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Update Log #39 (Mode Advancement, New Hanto Boss, Enchanted Bottomless Hanto, Twisted Akdall's Amulet, QOL & MORE)


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Greetings Exorians,

As always thank you all for your support and feedback. We're closely listening and working on your suggestions! This update brings lots of new changes and additions, as well as QOL that the community has asked for.

For the endgame raiders; we're still working on raid invocations. It is a very large system and it has to be implemented the right way in order for it to work well with our current raid/grouping system. We're also gonna be testing it for a while before it gets released. So if you're interested in participating in the testing of invocations let me know via discord DM @bennie (yes just Bennie)

For those wondering about when Summer event ends. It'll be 1st of September. The next planned event is Halloween roughly mid/end of October.


We've improved our donation deals which includes new soulcages! Check outhttps://exora.io/deals


Alright, let's get started on the update!


+ Mode Advancement
A new way of increasing your game mode to a higher level. We understand that newer players usually tend to pick a slightly worse game mode and eventually want to get to the King game mode. Often a choice you're stuck with from the beginning. 

You can now get to King mode from all ranks. So if you're baron mode you only have to advance once. If you're Sir you have to advance 3 times.

To start advancement you must reach maxed prestige, all 99 stats on the game mode you're on. The same goes for all modes if you want to advance.

Once you've advanced your prestige points/level will be set back to 0 and skills back to 1.

Note: Before you can Advance you must relock your prestige abilities.

To start advancement speak to the Prestige master and learn more about advancement. He'll give you a scroll you can use to start.


  + Dark Matter Vyrewatch
A new single boss! We wanted to add a new single boss for a while now, but the big concern is making it worth to do! As well as having its own unique drop. The vyrewatch is fairly tanky in terms of HP sitting at 32k. It is weakest to crush attacks, but can also be defeated with ranged or magic. It has phases where its either flying or standing, the flying phase is a bit stronger.

In order to attack or kill it you must first unlock the ability via Hanto. Once you have the ability unlocked you can attack it. It also has a superior version so you wont lose out on any essences! You can teleport to it by going to the dark matter cave or bosses > DM. vyrewatch.

Note: Since its a single boss, the vyrewatch can be instanced for 1.5m per kill.

  + Unique Drops
It drops the general dark matter gear and weaponry. However we've added a few unique drops which will be fairly useful!
    + Dark matter essence
       - Material required to forge the twisted akdall's amulet. (more info later on log)
    + Vyrewatch wing
       - Material to enchant the bottomless hanto potion (more info later on log) 


+ Twisted Akdall's Amulet
A new magic amulet with the same stats as twisted crystal amulet. However the only difference is it not consuming akdall's rune anymore. You can forge it at the Titan forge, at a 100% success rate.

   - Materials: Twisted crystal amulet, akdall's amulet, dark matter essence, x80 superior essence, x40 superior fury essence

+ Bottomless Hanto Potion (i)
You can now enchant the bottomless potion. To do so you require the Vyrewatch wing obtained from Dark Matter Vyrewatch.
To find out more information about bottomless potions and where to obtain the pieces check out our wiki here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Bottomless_Potions

  + Benefits
     - Increased drop rate by 0.75%
     - Increased combat accuracy by 20%
     - Increased hitpoints by +250
     - 15% chance to apply DoT effect totalling 400 damage.
     - Duration: 15 minutes

+ Pet Storage
We're happy you guys like the pet storage update! We've added some more QOL to pet storage.
  - Pets that are dropped from monsters will now automatically go to your pet storage. It will no longer go to your bank.
  - Depositing pets in to your bank will automatically send it to your pet storage.

+ Sell-All Shopkeeper (CLIENT UPDATE REQUIRED)
You can now sell-all items (instead of having to do sell-x and inputting a number). We made a decision to not add a shift sell-all for now just incase people make mistakes. We'll probably add a toggle option for it when it comes.

A client update is required for this change. You can download the new client here: https://exora.io/play or use the Launcher to automatically update your client.

+ Soulcage Changes
  - Added lietrye horns to the lietrye soulcage.
  - Added argus plate to the argus soulcage.
  - Added faceless soul to the faceless soulcage.

+ Completionist/Trimmed Cape Changes
   + Completionist Cape

      - Added x400 Magma Reaver killcount. If you've already killed before the update it will count towards your requirement.
      - Added x400 Celestial Reaver killcount. If you've already killed before the update it will count towards your requirement.
   + Trimmed Cape
      - Added create x500 overload potions (3 or 4 doses)
      - Added create x200 aggression potions.
      - Added create x25 raid potions.
      - Added create x25 titan forge potions.

+ Changes
  - Added a ::stuck command for players that get stuck within undying vengeance raid. You can only use it once per raid. You'll spawn to the last checkpoint when used.
  - You can now attack superior monster when you're being attacked by other monsters in the area.
  - Added shadowstone ring to the shadow demon drop table.
  - Slightly lowered dark matter gorak attack bonuses and ranged style hit.
  - Lowered special attack hit of giant sea snake from x3 to x2.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with collection log monster slots not displaying all collections correctly.
  - Fixed an issue with danzig soulcage not counting for skill monsters correctly.
  - Fixed an issue with trading post slots counting buy offers.

+ Credit Shop
  - Added Vyrewatch wing to the Misc. category


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! We appreciate your support and feedback ❤️ 

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