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Challenge scrolll guide - s0 wr3cked

so wr3cked

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Challenge scroll guide

All the locations as shown are the exact locations of the clue scroll, make sure to dig twice in case you get the same locaton twice.

Requirements & Teleports:

Spade can be bought at tools shop at home.



Varrock locations:

South-east of Varrock mine.


Map clue South-eastern Varrock Mine.png1119540540_Cluescrollvarrock1.thumb.PNG.daa42ffc7896257a548055c231aacf4d.PNG

Locate the single tree that is west of Champions Guild, dig 2 squares to the east of it.

Map clue Champions guild.png600855761_Cluescrollvarrock2.thumb.PNG.413a2cce74b1d084ee1ebef00885d65b.PNGf


Falador locations:

Due east of Falador north gate.


Map clue Falador stones.png1218828248_Cluescrollfalador1.thumb.PNG.277faa6c20e613a03d26a1be5a37bb4d.PNG


West of the crafting guild, exit Falador south gate.


Map clue hobgoblin peninsula.png799565045_Cluescrollfalador2.thumb.PNG.ca76937198ceab4e8f6f019b02fbd745.PNG


Yanille location:

South of Yanille bank, behind the house with anvil.


Map clue Yanille anvil.png832277079_Cluescrollyanille.thumb.PNG.d626b17c857d3095d4b0c86e347a6d6e.PNG


Draynor location:

South of Draynor Village bank, by the fishing spot.

Map clue Draynor willows.png1685914687_Cluescrolldraynor.thumb.PNG.96e7224bddf7b1b5a960d8fbdb4b8f19.PNG


Hope this guide has made your clue scroll days a bit easier.

If you have anything to add or see something that is wrong please contact me on discord 🙂

-s0 wr3cked



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