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  1. Greetings Exorians, It's been a little bit since the last update, we took a break in development due to the holidays. We're back and coming in hot! This update is fairly small, but brings some nice QOL and general changes along with it. Would also like to take the time now, to announce we're already working on the boss task revamp, with that comes superior bosses, new items, new forged items and a lot more added content! For players who have boss task points, don't worry. You'll still keep your points. We'll also be pushing the boss task revamp update at the same time as the prestige point system update. So get your asses ready! Here are the January coupon codes: New Montly Donation Deals found here: Thank you for your support. Now let's get to the update lads! + Bank QOL + Deposit & Fill bags You can now simply deposit and fill your coal or essence bag via the bank interface. With a click of the button! You first have to select which bag you'd like to fill or deposit. When you've chosen one, all you have to do is click the fill or deposit button and it'll do the action. This makes it so filling and depositing your bag will be much easier, and way less click sensitive. In order to fill your bags, you must have the bag in your inventory. And the item that is required to fill must be in your bank. You can not fill your bag if its in your bank. If you do not have enough of the fill item, it will take the maximum amount. + Shift-x/all This feature was already in the game, but you had to go to the player settings in order to turn it on and off. It wasn't too seamless and it took more clicks. We've added a toggle within the bank, that allows you to quickly toggle this setting on and off. + Slayer - Added Undying Vengeance slayer ability that increases UV overall drop rate by +0.5% for 4000 slayer points. - You can now progress balrog task when killing Gothmog. + Skillmaster - Added Undying Vengeance skillmaster ability that increases SOLO UV drop rate by +1% for 5000 skilling points. - Changed the sprite icon for Faceless ability to better reflect the ability. + Undying Vengeance Changes - Shards drop rate slightly increased. - Slightly increased the drop rate of rarer rewards, including the rarest drop table. + Undying King and Vengeful King Equipment - Increased the base drop rate of these equipment from 0.5% to 1% + Vote Shop - Lowered titan master's hammer price in the vote shop to 1500 vote points. + Sacrifice Changes - Lowered infernal guard pieces from 150 to 100 points when sacrificing it. - Lowered nex pieces from 750 points to 500 points when sacrificing it. - Lowered elite nex pieces from 1000 points to 750 points when sacrificing it. + Sacrifice Additions - Added all shoulder pets on and until hellcat f* to the sacrifice list. Starting from 300 points up to 7500 points. - See updated list for shoulder pets here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Pool_Of_Sacrifice + General Changes - Added a dialogue confirmation window when you break armor for battle pet plates. - Cerberus will now drop magma bones guaranteed. - Glacors will now drop frost dragon bones guaranteed. - Changed the battle pass task for world boss to only be one world boss kill. - You can now use ::ez to teleport to the eternal zone. - Added ::zoneguide that opens up the zone rewards & guide wiki. - Increased the size of golden sunfreet pet. + Fixes - Fixed an issue with Gothmog not having auto retaliate work. - Fixed a certain issue with slayer. Thank you for taking the time to check out the update log! Appreciate you all, good luck & have fun!
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  2. Thank you all for participating in the Christmas event. Glad you all enjoyed it! All Christmas events will now be disabled, that includes the Santa shoulder pet as well. You may still use your Christmas tokens to purchase from the Christmas shop with the command ::christmasshop Along with the Christmas event end, we've done some small changes and fixes. We're still hard at work on the next big content update, it's coming a long nicely. We're also working on more discord integration as well! + Changes - Increased the drop rate of rarer rewards from Undying Vengeance. - Significantly increased bolt fletching quantity tasks - Added fletch steel and iron bolt to skillmaster easy tasks. - Added golden sunfreet and golden reindeer to the sacrifice shop. - Added golden scoria weaponry to the sacrifice list, same point value as regular scoria. - Lowered the drop rate of poison claw sigils at demonic gorilla. - Replaced the healers with bankers at the Raids house. - Lobster and monkfish are now noted in the foods and potion shop. + Fixes - Ironman are now able to use the yell title manager, if they have the rank. - Fixed an issue with not being able to create iron or steel bolts. We've released a sneakpeek for the upcoming content update, check it out on our discord!
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