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Update Log #48 (Battle Pass Season 17, Sacrifice Changes, Sacrifice Additions & MORE!)


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Greetings Exorians,

Time for another update! This one will bring some new additions to Sacrificing, some level requirement reductions and more items to sacrifice.
We'll also release the new battle pass season! We're already at season 17!

Let's get to the update.


New deals will be ending on the 15th of May, make sure to grab your deal while you can! You can find it here:


+ Sacrificing Additions
We noticed there were some items lacking for Sacrificing, so we are adding a few new things to Sacrificing. Should help you boost your points and XP up.

 + Sacrificial Imp Pet
   - A new skilling pet, low chance to obtain from Sacrificing.
   - 10% increased sacrificing XP when pet is equipped.

 + Enchantment of Sacrificing
   - A new pet enchantment. Required lvl. 26 to equip and is obtained from the very rare+ drop tables.
   - 2.5% increased sacrifice points gained.

 + Mysterious hand trinket
   - A new trinket for sacrificing. It is obtained from very rare+ drop tables and credit shop.
   - 10% increased chance to receive a material from sacrificing.

+ Sacrificing Changes
You can now sacrifice all your battle pets. Ranging from low to high value. If you sacrifice a pet that has a level on it, the level will stay, and will come back when you receive the same pet again.

We've also reduced some items' level requirements, and points.

  + Level Reductions
    - Lowered horn boots req to 63.
    - Lowered strider wings req to 63.
    - Lowered crystallic weaponry to 65.
    - Lowered tormented weaponry to 59 & 61
    - Lowered exorian wings to 48
    - Lowered dravonic equipment to 55
    - Lowered shadowscale to 57
    - Lowered nomad to 54.
    - Lowered dark matter weaponry to 82
    - Lowered monster handaxe to 61
    - Lowered monster hunter shield to 55

+ Point Changes
    - Lowered point value of horn boots to 3000
    - Lowered crystallic point value to 1500
    - Lowered tormented weaponry to 1250
    - Lowered dravonic equipment to 1000
    - Lowered shadowscale to 1000
    - Lowered infernal guard to 60
    - Lowered nomad amulets to 750.
    - Lowered wildwood to 400
    - Lowered chaotic weaponry to 250
    - Lowered monster hunter shield to 1250

+ Danzig's Plates
You can now obtain danzig's plates by using a hammer on your skill pet. This function works on all combat specific skill pets, including event skill pets. This means that pets obtained from general skilling cannot be broken down at the moment.

 + Danzig's Skilling Pets
   - x12 plates
 + Regular Event Skill Pets
   - x15 plates
 + Brimstone Bear
   - x40 plates
 + Golden Skill Pets
   - x50 plates
 + Golden Brimstone Bear
   - x125 plates

+ General Changes
  - You will now automatically join the help chat, if you are not in any friends chat. (upon relog).
  - Increased the size of the easter egg hunt npc.
  - Renamed the Collector heirloom to drop booster.
  - Fixed an issue with the Hanto's bracelets equip model.

+ Credit Shop
  - Added Mysterious hand trinket to the credit shop for 599 credits.

+ Battle Pass Season 17
We have a spicy season! This one contains 2 easter fail-safe tickets, 1 superior fail-safe, polychrome pet, lietrye soulcage and a lot more!

If you're new and unsure how battle pass works in exora, check out our guide here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_Pass

Let's check out our seasonal battle pass set! The "Bluebone" set.

We also have a new back item, the Galactic wings!


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update. It's a fairly short one, but lots of cool changes and additions!

Good luck & have fun ❤️

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