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Exora 667 is a custom economy RSPS aimed to bring a new Runescape Private Server experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing Runescape content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with monsters you've never encountered before.

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Why Exora?

Exora 667 is a custom economy MMORPG aimed to bring a new MMORPG experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing MMORPG content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with bosses you've never encountered before.

Fight alongside your friends in raids to obtain high end rewards, enjoy our new skilling content with new tools and fish to catch, paired with mining new rocks and ores to create powerful enchantments and weapons!

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game news and announcements

Update Log #41 (Custom Raid Invocations - Undying, Faceless and Argus)


Greetings Exorians,

We're finally releasing the long awaited invocations update! This one took quite some time to get right, but we're very happy with the outcome. As always thank you all for giving us feedback and thank you to the game testers for helping us out!

September donation deals can be viewed here

Now, let's get to the update!


+ Raid Invocations
A new system which allows players to customise the difficulty of a raid. Players can toggle a variety of invocations. Doing so will increase the Raid Level which adjusts the stats of the bosses within the raid. For every +5 raid levels the boss HP, defence, accuracy and damage increases by 5%.

Note that hitpoints is capped to 200% over its base HP value.

By making the raid harder, you also increase the chance of obtaining rarer loot. As well as increasing the base quantity of loot. For every 5 raid levels, you increase the raid drop rate by +0.2% and you increase the base quantity of loot by 0.5%Item Quantity is a new feature which increases the amount of loot you obtain.

Here's an example: My raid level is 200, I now have an additional +8% drop rate and 20% quantity of loot. If you were to receive 10m coins as loot, you'd receive an extra 2m coins. However if you were to obtain 1 of an item, you'd need 100% quantity of loot to receive double.

+ Raid Invocation Interface
To use the raid invocations create a party. Once you've created a party, open up the party manager and click the top left green icon. You'll now see the raid invocation interface. Only the party leader is able to toggle invocations. All party members can access the interface, and see what's being toggled. Everyone can also see the summary of the raid invocations, and raid level.

  + Mode Presets
     - You can select mode presets on the raid interface, which randomly generates invocations from easy to expert. Each mode has a raid level minimum and maximum.


 + List of Invocations
I've made a wiki page listing all the invocations, which includes universal invocations and raid specific ones. They also include the raid level of each one.

See here:

+ FAQ:
  + Do I have to use invocations to raid now?
     - No, raid invocations is optional and you do not need to enable them. However they're there to challenge the player and reward you accordingly. If you're unsure about the system you can always toggle simpler invocations and see if you're able to do it.
  + Are invocations scaled based on party members?
     - No, they're scaled based on raid levels. Invocations remain the same on solo, duo and squad.
  + Which raids can use invocations?
     - Undying vengeance, Faceless and Argus. The Lietrye raids does not have the invocations system.

That is it for Invocations. We're planning on introducing more invocations as updates come. Specifically to Argus and Faceless! Do let us know your feedback, we'll be looking closely.


+ Skillmaster Durzag
  - Added a new ability which makes it so you can obtain pet enchantments from skilling actions. Cost: 900 points.

+ Changes
  - Added book of vengeance and undying to undying vengeance soulcage.
  - Added weakened fail-safe ticket to vote mystery box.
  - Increased battle pass xp of mithril ore.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with riptide pickaxe mining doing weird things outside of underwater dungeon etc.


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log. And we appreciate your support ❤️

Update Log #40 (Summer Event Ends, ::STARTER Tasks, Prestige Cape, Lietrye Raid Changes, Argus Changes & MORE)


Greetings Exorians,

It's that time again! As always thank you all for supporting Exora, we appreciate your feedback and try our best to implement suggestions! We recently did a community poll which was received very well. We've added some of the changes asked for within this update. And are planning on adding more poll suggestions that have majority feedback.

For the endgame players, we're actively working on our invocation system. It's been coming along very well as you've seen in sneakpeeks. We decided to add invocations for faceless and argus as well, so when we release it, all 3 raids will have invocations. With the exception of Lietrye raids. As mentioned before we'll soon be holding a beta test for invocations. So if you're interested in testing do let me know! We need as many raiders as we can get so we can test and make adjustments before its on live!

September donation deals can be viewed here:

Now let's get to the update!


+ Summer Event Ends
Thank you all for participating in the summer event. We've experimented with making it run for longer, we'll most likely be extending seasonal events to a minimum of 2 months. However events like halloween and christmas will be a month, since they're very close to eachother.

You can still spend your summer tokens by opening up the shop via the command ::summershop

+ Starter Tasks
New players can have a hard time guiding through the game. So we've made a new task system for everyone that guides you through specific tasks. The rewards are a new hybrid equipment set with the stats of dark lord, neon and solari combined and an exo weaponry set. The set is only available for 48 hours of worn time. After that it will be automatically destroyed. The starter tasks can be accessed via the ::starter command.

Starter tasks have to be completed in order from top to bottom. That means you can't progress a later task without having completed the previous.

Starter tasks can only be completed once per account, per IP. 

  + Nebulite Equipment



+ Prestige Cape
We've wanted to add an extra benefit for maxing prestige for a while now. We decided to introduce the prestige cape for maxed prestige rebirthers. You require lvl. 40 prestige to equip or transmog it. The cape also has a benefit when worn.
 - 25% chance not to consume prestige reset scrolls when relocking abilities.

You can purchase the prestige cape from the prestige master store. You can access it by right clicking prestige master > store. It costs 100m coins to purchase and is untradeable.

We're planning on adding more prestige cape benefits.


+ Lietrye Raid Changes
  - Fixed an issue with lietrye raid ready up indicators not properly displaying.
  - Lietrye raid will now automatically ready up when you complete the raid. Making it so you can continue your raid immediately.
    + Lietrye Obstacle Pipes
       - You can now cross boss rooms via obstacle pipes within the rooms. You require Lvl. 94 agility to use the obstacle pipes.

+ Argus Raid Changes
  - Lowered base HP from 150k to 125k.
  - Lowered melee defence (crush defence is now signficantly lowered in defence).
  - Increased magic shield phase from 20k to 25k.

+ Battle Pass Changes
  - Vote task will now always be 6 votes to claim.
  - Vote task will now give 750-1250 battle pass XP for free task. Premium task: 1500-2000
 + Battle Pass Tasks
Majority of players have asked for more variety in battle pass tasks. With each update we'll be adding more.
   - Added create saradomin brew task.
   - Added create renewal potion task.
   - Added cut dragonstone gems task.
   - Added cut diamond gems task.
   - Added mine hellside ores task.
   - Added mine corals task.
   - Added catch void elementals task.
   - Added sacrfice or bury brimstone bones task.
   - Added craft law runes task.
   - Added craft deah runes task.
   - Added pickpocket hero task.

+ Pet Storage
  - Changed the icon for pet storage button to better indicate a pet storage.
  - If you have a pet in the preset inventory it'll now grab it from the pet storage.

+ Skill Tasks
  - Signficantly lowered all runecrafting skill task amount to craft.

+ Changes
  - Added a x75 killcount option for instances.
  - Lowered raid and titan forge potion completionist (trimmed) requirement to 15 each.
  - Extreme potions can now be noted.
  - You can now use ::hgv for ::hidegroundvalue command
  - Adjusted text on tooltip to better explain deep sea trinket.
  - Slightly reduced the time to mine hellside ores.
  - Slightly reduced the time to woodcut akdall's logs.


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! We appreciate the feedback and support!

Update Log #39 (Mode Advancement, New Hanto Boss, Enchanted Bottomless Hanto, Twisted Akdall's Amulet, QOL & MORE)


Greetings Exorians,

As always thank you all for your support and feedback. We're closely listening and working on your suggestions! This update brings lots of new changes and additions, as well as QOL that the community has asked for.

For the endgame raiders; we're still working on raid invocations. It is a very large system and it has to be implemented the right way in order for it to work well with our current raid/grouping system. We're also gonna be testing it for a while before it gets released. So if you're interested in participating in the testing of invocations let me know via discord DM @bennie (yes just Bennie)

For those wondering about when Summer event ends. It'll be 1st of September. The next planned event is Halloween roughly mid/end of October.


We've improved our donation deals which includes new soulcages! Check out


Alright, let's get started on the update!


+ Mode Advancement
A new way of increasing your game mode to a higher level. We understand that newer players usually tend to pick a slightly worse game mode and eventually want to get to the King game mode. Often a choice you're stuck with from the beginning. 

You can now get to King mode from all ranks. So if you're baron mode you only have to advance once. If you're Sir you have to advance 3 times.

To start advancement you must reach maxed prestige, all 99 stats on the game mode you're on. The same goes for all modes if you want to advance.

Once you've advanced your prestige points/level will be set back to 0 and skills back to 1.

Note: Before you can Advance you must relock your prestige abilities.

To start advancement speak to the Prestige master and learn more about advancement. He'll give you a scroll you can use to start.


  + Dark Matter Vyrewatch
A new single boss! We wanted to add a new single boss for a while now, but the big concern is making it worth to do! As well as having its own unique drop. The vyrewatch is fairly tanky in terms of HP sitting at 32k. It is weakest to crush attacks, but can also be defeated with ranged or magic. It has phases where its either flying or standing, the flying phase is a bit stronger.

In order to attack or kill it you must first unlock the ability via Hanto. Once you have the ability unlocked you can attack it. It also has a superior version so you wont lose out on any essences! You can teleport to it by going to the dark matter cave or bosses > DM. vyrewatch.

Note: Since its a single boss, the vyrewatch can be instanced for 1.5m per kill.

  + Unique Drops
It drops the general dark matter gear and weaponry. However we've added a few unique drops which will be fairly useful!
    + Dark matter essence
       - Material required to forge the twisted akdall's amulet. (more info later on log)
    + Vyrewatch wing
       - Material to enchant the bottomless hanto potion (more info later on log) 


+ Twisted Akdall's Amulet
A new magic amulet with the same stats as twisted crystal amulet. However the only difference is it not consuming akdall's rune anymore. You can forge it at the Titan forge, at a 100% success rate.

   - Materials: Twisted crystal amulet, akdall's amulet, dark matter essence, x80 superior essence, x40 superior fury essence

+ Bottomless Hanto Potion (i)
You can now enchant the bottomless potion. To do so you require the Vyrewatch wing obtained from Dark Matter Vyrewatch.
To find out more information about bottomless potions and where to obtain the pieces check out our wiki here:

  + Benefits
     - Increased drop rate by 0.75%
     - Increased combat accuracy by 20%
     - Increased hitpoints by +250
     - 15% chance to apply DoT effect totalling 400 damage.
     - Duration: 15 minutes

+ Pet Storage
We're happy you guys like the pet storage update! We've added some more QOL to pet storage.
  - Pets that are dropped from monsters will now automatically go to your pet storage. It will no longer go to your bank.
  - Depositing pets in to your bank will automatically send it to your pet storage.

+ Sell-All Shopkeeper (CLIENT UPDATE REQUIRED)
You can now sell-all items (instead of having to do sell-x and inputting a number). We made a decision to not add a shift sell-all for now just incase people make mistakes. We'll probably add a toggle option for it when it comes.

A client update is required for this change. You can download the new client here: or use the Launcher to automatically update your client.

+ Soulcage Changes
  - Added lietrye horns to the lietrye soulcage.
  - Added argus plate to the argus soulcage.
  - Added faceless soul to the faceless soulcage.

+ Completionist/Trimmed Cape Changes
   + Completionist Cape

      - Added x400 Magma Reaver killcount. If you've already killed before the update it will count towards your requirement.
      - Added x400 Celestial Reaver killcount. If you've already killed before the update it will count towards your requirement.
   + Trimmed Cape
      - Added create x500 overload potions (3 or 4 doses)
      - Added create x200 aggression potions.
      - Added create x25 raid potions.
      - Added create x25 titan forge potions.

+ Changes
  - Added a ::stuck command for players that get stuck within undying vengeance raid. You can only use it once per raid. You'll spawn to the last checkpoint when used.
  - You can now attack superior monster when you're being attacked by other monsters in the area.
  - Added shadowstone ring to the shadow demon drop table.
  - Slightly lowered dark matter gorak attack bonuses and ranged style hit.
  - Lowered special attack hit of giant sea snake from x3 to x2.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with collection log monster slots not displaying all collections correctly.
  - Fixed an issue with danzig soulcage not counting for skill monsters correctly.
  - Fixed an issue with trading post slots counting buy offers.

+ Credit Shop
  - Added Vyrewatch wing to the Misc. category


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! We appreciate your support and feedback ❤️