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  1. Starter guide for new player If you follow this steps you will be able to progress fast. Step 1: Vote to the server its a really good way to make some quick cash in the beginning of the game How you vote just do ;vote or ::vote then make sure you type in right use name then you click on the link and follow the steps to make the vote complete. Step 2: Start with slayer, once your at slayer take a task from (SPRIA) and do the task, don't forget to pick up all the cash that drops/monster parts or any sorts of bones for prayer level. Most of the slayer npc drops enchanted key or sometime they drop part of the key that you can combine to a whole key Tooth half of a key or + Loop half of a key. (CTR +G then go to skilling press on slayer then teleport and you can favorites is so you don't have to look after it all the time) Step 3: Get your self a (RING OF SLAYER) it costs 12 Task points. with ring of slayer you will be able to instant teleport to your slayer task which saves you a lot of time. You can use the ring as many time as you want it does not have any limited uses. Step 4: Once you hit level 25 slayer start taking task from (MAZCHNA) Step 5: Don´t forget that there is a elemental star that falls every 1.30hours. At thi point its up to you if you wanna keep the elemental dust/chunks or if you wanna sell them and get a quick upgrade. To be able to mine elemental star you need mining level 60 and to be able make them from chunks to dust you need crafting level 70. Step 6: Keep doing slayer until your beginner gear runs out(beginner gear is limited for 6hours game play) and once the beginner gears runs out at this point you should have saved up some money that you could upgrade your gear with, i would recommend to get a normal torva set or a elite set depends on your economy For weapon upgrade all you need to is go to Magma dungeon and kill Magma elemental and get the (FIRESTORM LONGSWORD) it´s a really good beginner weapon Or if you have enough EXO points you could get your self a (EXO SWORD) it only cost 12500 exo points. How you get exo points? You kill npc meanwhile your doing slayer task every single kill gives you some exo points different npc pays more/less exo points. Step 7: When you feel satisfied with you gear and weapon you could keep doing slayer until you hit level 80 then you could start camping exorian champion. The exorian champion is a really good upgrade they drop exorian gear which is really good to wear and keep grinding for higher gear. Step 8: Do slayer boss tasks try to grind for 12.5k slayer boss points and then buy skeletal f (it gives 2.5drop rate) which is really good to have. Step 9: Important thing to learn/open with slayer points 1: Dravonic demons 2: Learn how to receive special drop 3: Learn fire lands monsters 4: Learn how to defeat a Crystalite Gargoyle 5: Learn superioir monsters 6: learn dark matter demons Step 10: Event bosses we have Khaashee Dragon and Elderwood Hecarim that drop good item (depends really on your rng if you get rare drops) Spawn time Elderwood Hecarim 7Hours Spawn time Khaashee Dragon 7Hours Made by: Rng Flower
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