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  1. Hello There! Welcome to heirlooms guide! We have some cool heirlooms for Pvming,skilling,pvp,cosmetic. these heirlooms gives great benefit during different activites! Skilling heirlooms - Fisherman heirloom (Task scroll hard/elite and washed-up caskets/credit store) - you have 10% chance of double the fish when this heirloom is equipped. - Miner's jewel (Task scroll hard/elite/credit store) - You have a 10% chance of mining double the ores when this heirloom is equipped. Pvming heirlooms - Collector (Exo shop,boss point shop,credit store) - increases your drop rate It requires Elemental dusts to be upgraded to max level. Collector lvl 1 - 0,5% drop rate Collector lvl 2 - 1.5% drop rate (1k elemental dusts) Collector lvl 3 - 2% drop rate (2k elemental dusts) Collector lvl 4 - 2.5% drop rate ( 3k elemental dusts) Collector lvl 5 - 3% droprate (4k elemenal dusts) - Attacker (Exo shop,boss point shop, credit store) - increases your attack bonuses The Attacker heirloom greatly benefits in pvming. It helps you hit harder on npcs which makes it easier to kill certain npc. It can also be upgraded to level 5 max. You can also get it dropped from the world bosses (hecarim and khaashee) or buy it from the auction shop or people Defender (Exo shop,boss point shop,credit store) - increases your defence bonuses The defender increases your defence bonus. It can also be upgraded to level 5 max by using elemental dusts. - Healer (Exo shop,boss point shop,credit store) The healer heirloom heals your hp every few second which is a great boost at bossing that are hard to kill. It can also be upgraded to level 5 max - Couldron of venom (Daily Mystery box and King black scorpion credit store) The couldron of venom its has 10% chance of poisoning your enemies, dealing 200 damage which has a cooldown of 1 minute. it can also be dropped from king black scorpion. PVP Heirlooms - Light bringer's sigil (Exo shop, boss point shop, credit store)- This heirlooms greatly effects when pking and there's a chance to strike a thunder on a player u fighting and cause 50-100 damage which has a cool effect too. - Relic of recovery (Vote shop, credit shop) - The relic of recovery increases the generation of your special attack which is a good boost while pking. It can be obtained by ;;vote ( ;;claimvote) or by buying the votebooks. It requires 75 vote books. - Death's grip (Zombie Storm Shop credit store) - This heirlooms can be obtained by zshillings at zstorm by killing the zombies. Its specialty is when your hp is below 100 you have 25% to heal full hp. It can be triggered after every 2 minute cooldown. It can also be used in pvming too :) Cosmetic Heirloom - Fire ball (loyalty shop) - A cosmetic item that has fire balls glowing behind. Thank you Made by: Killer200
  2. Hello there! welcome to the achievement point store Guide! Achievement points are earned by completing achievements. Your achievement progress can be found by clicking your quest icon. 3rd row > Achievements manager The tasks consist generally of skilling and pvm tasks but there's also a few miscellaneous ones too. Each difficulty offers different amounts of points. At home at the "Achievements" Npc, you can exchange your earned points for some cool items which can give you benefits across pvm and skilling. You can exchange these points for some cool rewards Skiller backpack - a cosmetic skiller backpack - 100k points Ring of wealth - Increases your drop rate by 0.25% when equipped - 25k points Ring od wealth (Enhanced) - Increases your drop rate by 0.5% when equipped - 60k points Infernal hatchet - has a 5% chance to burn a log when woodcutting - 35k points Infernal pickaxe - has a 5% chance to combust an ore while mining - 35k points Gemstone hatchet - Gemstone hatchet allows you to cut gem stone trees - 10k points Yellow Monkey F* - Increases your drop rate by 0.15% when equipped - 40k points Yellow Dragon F* - Increases your drop rate by 0.25% when equipped - 50k points Yellow Octo F* - Increases your drop rate by 0.50% when equipped - 70k points White Monkey F* - Increased overall experience (except slayer) by 5% when equipped - 40k points White Dragon F* - Increased overall experience (except slayer) by 10% when equipped - 50k points White Octo F* - Increased overall experience (except slayer) by 25% when equipped - 75k points Here you should choose wisely, because there is no other way to earn achievement points. (TIP: Gemstone hatchet in my opinion is a good choice, because you can cut gem trees, which is a good way to make money) There are 4 sections of achievements to be completed Easy ,medium ,hard and elite. After completing each achievement task you receive points depending on the difficulty. Achievements also give "Exo" points as an bonus, you'll often find ironmen doing achievements early for the quick Exo points to get themselves an early Exo sword. The Easy tier gives 500 Exo and Achievement Points The Medium gives 1000 Exo and Achievement Points The Hard tier gives 2000 Exo and Achievement Points The Elite tier gives 3000 Exo and Achievement Points The tasks given by the achievements manager will ask you to skill, kill, vote, complete challenge clue/task scrolls, and other miscellaneous tasks. Achievements can be very time consuming as some are quicker to complete than others even without having the same tier, so efficient players might want to cherry pick the easier ones as to quickly farm out a certain amount of achievement or Exo points especially as an iron. These are some of the additional rewards given by completing achievements. The skilling outfits provide boosts for their respective skills. Squid outfit for Fishing, Lumberjack outfit for Woodcutting, Pyromancer outfit for firemaking, Farmers outfit for Farming and Prospector outfit for Mining. There's also useful items for other skills such as cooking gauntlets for reduced burn rate when Cooking. Ring of forging for 100% iron bar smelting rate. Easy achievements -Squid's boots -Lumberjack boots -Pyromancer boots -Prospector boots -Ring of forging -Coal bag -20M -20 Small XP lamp -10k Achievement points + 10k Exo Points Medium -Slayer Mystery box -Squid's hat -Cooking gauntlets -Goldsmith gauntlets -Prospector hat -Farmer's boots + Farmer's hat -Lumberjack hat -Pyromancer hood -80M -16 Small XP lamps -16k Achievement points + 16k Exo Points Hard -2 Slayer mystery box -Squid's top + Squid's waders -Prospector top + Prospector legs -Farmer's torso + Farmer's legs -Lumberjack top + Lumberjack legs -Pyromancer garb + Pyromancer robe -400M -16 Small XP lamps -32k Achievement points + 32k Exo Points Elite -3 Slayer mystery boxes -14 Mystery boxes -700M -14 Small XP lamps -42k Achievement points + 42k Exo Points (Credit to Hibiki for helping me format) thank you for reading!
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