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Exora 667 is a custom economy RSPS aimed to bring a new Runescape Private Server experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing Runescape content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with monsters you've never encountered before.

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Why Exora?

Exora 667 is a custom economy MMORPG aimed to bring a new MMORPG experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing MMORPG content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with bosses you've never encountered before.

Fight alongside your friends in raids to obtain high end rewards, enjoy our new skilling content with new tools and fish to catch, paired with mining new rocks and ores to create powerful enchantments and weapons!

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game news and announcements

Update Log #14 (SkillMaster Durzag, Wildwood Dungeon, Revamped Preset, Shoulder Pets, New Donator Rank & ALOT MORE!)


Greetings Exorians,

Today we'll bring you a massive update we've been working on. It introduces a lot of new content, general changes and fixes. I'd like to thank you all for supporting Exora. We will keep at it and bring you great updates. Grab some popcorn, or get a coffee because it'll be a very long update log! Let's get started.


Before we get started on the new update, I'd like to announce a new rule change:
Raids: You will no longer be allowed to raid with alt accounts in the same raid. However you may raid with alts on separate raids. Incase of confusion. You can not be in the same party as your alt account!


+ Skillmaster Durzag

We've wanted to bring in skilling related content for a while now. Currently we have had a few skilling updates, but not enough. We're introducing new skilling content slowly but surely. This is our first step towards it. The skill master, durzag is a master of skilling. Players can receive skilling related tasks from durzag. You may choose which tier of tasks you wish to receive. However in order to be able to get master tasks you'll have to complete a certain amount of easy, medium and hard tasks. Once you complete a task you'll be given skill points. Which you can then use to purchase from durzag's shop. Similar to slayer, he has a learn-ability shop and a regular shop. You'll be able to reset your task for free every 12 hours. However that will reset your skill streak. To track how long you've got left for your free reset simply go to your quest tab and then click on "skill task". Which will let you know about your current task progress, streak and time left until your free reset.

- Point distribution
   - Easy
     - Random between 4-7 skill points.
   - Medium
     - Random between 7-11 skill points.
   - Hard
     - Random between 18-25 skill points.
   - Master
     - Random between 30-45 skill points.

- How it works:

  1. First speak to Skillmaster Durzag. (He's behind the skill zone bank) Alternatively you can use global teleports > general > skillmaster
  2. Ask for a task.
  3. Choose a task tier
  4. You now have a skilling task!


+ Durzag's Shop

You'll be able to spend your skill points in Durzag's shop. He has a lot of variety of what you can go for. To access Durzag's shop, speak to him and ask him to show his shop. Here's a list of what Durzag has in his shop.

  + Ability Learn Shop
     + Hot Hands
       - Increases the rate at which you mine rocks, cut logs and catch fish by 10%
       - 150 Skill Points
     + Wise Words
       - Permanently increases your XP gained by 10% Not limited by any game mode.
       - 200 Skill Points
     + Animal Whisperer
       - Permanently increases your chance at obtaining a skilling pet by 10%.
       - 75 Skill Points
     + Mad Alchemist
       - 5% chance to create a supreme overload potion, while creating regular overload potions.
       - 175 Skill Points
     + Galactic Rocks
       - 5% chance to mine a galactic rock from the Elemental Star
       - 250 Skill Points
     + Lucky Find
       - Increases the rate at which you find task scrolls by 10%
       - 150 Skill Points
     + Lucky Find 2
       - Increases the drop rate of rare items by +2% from all task scrolls.
       - 250 Skill Points
     + Durzag's Best Friend
       - Durzag will now give you additional rewards per completed skill task. 1-5M coins, 4-8 skill points.
       - 350 Skill Points
     + Ready Player One
       - Increases Lietrye & Argus drop rate by +1% when killing them by yourself. (SOLO RAIDS)
       - 500 Skill Points
     + Genius Genie
       - Permanently increases XP gained from cinder lamps by +30%.
       - 300 Skill Points
     + Safe Cracker
       - Allows you to crack safe boxes around Exora, filled with valuable loot and the special alchemizer.
       - 100 Skill Points

  + Item Shop
     + Durzag's Crystal
        - Instantly complete your task scroll when clicking collect. Note: This does not work for elite task scrolls.
     + Cinder lamps
        - Grants experience on a chosen skill.
     + Prayer Totem (tr)
        - 5% chance to reward you with +50% more experience on any offered bones to the altar.
     + Deep Sea (tr)
        - Invulnerable to the underwater poison when worn.
     + Miner's Jewel (tr)
        - Gain a +10% chance of mining double the ores.
     + Fisherman (tr)
        - Gain a +10% chance of catching double the fish.

Let's explain some of the items/benefits.

   + Durzag's Crystal
There is no requirement to purchase this item - it can be purchased for 40 points. It will automatically complete your task scroll once you press on the collect button. Your crystal will be consumed.

   + Supreme Overloads
The mad alchemist ability allows you to create supreme overloads. When you create regular overloads you'll have a chance at receiving them. The supreme overload acts as a regular overload, however it increases your stats by +27, lasts for 8 minutes and reduces incoming damage.

   + Galactic Rocks
When you've learned the galactic rocks ability, you'll be able to mine them from the Elemental Star at a 5% chance rate. The big rocks give increased elemental chunks. Simply use a chisel (or lunar) on the galactic rock. It will give you 2-6 elemental chunks. Lunar, of course may give additional chunks.

   + Safe Box Cracking
Once you've learned the ability safe cracker. You may open up safes around Exora. There are 3 total safes which are player-based, similar to farming patches. You'll need lvl. 61 thieving in order to crack them, and you may fail when trying to crack them. However you'll be able to open them regardless, even if you fail. Safe boxes reset every 5 minutes. Completing a safe-box route will grant you increased thieving experience. 

Opening a safe box will give you various loots/skilling supplies and guaranteed 500-750k coins, loose springs when opening. You may also receive pieces of the auto alchemizer, which will be further explained down below.

Here's how it works:

   + Auto Alchemizer
The auto alchemizer is similar to the drop catcher, however instead of picking up drops for you, it auto sells the item to the general shop, for increased value, by 25%. So an item you'd generally sell to the shop for 10m, you'd get 12.5m. You'll be able to add items, like the drop catcher to the auto alchemizer. Be careful of adding rare items by accident though! The auto alchemizer can hold up to 1000 charges. In order to recharge the auto alchemizer you must use loose springs on it.

The pieces of the auto alchemizer can be obtained from safe boxes at a low rate. There are the following pieces:
  - Alchemizer gearbox
  - Alchemizer funnel tube
  - Alchemizer blast-shaft


+ Wildwood Dungeon

We wanted to make the gear progression a bit more streamlined, for all of the combat skills. We noticed there was a lack of accessories/equipment when reaching certain point of the game. The Wildwood dungeon serves as a way to narrow the gap between gear jumps in terms of armor and accessories. The dungeon consists of 3 monsters. Which are the loreroot fungal, grovewarden snake and the lichwood stag. Of course all the Wildwood monsters may also drop the wildwood mystery box, and monster materials. You may also receive them as a slayer task from masters on and above Chaeldar. When on task its superior version can spawn.

In order to access the Wildwood dungeon, simply go to global teleports > dungeons > Wildwood dungeon

  + Lichwood stag
    - The lichwood stag drops melee equipment and accessories. It is weak to magic attacks, and has high ranged and melee defence bonuses.
  + Grovewarden snake
    - The grovewarden snake drops ranged equipment and accessories. It is weak to melee attacks, and has high magic and ranged defence bonuses.
  + Loreroot fungal
    - The loreroot fungal drops magic equipment and accessories. It is weak to ranged attacks, and has high magic and melee defence bonuses.

+ Wildwood Equipment
   + Lichwood Equipment
  + Grovewarden Equipment
+ Loreroot Equipment


+ Preset Manager
Our old preset system was very outdated. As it was coded years ago, we had been using it ever since. We decided to give it a complete revamp. Previously you were only able to create 2 presets maximum. You'll now be able to create 6 presets, depending on your donator rank. All players though, will have at least one preset slot, no matter the rank.

How it works:

1. Access the preset manager via the preset button in the bank interface.
2. Select a preset slot.
3. To save a preset you'll simply have to click the "save preset" button. That will save both inventory and equipment. If you wish to save only equipment, or only inventory, you may do so by right clicking the 'save preset' button. 
4. Once saved you'll be able to set a new for your preset.
5. Done! You now have a preset.

What if you want to remove a preset? You can click the settings button next to your preset slot, right click and clear the preset. You can also edit the name of your preset.



+ Attendance Rewards
We want to reward players for playing Exora! From now on you'll receive hourly rewards up to 5 hours. They reset every 24 hours. You can access the attendance reward interface via the check-in chest. The check-in chest now has 2 options, the daily roll reward and the attendance reward.



+ Battle Pets

With new updates come new pets and battle pet equipment! Here's a list of new equipment and pets.

 + Battle Pet Equipment
   + Ring of Demon
      - Pet Lvl. 25, +65 Attack, +25 Defence, +65 Strength, +140 Special damage, +1% SP attack
      - Forge: x1 Ring of Ember, x15 Omni plates
      - Success Rate: 50%
   + Eternal Pet Armor
      - Pet Lvl. 40, +0.6% drop rate, +100 attack, +96 defence, +100 strength, +6% special attack, +250 special damage.
      - Forge: x1 Calamity Armor, x40 Eternal plates, x50 superior essence, x500 lava bars
      - Success Rate: 100%
      - Eternal plates can be obtained by breaking Orthite, Nebula and Titanite equipment.

+ Battle Pet Additions
   + Ceres Pet (New credit shop pet)
     - Stats: +1.25% drop rate, +84 attack, +90 defence, +90 strength, +12% special attack, +325 special damage, x3 hits
   + Lichwood Stag Pet
   + Loreroot Fungal Pet
   + Grovewarden Snake Pet


+ Shoulder Pets
Since the Faceless King has a shoulder pet, we decided to add the lietrye and argus shoulder pet, they'll now be in their respective drop table as a rare reward. They'll also be obtainable via soulcages. We have also made some slight changes to the other shoulder pets.

  + New Shoulder Pets
     + Argus F*
        - Benefits: Increases drop rate by +3%, heals 175-200 HP and restores prayer by 125-175 every 7 seconds.
        - Obtainable: Argus Raids, Argus Soulcage, Credit Shop
     + Lietrye F*
        - Benefits: Increases drop rate by +2.25%, heals 135-160HP and restores prayer by 100-125 every 9 seconds.
        - Obtainable: Lietrye Raids, Lietrye Soulcage, Credit Shop
   + Shoulder Pet Changes
      - Adjusted Hellcat F* drop rate from 2% to 1.75%
      - Slightly adjusted shoulder pet stats of Hellcat F* and above.
      - Faceless F* now has a different color graphics around the player.



+ Eternal Donator Rank

A new donator rank! Eternal rank is a rank that comes in at $5k total. To view the eternal donator rank benefits simply go to the store on the website and click 'donator benefits'. We're still working on more benefits for donator ranks. 

+ Credit Shop

New changes and additions to the credit shop!

+ Credit Shop Additions
   + Ceres Battle Pet
      - Cost: 3499 Credits
   + Argus F*
      - Cost: 4899 Credits
   + Lietrye F*
      - Cost: 2999 Credits
   + Auto Alchemizer
      - Cost: 1499 Credits
      - Also completes collection log pieces when purchasing via the Credit Shop
   + Imbue Scroll (e)
      - Cost: 549 Credits
      - Allows you to imbue the ring of wealth (e) on dragonic, poison claw or crystal ring.
      - Ring of wealth (e) and the imbue scroll (e) will be consumed.

+ Credit Shop Changes
    - Removed golden santa pet from the credit shop.
    - Lowered the price of Snail F* from 1099 credits to 999 credits.
    - Lowered the price of Golem F* from 1899 to 1499 credits.
    - Lowered the price of Hellcat F* from 2899 to 2199 credits.


+ General Additions
  - You'll now be able to imbue the ring of wealth (e) to dragonic, poison claw or crystal rings. It requires a row(e) and imbue scroll.
  - Added 'Safe Box Cracker' to achievements from easy to elite.
  - Added 'Skill Task' achievement from easy to elite.
  - Added trimmed completionist cape requirement: Durzag's Crystal used x100
  - Added trimmed completionist cape requirement: Safe box cracked x300
  - Added trimmed completionist cape requirement: Galactic rocks cut x75
  - Added a battle pass task to complete skill tasks of any tier.
  - Added a daily task to complete a durzag task, of any tier.
  - Added teak & mahogany tree in the skilling zone (woodcutting area)

+ General Changes
  - Titanite sword chance to double hit has been increased from 30% to 40%.
  - Scorching sword chance to double hit has been lowered from 35% to 30%.
  - Buffed scoria sword overall attack/strength bonuses.
  - Buffed sea-dweller magic damage bonus %
  - Buffed twilight crossbow and its off-hand significantly
  - Slightly buffed nomade and nomadi amulet bonuses.
  - Buffed poison claw ring ranged bonuses.
  - Buffed crystal ring magic bonuses.
  - Buffed dragonic gloves melee bonuses.
  - Buffed crystal gloves magic bonuses.
  - Lowered immortal rank drop rate from 2.5% to 2%
  - All raids will now heal the player and restore everything once completing a raid.
  - You will now be able to use other darts on the toxic blowpipe.
  - Lietrye pet special will now longer freeze Argus for 5 seconds, instead 1 second.
  - You will now be notified what type of curse has hit you via game message at the Faceless King.
  - Increased the rate at which you gain enchanted gems from gem trees.
  - Item gambling has been disabled.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with Argus dissappearing.
  - Fixed an issue with the elemental heirloom not healing the player.
  - Fixed an issue with Queue on raids.
  - Fixed an issue with ragnos' backpack not picking up dravonic, ebon monster parts.
  - Fixed an issue with being able to gain XP while doing no damage on certain monsters, such as the faceless mobs.
  - Fixed an issue with the tutorial still showing the old event viewer.
  - Fixed an issue with the friendschat not being able to see your own or others messages. (Finally)


Thank you all for taking the time to read this update log. Bless my fingers for typing so fast, and not giving up on me! Love you all ❤️ If you guys have any suggestions, do let me know! I regularly check discord suggestions. Good luck & have fun grinding the new update!

Christmas 2021 Event Ends!


Greetings Exorians,


Thank you all for participating in the Christmas Event! From today all christmas related in-game activities are coming to an end. Candies and relevant items will still work. And you may open the christmas shop via the command ::xmasshop


Thank you again!

Exora's Christmas Sale!


Greetings Exorians,


To celebrate Christmas. We'll be giving away coupon codes, with limited uses.
These will be the last coupon codes until the next holidays.

  - XMAS40
    - Percentage Discount: 40%
    - Code uses: 5
  - XMAS30
    - Percentage Discount: 30%
    - Code uses: 10

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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