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Exora 667 is a custom economy RSPS aimed to bring a new Runescape Private Server experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing Runescape content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with monsters you've never encountered before.

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Why Exora?

Exora 667 is a custom economy MMORPG aimed to bring a new MMORPG experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing MMORPG content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with bosses you've never encountered before.

Fight alongside your friends in raids to obtain high end rewards, enjoy our new skilling content with new tools and fish to catch, paired with mining new rocks and ores to create powerful enchantments and weapons!

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game news and announcements

Mini Log #5 (Easter Event Ends, New Weaponry, Exo, Changes)


Greetings Exorians,

Quick little update to end the Easter Event. Thank you all for participating. Anything to do with Easter event has been disabled, except for equipment and food items. If you wish to spend your tokens then you may do so by using the command ::eastershop

This update also brings a few changes to the beginner gear, new weaponry additions for the beginner tier, and exo point changes.


+ Beginner Changes

For beginners it is a bit harder to level combat styles such as ranged and magic. Due to the fact that you don't receive a beginner bow and staff. We've made it so any new player start with a beginner bow, staff and bow. Allowing them to sufficiently level their combat styles until it runs out.

Existing players can claim these beginner weaponry by using the command ::collectbeginner

We've also made changes to the amount of charges a beginner weapon contains. Previously it was 2500 charges, while that is do-able, beginners ran out of charges far too quickly, without having their next upgrade.

These are the following beginner charges changes:

+ Sir Mode
  - 5000 Charges
+ Lord Mode
  - 5000 Charges
+ Baron Mode
  - 7500 Charges
+ King Mode
  - 10000 Charges


+ Exo Point Changes

Exo point was too heavily focused on completing Achievements. We're taking the first steps on increasing overall exo point gain via monster kills, task scrolls and a new way of obtaining exo points via Raids. This should make it a bit easier to grind exo points.

 + Exo Point Gain Per Monster Killed
     + Monster Combat Level Below 60
        - From 1 exo point per kill increased to 8 per kill.
     + Monster Combat Level From 60 to 100
        - From 4 exo points per kill increased to 16 per kill.
     + Monster Combat Level Above 100
        - From 8 exo points per kill increased to 32 per kill.

 + Task scroll Exo Point Gain
     + Easy Task Scroll

        - From 750 to 1250 exo points.
     + Medium Task Scroll
        - From 1250 to 2000 exo points.
     + Hard Task Scroll
        - From 2000 to 3000 exo points.
     + Elite Task Scroll
        - From 3000 to 4500 exo points.

 + Raid Exo Point Gain
     + Lietrye Raid

        - 125 exo points per run completed.
     + Argus Raid
        - 150 exo points per run completed.
     + Faceless Raid
        - 150 exo points per run completed.

 + Exo Weaponry
We've added new Exo weaponry allowing a beginner player to get to an upgrade more quickly. We've also reduced the prices of Exo weaponry significantly.

- Exo Weaponry price reduced from 12500 to 7500 Exo Points.

We'll also be making some much needed changes to the Exo shop in the following updates.


+ Power Charge Changes
The power charge magic spell is a bit too strong. We've made some base changes to the spell. We'll be adjusting the spell as we update.

  - Power charge charge stack has been increased from 8 consecutive hits to 10 for power charge special attack.
  - Power charge internal special attack cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  - Lowered base damage of power charge from 300 base damage + magic bonus to 150 base damage + magic bonus

+ Changes
  - Lowered lucky pickaxe equip requirement to lvl. 1 attack.
  - Added a deposit bank box to the mining zone, in skilling zone.
  - Significantly reduced the respawn timer of Gothmog.
  - Lowered master task forge requirements for Hunter.
  - Lowered enchanted dragonstone dust required for hunter forge materials.
  - Lowered 'feast' titan forge dust requirements.
  - Lowered 'feast' forge master task quantity.
  - There will now be an announcement if less than 10 votes are required to spawn the vote boss.


Thank you for playing Exora. If you have any suggestions or reports, feel free to let us know.

Mini Log #4 (Prestige Changes, Enchantment of Demon & More)


Greetings Exorians,

We're just doing a quick little update with changes to prestige, and other misc. changes. Not a big update, we need some more time for our grouping revamp. Once we have that done we can do lots more grouping related content, such as new raids, grouped instances and more.


Note: Easter event will be ending very soon! Make sure to grab your rewards while you can, and spend those tokens!
Another note: We'll be extending double XP until the end of sunday. So get your prestige grind in while you can! 🙂


+ Prestige

You will now receive 0.10% extra increased drop rate per prestige.
Maxing prestige to 20 will give an additional 0.50% drop rate

Prestige interface will now show your current additional drop rate and next additional drop rate per prestige



+ World Boss Changes

- Due to newer players not being able to receive drops from world bosses (because not enough damage) we decided to lower the required damage from 250 to 50 for all world bosses. This allows newer players to get some drops, and also participate in our world boss mass events.
- Hardcore ironmen will no longer lose status when they die to world bosses, the exception being riptide strykewyrm. Hardcore players may now actually make use of the world bosses!


+ Enchantment of Demon

A new pet scroll enchantment. The demon enchantment scroll allows you to deal 25% more damage to demon-type monsters. It works against any monster which has 'demon' in their name.

It requires pet lvl. 12 to equip to your pet. 

The enchantment of demon is dropped by Kr'il tsutsaroth.


+ Changes
   - Buffed gothmog's spine drop rate at Gothmog
   - Significantly buffed vial of blood drop rate for all superior monsters.
   - Buffed twilight crossbow additional hit effect from 10% chance to 20%.
   - Changed noted items in the raid rewards chest to their regular version.
   - Lowered gothmog pet drop rate.
   - You can now purchase regular dragon bolts from the range shop.
   - Toxic bolts must now be made with regular dragon bolts, instead of the enchanted (e) version.
   - Lowered bottomless prayer renewal credit price.
   - Discontinued cosmetic boss shoulder pets. (Graardor F*, Kree'ara F*, Zilyana F*,  K'rill F*)
   - Buffed dragonic gloves.


We'd also like to take this time to show-off a custom request for the user @Barzini It's still a WIP but here it is:



If you're interested feel free to send me a private message!


Thank you for playing Exora. We've got the best community! More exciting updates coming soon 🙂

Update Log #20 (Raid Tokens, Infinite Prayer Renewal, Twisted Accessories, QOL & More)


Greetings Exorians,

Today we'll bring you lots of QOL changes, twisted accessories, the infinite prayer renewal and lots more! I'd like to take this time to let everyone know that the Easter Event will be ending on the 16th of May. So make sure to get your goodies from the Easter event!

The donation coupon event is also ending on the 16th of May. Get your discounts while they're still up! (Codes have been reset) Read more here: 

Let's get to the update!


+ Raid Tokens

Lots of players have suggested we add raid tokens, so that raiders may get an additional chance at obtaining a rare reward from Raids content. We agree with that, thus we've added Raid Tokens.

Raid tokens can be obtained by completing any raid. Each raid has its own raid token, for example the Argus raid has its Argus raid token. Every one raid that you complete, will net you one raid token. Collect 100 raid tokens to craft a raids chest.

Raids chests contain the raid drop table from their own respective raid. This includes the extremely rare rewards. However raid tokens and raid chests can not be traded or sold via the trading post.


Note: Players that already have a killcount from any raid, will receive 20% of their killcount in raid tokens retroactively. You will receive your tokens automatically when you first login.


+ Twisted Accessories

We wanted to give the twisted crystal more uses other than upgrading the horn boots. You can now use twisted crystals to upgrade the following accessories: Dragonic, Crystal and Poison claw. You may also upgrade the imbued version of these rings. So don't worry about a wasted imbue drop rate scroll!

Each of these twisted accessories will give you a set effect. These are the following set effects:

+ Crystal (Twisted)
   - Increased drop rate by +1% against the Bloodchiller.
+ Dragonic (Twisted)
   - Increased drop rate by +1% against the Warmonger.
+ Poison Claw (Twisted)
   - Increased drop rate by +1% against the Earthbreaker.



+ Bottomless Prayer Renewal

Yes, it's finally here. Time to finish the full set of the bottomless potions! The bottomless prayer renewal allows you to drink it infinitely without any doses. However it is extremely hard to obtain. The bottomless overload pieces focused on monster drops, and the brew focused on skilling. The renewal will be a bit of both. Here's how to obtain them:

+ Hellside imp horns
  - Low chance of receiving when catching hellside imps.
+ Gothmog's spine
  - Rare drop from Gothmog multi boss.
+ Vial of blood
  - Rare drop from superior slayer monsters.

After obtaining the materials head down to the titan forge to forge the bottomless prayer renewal.



+ Skill Task Addition

We've added a new skill task ability! This one is for the end-game players that want to grind for a valuable ability.

  + Elite Durzag
     - Allows you to use durzag's crystal on elite task scrolls.
     - Requirements: Must have Lucky find 1 and 2 learned.
     - Cost: 5000 points.


+ Drop catcher - QOL

We know that it is very annoying to fill your inventory in order to send items to the bank. We've added a new right click option that allows you to send items directly to your bank, without having a full inventory. Simply right click your drop catcher and press "toggle". This can be turned on and off at will.


+ Bank Placeholders - QOL

You'll now be able to remove and add a placeholder with the 'always set placeholder' function on. Previously you weren't able to remove individual placeholders if that function was enabled. 


+ Trading Post - QOL

We know it has been time consuming for 'rich' players to deposit large amounts of cash to the trading post. As previously it only accepted coin deposits. We've now made it so you can deposit bill bags to the trading post. The option to deposit bill bags will only appear if you have bill bags in your inventory.


+ Task scroll Reward Changes

We've done some changes to the elite task scroll, as their rare rewards were very lackluster. We've also removed some of the drops since they were extremely bad.

  + Removals
     - Dinh's gilded set
     - Tormented weaponry
     - Tormented wings
     - Armadyl wings
     - Sled
     - Golden octo
  + Additions
Rare pool:
     - Miner's jewel trinket
     - Fisherman trinket
     - Prayer totem
     - Combat trinkets
Super rare pool:
     - Neon pieces
     - Dark lord pieces
     - Solari pieces

*Elite task scroll collection log has been updated.


+ Raids Reward Changes

Raids was already in a decent spot when it came to rewards, however it was not enough for what that type of content. The rewards lacked supplies and general consumables that may help you in your gameplay. We've added lots of new exciting misc. rewards to all of the current raids. To view the rewards simply examine the raids chest when you're in a raid.


+ Safe Box Reward Changes
   - Increased the quantity of higher tier skill materials.
   - Added monster mystery box t1 and 2 to the reward table.
   - Added lava bars to the safe box reward table.

+ Collection log
   - Added legendary mystery box collection log.
   - Added legendary mystery box collection log completion reward.
   - Added Gothmog collection log.


+ Changes
   - You can now lock your combat XP gain via the command ::lockcombatxp
   - Buffed world boss rare drop rates. (Was already updated last week)
   - Lowered khaashee/easter dragon damage output.
   - Lowered gem stone hatchet woodcutting requirement to lvl. 15
   - Lowered infernal guard defence requirement to lvl. 55
   - Lowered exo sword attack requirement from 70 to 62.
   - Lowered scorpian wand requirements from 65 to 45.
   - Removed HP requirement from dragonic/crystal/poison claw accessories.
   - Significantly reduced the strength stat of dragonic gloves.
   - Increased ranged strength stat of poison claw gloves.
   - Increased magic bonus stat of crystal gloves.
   - Reduced the strength stat of goliath gloves.
   - Added range strength stat to swift gloves.
   - Added magic bonus stat to spellcaster gloves.
   - Removed range and magic attack bonuses from amulet of dragonic.
   - Significantly buffed twilight crossbow.
   - Significantly buffed off-hand twilight crossbow.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with shift-drop action remaining on client, when alt-tabbing your screen. (New client required)
  - Fixed an issue with trimmed sea completionist cape not applying double clue rewards.


+ Credit Shop
  - Added bottomless prayer renewal to the credit shop for 9999 credits.


As always, thank you for supporting Exora. Hope you guys enjoy the update! Good luck & Have fun!


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