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Update Log #45 (Battle Pass Season 15, Sacrifice QOL, Global Teleports Interface Revamp & More)


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Greetings Exorians,

Today is a fairly tame update, with some small changes and additions. We're still at work with our new update called the Forbidden Temple. We've got a lot of great things in store!

Let's get to the update log!


+ Global Teleports
We weren't super happy with our old teleports interface. It was packed with too many useless information, and it barely had the space. So we've updated the teleport interface, to make it look a lot cleaner, and we've also added more favorite slots. Which can be used from CTRL 1-9.

Old favorited teleports must be set again.


+ Battle Pass Season 15
The new season is here! And this time we're significantly increased the rewards for Christmas. As well as the polychrome battle pass set!
If you wish to learn more about Battle Pass in exora see our dedicated wiki page for it here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_Pass

Noteable rewards:
  - 4 Fail-safe tickets (2 weakened, 1 superior)
  - Lietrye Soulcage
  - Collector lvl. 4
  - Polychrome yeti battle pet


+ Pool of Sacrifice
  - You can now sacrifice noted items.
  - Reduced wildwood equipment point value significantly. (Due to its buffed drop rate)
  - Fixed a few issues with certain items not being able to be sacrificed.

We have some exciting plans for the pool of sacrifice. We're potentially turning it in to a skill which you can level. Levels would in turn increase the amount of points you gain from sacrificing items. Do let us know what you think!

+ Slayer
   - Added Ragnos' backpack to the slayer shop, for 400 task points. This should make it easier for ironmen to grind out an item that picks up the basic drops.
   - Changed the trade option to open up the task point shop, instead of the basic shop. The shop can now be accessed via dialogue.

+ Soulcage
  - Added golden brimstone bear pet to the brimstone bear soulcage.

+ Golden Christmas Octo
Changed the golden christmas octo from being guaranteed to 75% chance. Due to rewards being given upon redeeming a vote book (instead of claiming a vote). 

+ Credit Shop
  - You can now preview the loot tables of mystery boxes, soulcages and raid chests within the credit shop. Press the "Preview" button when clicking an item in the shop. It will then bring you to the corresponding loot table.
  - Second right click option on the "Preview" button will display the model of the item.


Thank you for playing Exora ❤️

Here's a sneakpeek!


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