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  1. This has been incredibly useful, thank you for creating this!
  2. Very understandable! Are there other rewards/items that you feel fall in the same category? (Overpowered and/or outdated)
  3. Hello! I wanted to post here on the forums with anything that can improve the experience for both new and veteran players. I will try to update this list as often as I can, please let me know if anything is too out-of-left-field or incorrect. Quality of Life Suggestions Major I loved the recent Ground Item Text update (Update Log #15). The ability to set an alternate color for higher valued drops would be excellent. Update (2/28/2022): it appears that this could actually be a bug. Ground Text Appears in different colors depending on your Display Mode. Utilizing OpenGL or Software rendering can cause all ground text to be the same color.) Minor Considering the scale of the achievement, the Max Cape should provide a Drop Rate bonus. It would be unfair to give it anything large, considering different game modes make achieving a max cape significantly more or less difficult. Conversely, I understand coding a variable drop rate bonus dependent on game mode could be difficult (I don't know how to code or anything so it's out of my knowledge base), but something around the lines of 0.1% to 0.5% seems fair to me. One of the Hard tier achievements is to plant 250 torstol seeds. If you can get your hands on the seeds, the achievement is very simple; Plant Seed > Use Spade > Plant new seed, That being said, the hard part IS collecting the seeds. As players are not typically selling seeds or herbs in the Auction House, this leaves this achievement more in line with slayer or combat rather than than the skill it is suppose to be based on. Furthermore, the last two pieces of the Farming clothing set are locked behind this achievement, It is my suggestion that this achievement be rebalanced or altered, maybe to Herbs Harvested or Patches Harvested? The Skills Guide for Lava bars just says "x1 rune", I suggest the update to specify runite ore. Can the monsters in the Collection Log be listed in Alphabetical order? 🙂 Bugs Major Selling an item in the Auction House as a bank note instead of just the item itself leads to not being able to see the details about said item. (As in when you hold CTRL and hover over) It looks like the Leprechaun at the Falador herb patch can not note Grimy Herbs. Minor It appears that some Master Capes (The 104M Skill Capes) are not giving any stat bonus. The Customize-Color interface for the Max Cape sometimes does not accept the colors you enter. It looks like the Gemstone Hatchet must be equipped to be used, where as other hatchets just need to be in your inventory. Update (3/10/2022) This appears to only apply to Gemstone Trees, not regular trees Will add more soon!
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