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  1. Having been to PLENTY of servers... from seeing spongebob with an AK47, rock crabs that have infinite health, or NPCs that just don't work. NOW THIS is a server I can invest my time and maybe money into. It's refreshing to play a server that isn't completely loaded with players that over saturate the auction house with items that are almost unachievable without investing months of time and stress to just be able to play the server how it was intended, while also not having players SCREAM at all times BEGGING you to come gamble all of your precious l00t. I plan to grow within this server and encourage others to join us! I want to make as many friends as I can and enjoy the ride with you. If you see me in game feel free to say what's up because I plan to be here for a while. Here's some things ive enjoyed seeing in the server thus far. Cheers! -Beebs BIG SHOUTOUT TO MY MAN IRON ACE FOR BEING MY MENTOR AS A FRESH SPAWN AND SHOWING ME THE ROPES! ❤️
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