Why Exora?

Exora 667 is a custom economy MMORPG aimed to bring a new MMORPG experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing MMORPG content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with bosses you've never encountered before.

Fight alongside your friends in raids to obtain high end rewards, enjoy our new skilling content with new tools and fish to catch, paired with mining new rocks and ores to create powerful enchantments and weapons!

Getting Started


Update Log #13 (Firelands, QOL, Bugfixes & More)

By Bennie

Hello Exorians,


First of I'd like to thank the community for sticking with Exora. I've been extremely busy irl and it's taken a lot of my time. Moving forward we're going to be doing more frequent updates. I have taken a look at loads of suggestions and we will definitely try to do as much as possible. Regarding the player count, player count has always been easy for me to obtain as that is my best ability. I'd like the players to relax and don't worry about player count. As long as you enjoy the game we have created that's all we need. We will commence our marketing campaign very soon. 


 Hope you guys will enjoy this update.



NOTE: In order to view the prayer overhead on npcs a new client is required. You can download the new client here: https://exora.io/play or simply run your launcher.



+ Firelands


Firelands is an area filled with fire type new custom made monsters. Being in the firelands unprotected will damage you and you will not be able to stay for long. To be able to stay in the firelands you will either need an ebonchill potion or equip an amulet of eternal fire. The firelands contains the following type of monsters; Gothmog (Boss), Balrog, Superior Tormented Demons, Fire Dragon, Infernal Spider. All firelands monsters have its respective pet in their drop table. (Including Adem and Chizemo :p)


To get to the Firelands, open global teleports > dungeons > Firelands.


Let's explain all the new content in Firelands!


+ Gothmog


Gothmog is the main boss of the Firelands. It is a multi boss, and top 5 most damage dealers will receive a drop. He deals regular melee damage, hits twice as fast and does double hits. While dealing damage to Gothmog, it will prayer against the most damaged combat style. At each attack Gothmog has a 10% chance to spawn a deadly volcano under the players in the area. To avoid getting damaged by volcanos players will need to move away from the volcano. At 50% hitpoints his brothers Adem and Chizemo will spawn. In order to continue killing Gothmog players will need to kill Adem and Chizemo. Adem deals magic damage, and Chizemo deals ranged damage. They also have the ability to spawn volcanos under the players, however their volcanos can be protected from.


Gothmog drops materials to create the Scorching Sword, Firey Scythe and more rares. To view drop table examine the boss.





+ Balrog


Similar to the Gothmog its combat is almost identical without the spawning of brothers. It of course deals less damage.

The balrogs can be found in the Firelands. It drops the scorching blade, firey rapier, amulet of eternal fire & more.




+ Superior Tormented Demons


These demons have a similar combat mechanics to regular tormented demons, however they deal more damage.

Superior tormented demons can be found at the Firelands. 

They drop the scorching handle and more goodies. 




+ Fire Dragon


Fire Dragons have a similar attack style to regular dragons, however it has a special attack which deals firelands damage.

The fire dragons drop the scorching hilt, infernal cape, infernal guard equipment and other goodies. 




+ Infernal Spider


The infernal spider is the strongest spider in Exora. Though the weakest monster in the firelands. Its drops are infernal hatchet, pickaxe and general supplies. 





+ Firelands Altar


In the Firelands the monsters have a chance of dropping firey ashes. Firey ashes can be sacrificed at the Firelands Altar in the middle of Firelands. Sacrificing your firey ashes will earn you high prayer experience and a chance of receiving one of the rares or general goodies in the Firelands (Including the Scorching Sword).


+ Ebonchill Potion


Ebonchill potion will protect you from the firelands damage. Each dose allows you to stay in the firelands for 5 minutes. 1 potion of 4 doses will allow you to stay for 20 minutes.

Ebonchill potion is created by using ebonchill shards on vial of water. Level 99 herblore is required. Ebonchill shards are obtained by killing ebonchill dragons.



+ Scorching Sword


The scorching sword hits twice as fast, and has a 100% chance of hitting twice and 25% chance of hitting 3 times. It has a special attack which damages the target overtime with firelands poison. It is obtained by titanforging scorching blade, hilt and handle.




+ Firey Scythe 


The firey scythe hits twice as fast as a regular scythe and hits twice each attack. It's second hit dealing 75% less damage, it also have a 10% chance of hitting 3 times. It has a special attack which deals firelands damage overtime. Firey Scythe can be swapped to a 1 handed version and vice versa for free.




+ Amulet of Eternal Fire


Amulet of eternal fire is obtained by monsters in the firelands or Gothmog. 

When equipped the amulet of eternal fire allows you to casts spells without the need of death and fire runes. It also boosts your magic bonus by +6. When in the firelands amulet of eternal fire will protect you from the firelands damage without the need of ebonchill potion.


+ Firey Rapier


Firey rapier is a fast hitting rapier dropped by Balrogs.


+ Scorching Materials


Scorching hilt, blade and handle is dropped by all monsters in the firelands including Gothmog. 

To create a scorching sword those 3 materials are required in order to titan forge it.



+ Bugfixes


- You are now able to decant your potions in your inventory.

- Scoria staff now requires 95 magic to equip.

- Fixed an issue where instances were not being deleted properly causing the server to lag.

- Fixed an issue where ;;estar would teleport you instantly when the star is in the wilderness. (It will now ask you to teleport if the star is in the wilderness.)

- Your achievement for smelting rune bars will now be tracked when doing the super heating spell.

- Fixed an issue with Zulrah being nulled the fuck out.

- Fixed an issue with kraken instance. Tentacles now do not count as kills.

- Fixed an issue with the well of goodwill.


+ Additions


- Skillers backpack a new cosmetic obtained from the achievements shop.

- You can now check kills left with your slayer helmets (Boss included).

- Wilderness Slayer now gives extra blood money per kill in the wilderness. You will only receive blood money from tasks from Sumona and Kuradal. It is also scaled with donator rank.

- You can now sell bulk items in the Auction House, in form of noted items.

- Nerfed the cut down time of all gemstone trees.

- Added a command ;;staff to view the staff members online.

- Vorago is not aggressive anymore to counter afking.

- Added infernal spiders and fire dragons to task scrolls.

- Balrogs are now a completionist cape requirement.

- Gothmogs are now a completionist cape requirement.

- Your total drop rate bonus is now view-able through the quest tab.



Thank you all for playing Exora!


For our next update we're looking to create a very unique clanning system, that allows for clan bossing & more features. If you guys have any suggestions regarding that, feel free to let us know!

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Update Log #12 (New Donator Zone, Well of Goodwill, QOL)

By Bennie

Note: In order for the log out issue to be fixed, a new client is required. Download here: https://exora.io/play

or just simply load your launcher.


Hello Exorians,


It's been a while! We've been working on future content, and preparations for our upcoming big content update.

This update is something we're doing in between so you guys get some new fresh content.


In the update:

Monster Spawner for Immortal Rank

Master Zone (Master + Donator Zone)

Well of Goodwill

Skilling Additions



+ Master Zone

We've received lots of suggestions regarding higher tiered donator zone.
The master zone contains high level skilling, high level slayer monsters and other general objects, npcs.

With the master zone we're also bringing a new benefit for Immortals to spawn their own monster.


How it looks:





+ Monster Spawner

Immortals will now be able to spawn their own monster. The monster spawner object is located north of the master zone, past the hunter area.

There are 3 objects, and the monster spawner is limited to 2 users each spawner.





+ Well of Goodwill

To keep the economy better stable regarding cash, we decided to bring the well of goodwill to Exora. 

The well of goodwill accepts un noted bill bags, each bill bag increases both the skill experience and drop rate by 5% and 0.1% for 30 minutes. We may change the time and amount to donate for the bonus in the future.

The bonus experience and drop rate take extra bonuses in to account.

The well of goodwill is located south-east of home.





+ Skilling Additions

- You are now able to create bolt tips by using a chisel on a cut gem.

- You are now able to create amulet of fury, or amulet of glory. The creation of those items work the same as osrs.

- Added impling hunter. Implings now spawn every 15 minutes up to 5 implings per spawnings/region.


+ Additions

- Added a kill counter to instances. You are now able to check what kill you are on.

- New rank benefit, boss tasks now give extra coins per kill. (Extra reward on completion is still awarded).

- Added a way to see your current drop rate in the quest tab.

- Added a ;;pricelist command which leads you to: 


- Armadyl runes are now obtainable from Glacors.

- Armadyl runes are purchasable from the runes shop.


- Scoria weaponry price has been changed in the webstore from $350, to $500.


- Added scoria staff, the new best in-slot magic staff.

The best in-slot magic staff. Each attack has a 50% chance of hitting 3 times. The difference from other scoria weaponry is  that, if the scoria effect is proced, you the hits will not be less than the original damage, rather it will copy the original damage of the hit. Example: Hit an NPC for 1000, with scoria effect you hit 3000. The damage will not be halved.



+ Changes

- Lowered Tormented the Bloodchiller healing.

- Abyssal Horror is now passive.

- Titanite set now has a 0.5% increased drop rate.

- Titanite pieces now has increased hitpoints bonus. (Kiteshield included).

- Buffed rare rewards of raids.

- Seismic wand now hits as fast as tormented.

- Enabled toxic crossbow in the wilderness.

- Titanite sword success rate on titanforge has been increased to 50%.

- Enabled defenders in the wilderness.

- Buffed amount morchella mushrooms and fellstalk potion (unf) dropped from monsters.

- Picking up a pet is now the 2nd option.

- Buffed molten cape.

- Blurite ores are now able to be noted.



+ Bugfixes

- Fixed an issue with donator rank mixed with ironman regarding yell timers.

- Fixed an issue with soulsplit draining your prayer too quickly when attacking players/monsters.

- Fixed an issue where logging out would take too long and freezing the client for a minute. (new client is required for fix).

- Fixed an issue with a hard task, where it said 'mine adamant bars'. It will now say smelt adamant bars.

- Fixed an issue with achievement burying not working with altars.

- Fixed an issue not being able to drop demonic gorilla pet.

- Fixed an issue with King Black Scorpion requirement.

- Fixed an issue where if you have had a stackable item in your inventory, and it was full it would say not enough inventory space. You will now be able to pick it up.

- Fixed an issue with not being able to sell Ornate Katana to the general shop.


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Last Man Standing Minigame


Hello Exorians!

A lot of people have been asking about some pvp content and we thought we can bring in last man standing minigame with cool rewards. Tell us what do you all think?

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