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Mini Log #14 (DOUBLE XP CHRISTMAS, Hanto's Adv. Log, Black Market Changes, Battle Pass XP Changes & MORE!)


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Greetings Exorians,

Today we'll bring out some changes and a new adventurer's log book to complete. Its a fairly small update, but we're still working on the new (biiig) update which we'll aim to release roughly end of December.

We'll also be enabling a few events such as double experience until end of Christmas, as well as guaranteed 50% bonus credits for donations. Here are our donation deals as well: https://exora.io/deals


+ Hanto's Book 1
We've added a new book for Hanto! In total, you can receive; 2% increased boss superior spawn rate and 3% permanent combat experience.

The adventurer's log can be found in the quest tab > adventurer's log

+ Black Market Changes
   - Increased the total waves to 20. Added more boss type waves, and monsters in between earlier waves as well. Wont mention exactly what monsters that's for your to find out! 🙂
   - Added weakened fail-safe ticket to the black market shop.

+ Battle Pass Changes
   - Increased the experience of wilderness agility course to 500-1000.
   - Increased the experience of black market trader to 500-1000 (750-1200 premium)
   - Increased the experience of catch lionfish to 400-700 (600-900 premium)
   - Increased the experience of blubbery snappers to 500-700
   - Increased the experience of clue scrolls to 300-600 (500-850 premium)
   - Reduced iron ore task amount to 150-250.
   - Reduced mithril ore task amount to 100-175.

+ Completionist Cape
   - Added dark matter vyrewatch to the completionist cape requirement. Defeat a total of 250. If you've already killed them you will automatically complete the requirement.

+ Titan Forge
   - Increased the chance to receive titan master's mask significantly.

+ Trading Post
  - You can no longer purchase items from the same IP via trading post.

+ Sacrifice
  - Lowered value of scorching materials from 1250 to 1000.
  - Added scorching sword for 3150 points to the list.

+ Transmogrifier
  - Added ganodermic equipment and polypore staff.

+ Global Teleports
  - Added Yanille teleport back to the list.
  - Added a direct teleport to the completionist cape stand at skill zone.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with certain potions not setting the correct magic level.


Thank you for taking the time to read the update! Goodluck & have fun!

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