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Update Log #3 (New Prayers, Hunter Additions, Buffs & More!)


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Greetings Exorians,

Thank you all for supporting Exora, and giving us another chance. We're all very happy with our community and appreciate you all. If you Exorians have some questions, or suggestions feel free to let us know. We're doing our best to communicate with the community, as well as finding solutions to certain problems players may be having. (Such as drop rate). 

Alright...let's get to the update!


+ New Prayers

We've had the plan of adding in new prayers for a very long time. But had never gotten to it. This is but a small step towards a bigger goal of introducing a whole new prayer book. (When the time is right). The new prayers introduced all have a requirement of 99 prayers and can be unlocked by claiming a prayer scroll. The scrolls are obtainable via Raids, Argus, World Bosses, Nex and the Credit Shop. Here's exactly what they do:

 - Malevolence
Increases Attack and Defence by 20%, plus 20% of enemy's level, and Damage by 20%. Also reduces damage taken from Melee by 15%.

 - Desolation
Increases Ranged and Defence by 20%, plus 20% of enemy's level, and Damage by 20%. Also reduces damage taken from ranged by 15%.

 - Affliction
Increases Magic and Defence by 20%, plus 20% of enemy's level, and Damage by 20%. Also reduces damage taken from Magic by 15%.

Here's some media:



+ Skilling Additions & Changes

We wanted to revitalize the current grand potions, and foods. As well as introducing more that may be useful for certain playstyles. We've also buffed most of the foods and potions, and reduced the cost to make them. Let's start with the new Addition; Elemental

 + Void Elemental

The void elemental is a new hunter NPC addition that can be caught in the celestial cave and the dark matter cave. It requires 90 hunter, and a void trap to catch it. Now, what's the benefit of the void elemental? Void elementals can be used to create the dusted void elemental (at the titan forge) which you can then use to create either the Grand Elemental Potion, or Grand Elemental Feast.


   + Grand Elemental Potion
The grand elemental potion, when sipped, applies a damage over time effect totaling 300 damage for 5 minutes at a 10% chance per attack. This means for 5 minutes, you have a 10% chance to deal a significant amount of damage per hit. It can be made by using a dusted void elemental on a vial of water, it requires 96 herblore.

   + Grand Elemental Feast
The grand elemental feast, when eaten, applies a damage over time effect totaling 500 damage for 10 minutes at a 10% chance per attack. This means for 10 minutes, you have a 10% chance to deal a significant amount of damage per hit. The raw grand elemental feast is made through the titan forge. It requires a grand elemental potion, dusted void elemental, dusted void salamander and 10 squid. 96 Cooking is required to cook the raw elemental feast.


+ Grand Potion Buffs & Changes
  - Grand drop rate potion will now increase your drop rate by 0.5% instead of 0.1%
  - Grand rage potion will now increase your combat accuracy by 15% instead of 10%.
  - Grand void potion will now increase your hitpoints by 200 instead of 160.
  - Grand rage potion herblore requirement from 95 to 85.
  - Grand void potion herblore requirement from 95 to 87.
  - Buffed herblore experience of making a grand potion.
  - Dusted frost ferret will now require 1m cash to forge it. (Previously 15m)
  - Dusted void salamander will no longer require lava bars.


+ Completion Log Rewards

We wanted to add some rewards to the Collection log for the elite players that do manage to complete a specific log in the Monster/Boxes categories. We're planning to add more completion rewards, from what we've currently added. If you guys have any suggestions on what we should add next let us know! To obtain the benefits you must obtain all the items listed in a specific log. If you'd like to know the benefits while in-game you can also click the question mark, which lists all the benefits currently added.

 - Ebonchill Dragon
Permanently increases the duration of ebonchill potion.
 - Dravonic Demon
Increases the chance of receiving a rare by .5% when opening a dravonic chest.
 - Mystery Box
5% chance to receive another mystery box when opening.
 - Super Mystery Box
5% chance to receive another super mystery box when opening.
 - Slayer Mystery Box
When completing a slayer task, gain an extra point.
 - Enchanted Chest
5% chance to receive an extra key when opening the enchanted chest.
 - Washed-Up Casket
Increases the rate at which you receive washed-up caskets by 1%


+ Black Market Changes

We decided to make some changes to the waves of black market, and allow players to conquer it more than once a day via the back-room of the black market. To enter the back-room you require a black market key. Once you're in the back-room you can talk to the black market NPC to start the minigame. He will consume your key. So make sure you're geared and have your pots & food ready! Black market keys are global drops from all monsters in Exora, and will automatically be picked up if you are using a drop catcher. They can also be obtained from the black market minigame itself, at an uncommon rate, or purchased from the credit shop at 99 credits.


  - Black Market Waves
We've reduced the amount of monsters that spawn per wave.


+ Underwater Changes
We heard your opinion about the Underwater Dungeon, and how it can be very tedious to do when you have a task in there. We'd like to make it easier for you, but not to the point where it becomes too easy to do. We want to have more uses for certain weapons in the game, so that they have more value. We decided to branch it out a bit, and allow more types of weaponry to be used in the Underwater Dungeon.

- Reduced the damage of the Riptide Strykewyrm special attack.
- Oxygen capsules now require 10 corals, instead of 25.
- Slightly increased the speed of mining corals.
- Lowered the chance of a poisoned tank, however monsters will still be able to poison your tank.
- You're now able to use mauls, crossbows and wands. (So you will be able to use range, mage in underwater now)
- Increased the drop rate of pressure equalizer. (For those who don't know, it upgrades your tank to last longer in the dungeon and reduces poisoned tank)
- Increased drop rate of monster material drops from snappers.

+ Additions
- Added an NPC decanted in the herblore area at skilling zone. You can right click > decant on the NPC.
- Added a visible timer for pulsing heart.
- Added a new battle pass task 'Complete a task scroll of any tier'.
- Added chaos altar to the runecrafting teleport list.

+ Changes

- You will no longer have to defeat all waves of enemies in the black market minigame to complete your battle pass task. You will now have to progress up until the start of wave 6.
- You can now progress battle pass burn logs via bonfire, instead of only the tinderbox.
- Increased the smithing experience of lucky/infernal pickaxe when proccing ores > bars.
- Custom hunting monsters will now spawn faster.
- Buffed tormented, crystalite weaponry drop rate.
- You can now kill crystalite gargoyles on a regular gargoyle task. (Only if unlocked)
- You can now kill king black dragon on a black dragon task.
- Raid invite cooldown will now be 3 seconds.
- Scroll of charges will now recharge 500 charges. (previously 250)
- Increased the experience rates of gem cutting and leather crafting.
- Nerfed exorian wings attack & strength stats.
- Nerfed tormented wings defensive bonuses.
- Nerfed tectonic magic bonus multipler.
- Buffed firelands altar rare chance.

+ Fixes
- Fixed an issue with superior monsters being spawned back to back while on increased superior rates event.
- Fixed an issue with certain weapons having wrong attack animation.
- Fixed an issue with not being able to list trinkets in the auction house.
- Fixed an issue with the willow tree not being able to be cut in the donator zone.
- Fixed an issue with Lietrye raid boss getting stuck within walls.


Hope you guys will enjoy this update! For those that have read this far...we have a little sneekpeak on the next update for you.


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