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  1. Hello There! Welcome to heirlooms guide! We have some cool heirlooms for Pvming,skilling,pvp,cosmetic. these heirlooms gives great benefit during different activites! Skilling heirlooms - Fisherman heirloom (Task scroll hard/elite and washed-up caskets/credit store) - you have 10% chance of double the fish when this heirloom is equipped. - Miner's jewel (Task scroll hard/elite/credit store) - You have a 10% chance of mining double the ores when this heirloom is equipped. Pvming heirlooms - Collector (Exo shop,boss point shop,cr
  2. Hello there! welcome to the achievement point store Guide! Achievement points are earned by completing achievements. Your achievement progress can be found by clicking your quest icon. 3rd row > Achievements manager The tasks consist generally of skilling and pvm tasks but there's also a few miscellaneous ones too. Each difficulty offers different amounts of points. At home at the "Achievements" Npc, you can exchange your earned points for some cool items which can give you benefits across pvm and skilling. You can exchange these points for some c
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