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  1. Username: s0 wr3cked How long have you played Exora? v1 & v2 and now like 16 days playtime in v3 How good is your game knowledge? I would say my game knowledge is quit good since i have played all servers for quit some time Have you been a Beta Tester for Exora in the past? no i have not
  2. Raids Guide Requirements: 120 combat level 10 easy achievements 7 medium achievements 3 hard achievements What to bring: Overloads & prayer potions, food is not necessary since if you die you will respawn without any disadvantage. You want to bring your best gear possible & some friends is reccomended :). Without end game tier weapons it will be not impossible to do raids but it will take a long time. Rewards: The bosses: General Rotgut: Advised is to pray melee against this boss, which will negate most of his damage. Besides prayer melee it is best to either use magic or melee against General Rotgut. Skeletal Strykewyrm: Advised is to pray mage against this boss, which will negate most of her damage. Besides praying mage it is best to use melee against her. When the Skeletal strykewyrm is half hp it will spawn several skeletons near you. You will need to kill those first in order to kill the boss, all damage dealt while the skeletons are still alive will be health. After killing all the skeletons you will recieve a message in youre chat box that the shield is down: (tip: bring barrage to kill the small skeletons in 1 or 2 hits) Shadow Drake: Advised is to pray mage against this boss, which will negate most of his damage. Besides prayer mage it is best to use range against Shadow Drake. This boss attacks you also with diffenect kind of poisons which will spawn on the ground (see picture). You are not able to protect from this damage so make sure you move when those spawn! Lietrye: Lietrye is the final boss which can only be attacked if you have defeated the previous other bosses. It is advised to protect mage against this boss. Lietrye has a change to cast a barrage on you which will freeze you in place. All styles will be effective against Lietrye. Like Skeletal strykewyrm this boss has different phases. Phase 1: When dealt half the hp of the first boss 25k/50k hp a smaller version of thi boss will spawn (bottom left corner): Phase 2: When dealt half of the hp 15k/30k a smaller Lietrye it will spawn like in the first phase: Phase 3: When you have killed 'mini lietrye' you can continue killed the second boss which will be half hp: Phase 4: When you have killed all the 'mini' bosses you can continue and kill the 'main' boss which also will be half hp. This will be the last and final boss you need to kill to collect youre reward: Hope this guide made your raiding a bit easier. If you have anything to add or see something that is missing or wrong please contact me on discord 🙂 -s0 wr3cked
  3. Challenge scroll guide All the locations as shown are the exact locations of the clue scroll, make sure to dig twice in case you get the same locaton twice. Requirements & Teleports: Spade can be bought at tools shop at home. Varrock locations: South-east of Varrock mine. Locate the single tree that is west of Champions Guild, dig 2 squares to the east of it. f Falador locations: Due east of Falador north gate. West of the crafting guild, exit Falador south gate. Yanille location: South of Yanille bank, behind the house with anvil. Draynor location: South of Draynor Village bank, by the fishing spot. Hope this guide has made your clue scroll days a bit easier. If you have anything to add or see something that is wrong please contact me on discord 🙂 -s0 wr3cked
  4. Not bad, I kinda like this idea but however this would kill the idea by doing solo raids. Especialy the one live since in the last and final boss it is nearly impossible to not do once or twice. I have been doing some solo raids recently on almost max gear and still die 100% at final boss. Excited to see where the idea goes from here. -so Wr3cked
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