Increased the value of magic logs, lava ore, washed up casket, tooth, loop and enchanted key. - Tweaked the rate you get magic logs from magic trees. - Added steel studs to the crafting shop. - Agility higher lever course now gives more experience than the lower course. - Lower agility course experience has been slightly nerfed. - Fellstalk, morchella mushroom added to monster drop tables. (Ingredients for prayer renewals.) - Shoulder pet price increased at the Exo Shop. - Godsword shards are now 1m each. - Titanite shards are now dropped from tormented demon, abyssal horror, dark matter, undead dragon, ebonchill dragon. + Bugfixes - Fixed an issue with Duel Arena cash overflow. It now drops the coins under you. - Fixed an issue with Duel Arena stake limit. - Fixed an issue with objects stopped working, (elemental star, runecrafting altars). - Fixed an issue with drop catcher cash overflow. - Fixed an issue with the khaashee daily. - Fixed an issue with sunfreet kill count and task scroll. - Fixed an issue with abyssal horror kill count. - Fixed the general rotgut safespot. - Fixed the requirement to equip dark matter and shadowscale. - Removed dummies from lumbridge. - Removed the boulder in the wilderness, at iron dragon. - Fixed an issue with ironman not showing the proper symbol when you're a donator. - Fixed an issue with prestige hitpoints on baron/king. - Fixed demonic gorilla pet being tradeable. - Fixed boss slayer helmets being tradeable. + Weapons - Buffed dark matter staff. - Dark matter staff now has a 25% chance of double hitting its original damage. Good luck & have fun, Exorians!
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    What is your In-game name? - Drezerr What time-zone are you in? - Eastern Europe GMT+2 Finland What is your discord tag? - Drezerr#0084 Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? - I have been staff member in minecraft and MTA servers. My job was to help new players in mta with my long experience in game. Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? - No and i have been played this server everyday since launch. Do you like the current staff team? - Yes. Right now there is good and positive team. Do you have any problems withe the current staff team? - No, im friend with everyone. Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? - Im right now unemployed and playing like 12hours in day so im online most of time. Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? - I would help players who need help with anything in game or discord - Keeping chat clean - I will take action if someone is breaking rules! Tell us more about yourself? - Hey my name is Tommi, im 24 from Finland. I was working as chef in restaurant before my contract ended. I have played League of Legends like 10 years now and along it osrs/rsps. Im player friendly guy who havent got any bans ever. I live with my girlfriend and just few weeks ago i teached her about osrs. I hope we get one more player there to our community soon! A picture of your playtime? Well it's hard to say everything here about me, if you guys have anything to ask just message me on discord or ingame ๐Ÿ™‚
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    CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT To create your account simply log-in with any available username and password. You can choose to view the tutorial or skip it. Select you difficulty mode (I highly recommend KING). And finally select the appropriate ironman mode and click "I like a challenge!" to start your adventure. THANK ME LATER The first thing you wanna do on your freshly created ironman is get 60 mining. That is just so you can mine every elemental star you see from the get-go. You'll need 10k elemental dust to make a collector level 5, so it's better if you start collecting it now. The elemental star spawns every hour in a random location of the map (can be wilderness) and you can get there by typing ;;estar You can check when it's going to spawn by clicking on the blue star on the top right corner of your quest tab. A TEST OF LUCK Equip your beginner set and sword and head over to the celestial caves (dungeon teles) Kill the celestial creatures until you get a featherfall bow drop or your beginner sword runs out of charges. If your beginner sword runs out of charges first and you don't have a dark celestial scimitar, you'll have to do some skilling to get 25k exo points to buy an exo sword to keep grinding the celestial creatures. Move on to the next step after you've got your featherfall bow. BASIC RANGED GEAR Ava's accumulator = kill aquanites in the monster lair Black d'hide set = kill hellhounds at tarveley dungeon SLAYER IS LIFE Now that you have a ff bow, black d'hide set and ava's accumulator it's time to start slaying. You can find the slayer masters at the slayer camp north-east of home. Pick up all the monster parts, key halves and specially the seed drops that you get. Do slayer until level 85. This should get you to level 99 ranged aswell. Buy an exo sword from the exo shop if you haven't already and then move on to the next step. FARMING You should have a decent amount of seeds from getting level 85 slayer, so it's time to start farming. We're gonna need a lot of prayer potions for the next step, so it's better if you do farm runs every 15 minutes. Kill frost dragons while waiting for your herbs to grow and get 70+ prayer before moving on to the next step. MELEE GEAR At level 85 slayer you can start killing dravonic demons (protect from melee is necessary so you don't waste all your food). Teleport to the dravonic cave (dungeon teleports) and kill the demons until you get a full dravonic set and a draven's scythe. Expect to be here for quite a while. BACK TO SLAYER Now that we have a decent melee setup it's time to finish getting level 99 slayer. Save all your slay points to unlock the Crystallic Gargoyles, Dark Matter Demons and the Ebonchill Dragons (in that order). Once again, pick up all the monster parts, key halves and seed drops that you get. FOOD You're gonna need A LOT of food for the next couple of steps, so I recommend that you get 99 fishing/cooking before moving on. CRYSTALLIC GARGOYLES (OPTIONAL) At level 93 slayer you can start killing crystallic gargoyles (if you've unlocked them). Kill them until you get a crystallic longsword (the whip and rapier are not that good) and you'll have an easier time farming the DM demons later. DARK MATTER At level 97 slayer you can start killing DM demons (if you've unlocked them). I recommend that you PRESTIGE and get maxed combat again before you start farming them. That is just so you can "fix" the soulsplit prayer drain. Kill them until you have a dark matter bow, sword and staff. BETTER MELEE GEAR We're gonna skip the darklord armor set and go straight to the Titanite set. Farm dravonic demons and the exorian champion for a while and then try forging titanite pieces. To forge the titanite helm, for example, you need 1 dravonic helm + 1 exorian helm + 20 titanite shards. There is a 45% chance of success when forging titanite pieces. BETTER RANGED GEAR You can get the solari set from the earthbreaker boss. If you're hardcore ironman be careful: this boss can 1-hit you. BETTER MAGE GEAR You can get the neon set from the Tormented the Bloodchiller or you can get the Tectonic set from Vorago. YOUR NEW HOME Congratulations, you've reached the end-game. Get ready for the grind has only begun. You have pretty much second-best-in-slot melee/mage/ranged gear now, and the only way to get the BEST-IN-SLOT items is by doing RAIDS. You can get the Scoria Bow, Staff and Sword from raids. You can also get the Earth-dweller, Sea-dweller and Sky-dweller sets from raids.
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    What is your In-game name? Woo Woo Tuck What time-zone are you in? Eastern European Time (UTC +2) What is your discord tag? Woo Woo Tuck #2535 Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? A fair bit of staff experience on numerous 667 revision runescape private servers, including BeastPk (Moderator, Server Support (x2), Assistant) Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? No. Do you like the current staff team? Yes, I'm quite fond of it. Do you have any problems withe the current staff team? Nope, I get along with every one of them just fine. Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I'm an active player, always wiling to help whenever I'm on and not AFK, players really get along with me and I like everybody. Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? I'll continue what I've been doing all this time, answer general questions, host giveaways, help the newcomers start off by guiding them and in general try keep the server as peaceful as possible for the best experience. Tell us more about yourself? My name's Martin, I'm 22 years old. Been playing Runescape and private servers since I was 9. Have played most 667 revision private servers so I know my way around one really well. Don't struggle to do what's right, friend or foe, I treat everyone equally. A picture of your playtime?
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    Note: In order for the log out issue to be fixed, a new client is required. Download here: https://exora.io/play or just simply load your launcher. Hello Exorians, It's been a while! We've been working on future content, and preparations for our upcoming big content update. This update is something we're doing in between so you guys get some new fresh content. In the update: Monster Spawner for Immortal Rank Master Zone (Master + Donator Zone) Well of Goodwill Skilling Additions + Master Zone We've received lots of suggestions regarding higher tiered donator zone. The master zone contains high level skilling, high level slayer monsters and other general objects, npcs. With the master zone we're also bringing a new benefit for Immortals to spawn their own monster. How it looks: + Monster Spawner Immortals will now be able to spawn their own monster. The monster spawner object is located north of the master zone, past the hunter area. There are 3 objects, and the monster spawner is limited to 2 users each spawner. + Well of Goodwill To keep the economy better stable regarding cash, we decided to bring the well of goodwill to Exora. The well of goodwill accepts un noted bill bags, each bill bag increases both the skill experience and drop rate by 5% and 0.1% for 30 minutes. We may change the time and amount to donate for the bonus in the future. The bonus experience and drop rate take extra bonuses in to account. The well of goodwill is located south-east of home. + Skilling Additions - You are now able to create bolt tips by using a chisel on a cut gem. - You are now able to create amulet of fury, or amulet of glory. The creation of those items work the same as osrs. - Added impling hunter. Implings now spawn every 15 minutes up to 5 implings per spawnings/region. + Additions - Added a kill counter to instances. You are now able to check what kill you are on. - New rank benefit, boss tasks now give extra coins per kill. (Extra reward on completion is still awarded). - Added a way to see your current drop rate in the quest tab. - Added a ;;pricelist command which leads you to: - Armadyl runes are now obtainable from Glacors. - Armadyl runes are purchasable from the runes shop. - Scoria weaponry price has been changed in the webstore from $350, to $500. - Added scoria staff, the new best in-slot magic staff. The best in-slot magic staff. Each attack has a 50% chance of hitting 3 times. The difference from other scoria weaponry is that, if the scoria effect is proced, you the hits will not be less than the original damage, rather it will copy the original damage of the hit. Example: Hit an NPC for 1000, with scoria effect you hit 3000. The damage will not be halved. + Changes - Lowered Tormented the Bloodchiller healing. - Abyssal Horror is now passive. - Titanite set now has a 0.5% increased drop rate. - Titanite pieces now has increased hitpoints bonus. (Kiteshield included). - Buffed rare rewards of raids. - Seismic wand now hits as fast as tormented. - Enabled toxic crossbow in the wilderness. - Titanite sword success rate on titanforge has been increased to 50%. - Enabled defenders in the wilderness. - Buffed amount morchella mushrooms and fellstalk potion (unf) dropped from monsters. - Picking up a pet is now the 2nd option. - Buffed molten cape. - Blurite ores are now able to be noted. + Bugfixes - Fixed an issue with donator rank mixed with ironman regarding yell timers. - Fixed an issue with soulsplit draining your prayer too quickly when attacking players/monsters. - Fixed an issue where logging out would take too long and freezing the client for a minute. (new client is required for fix). - Fixed an issue with a hard task, where it said 'mine adamant bars'. It will now say smelt adamant bars. - Fixed an issue with achievement burying not working with altars. - Fixed an issue not being able to drop demonic gorilla pet. - Fixed an issue with King Black Scorpion requirement. - Fixed an issue where if you have had a stackable item in your inventory, and it was full it would say not enough inventory space. You will now be able to pick it up. - Fixed an issue with not being able to sell Ornate Katana to the general shop.
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    Hello Exorians! A lot of people have been asking about some pvp content and we thought we can bring in last man standing minigame with cool rewards. Tell us what do you all think?
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    Character requirements: slayer 95 and learned ebon dragons prayer protect from range or reflect range Gear requirements: Dark matter weapons as in bow,sword,staff (or better), true featherfall + Dragonfire shield some decent armour dravonic+ a shoulder pet snail, golem, skele or hellcat is recommended (if not then take prayer renewal) undead staff would be helpfull. Vote books lots of them. Ebon Dragons have 6500 HP they breathe dragonfire and attack with range mostly, Bones give 15k Prayer with votebooks you need 2500 kills for the completion cape requirement. They drop lots of half key tooth's and lots of death runes rarely frost strider wings, and frost horn boots and dont forget about the cute Ebon Dragon Pet wich will boost your drop rate on the drags by 0.25% They are easy to hit even when you have 1 attack/strenght Inventory setup mixup with prayer renewals and saradomin brews if u dont got a shoulder pet examine the ebon dragon and add whatever u want to the drop catcher. then start grinding melee all together with slash until you reach about 50, then strenght all the way up to 99 it will boost your dmg, then attack for accuracy, and last but not least defense, then you take the undead staff, and go to magma dungeon or where ever you wanna go, and grind up magic till 62, now you have unlocked the smoke burst spell, grind magic on zstorm attacking multiple zombies, and use the ballista's to gain range to 50+, when you reach 90, use the dark matter staff to increase speed and damage all the way up to 99. Now you can do range boring.... go to frost dragons kill them till 90 get dark matter bow for increased dmg/spd now with all the bones you got from ebon dragons (15k pray) and frost dragons (14.5k pray) go to the altar and grind up prayer till 99, 13.034.431 exp is required. (870x15k = 13.050.000) before you prestige put on your melee gear, and prestige, then start over. after 10 prestiges and full cmb you will have 1990 prayer/HP GL and have fun, with this mindless grind. Walker
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    Hi everyone, just thought i'd take the time to introduce myself! My name is Anya, am from France & Canadur (travel a lot back and forth). I used to play rsps a lot but took a break b/c of school n' all. Ya'kno, that whole 'adult' thing or whatever '^' This server looks really cool. Love the custom content! Hope to see everyone in-game :d
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    Best of luck mate! +1 from me ๐Ÿ˜„
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    I see you helping other players all the time, +1 from me
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    100% support. Maybe even give irons a slightly boosted drop rate. Edit: Also, the yell color for irons is terrible, the grey is so hard to read if you're on re-sizable.
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    Support. Many of this should be top priority
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    +1 All of these suggestions would be amazing to see in-game.
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    Hello Exorians! Exora is going to host a video competition between players with a juicy rewards! If you find yourself good at making and editing videos, then go ahead and entertain us! And in return you shall be rewarded. Rules and requirements:- 1-Making an Exora video but shouldn't be less than 5 mins. 2-The video with the most likes/views will be announced winner. 3-The subject of the video can be anything from you choice (pvp/pvm/slayer/skilling/raids/guides/....). 4-Make sure to post the video @media section> YouTube on forums. 5-Winners will be announced by the end of January. Good luck to everyone!
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    This is outstanding well done mate
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    +1 Not currently on the Iron Man grind. But we naturally will all end up there after all end-game content achieved on mains.
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    Professional MM โค๏ธ ty for reminder ^^
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    im done ๐Ÿ˜„
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    now this sounds like a godd ass idea, legit wont have people pming Adam\Bennie\lump for stock restores ever, please get this to pass @ADAM
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    Thanks for the reply! ๐Ÿ˜„ I think that the benefits of ;;estar outweigh the risk of dying to pkers which is why people still go ^_^ So for the players that complain, if you want to be safe and skill, do so. However, these are for the risk takers :3
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    Would be nice to see some sort of boss collection log in-game. Would be even better if there were rewards for completing each boss. ex: Finish general graardor collection log and get a mystery box.
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    I'm all for the idea for making the wild more active, however people are still going to find ways to complain about it just like ;;estar being in wild & dying to pkers.
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    Good luck buddy ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Best of luck mate ๐Ÿ‘
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    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚
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    good luck ๐Ÿ™‚
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    +1 good luck my man ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Hey guys! In my race to comp I decided to capture all my drops, Here is the loot from 2.5k Crystalite Gargoyles, hope you enjoy! As you can see I was STUPID lucky here, 33 drops which is insane! 2 Pets 11 Sigils 4 Whips 8 Rapiers 8 Longswords Will continue this for other comp bosses, stay tuned!
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    Hello Exorians! If your new to slayer, i'd suggest start here Now, if your wondering what monsters task are available from what Slayer Master, this guide will help you. Slayer Masters! (Click on the Highlighted Slayer master to be redirected or scroll down) Spria Mazchna Vannaka Chaeldar Sumona Kuradal All Slayer Monsters have a RDT and do drop monster parts, coins or key parts. To find any drop of any monster, follow me Click on Server Infomation/Quest Tab Click On Monster Droptables Find Drop is where you search for a item to see what NPC drops it Find NPC is to find the Drop Table for the NPC your looking for Thank you to @Killingkong for helping me on locations.
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    erow:1b row:600m dmbow:3.5b dmstaff:1b dmsword:2.4-2.5b xmasdragon:2b windstriderwings:1.5-1.7b dlset:1.2-1.5b Echunks:1-2mea edust:1.5-2mea lavaore:75kea lavabar:100kea dravonicset:375-500m blueocto:700m-1b whiteocto:12b whitemonkey:1b xmasmonkey:1b xmasocto:5b bonecrusher:250m votebooks:7.5-10mea scoriabow:18-20b scoriasword:10b titaniteshards:1-2mea titaniteset:2.5-3b magmabones:300k-400kea hellcat:15-18b solariset:3.5b dlset:1.5b crystal rapier/longsword:350-400m neonset:800m firewings:250m frostwings:250m windstriderboots:1.3b firestormboots:300m frostboots:300m poisonclawsigil:1-1.1b poisongloves:1.5b poisonamulet:1.5b poisonring:1.2b collector1:1.2b collector2:3.5b collector3:7b collector4:15b collector5:25b donations:400m every 10$(depends on the buyer/seller) golem:5-6b goldocto:400-500m
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    Thank you, good job mate!
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    Not much of a PvPer myself but a fun minigame that's not the wild...Hell ya sign this Ironman up ๐Ÿ˜„
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    I have been seeing you help a lot lately, keep going I would like to see your play time go up more first. ๐Ÿ˜›
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    this is my car im driving a 308 peugeot gti with 272pk/horsepower in it special edition in 2 collors
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    G'day mate! Welcome to Exora and hope you're enjoying it just as much as I am! ๐Ÿ˜„ Feel free to give me a message if you need help with anything! :]
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    Maybe put some more effort into your application. Good luck!
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