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Update Log #43 (Halloween Event End, Auto Consumer, Elemental Lvl. 4, Raid Buffs, World Boss Cooldown Reduction, QOL & MORE!)


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Greetings Exorians,

Time for another update log! Packed with new additions, content and quality of life! As always thank you all for supporting Exora and welcome to the new players of Exora. We hope you're enjoying the game. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. We have been online, up and running for 2 and a half years. Nearing 3 years soon! We've consistently been providing big updates and good general gameplay. And we're not stopping! So again, thank you all for being here with us ❤️

We're already working on the Christmas event, and some other content updates a long with it. We're aiming for 1st of december for the Christmas/Winter event. But can come a little later (early december). We have a lot in store. End of december we'll make a post about future updates that we're planning for most of next year. 

Donation deals are extended until Christmas event has released!

Now let's get to the update!


+ Halloween Event End
Halloween event has ended today. This means that obtaining halloween tokens is no longer possible. However you can still spend your halloween tokens via the command ::halloweenshop

+ Auto Consumer
Introducing the Auto Consumer feature! This new addition automates the consumption of potions, foods, and other time-based consumables.

 + Key Features:
    - Automatically consumes items in your inventory.
    - Configure settings for each slot, including "Always Consume" and "Set Threshold" options.
    - Combat potions are automatically consumed again when their effects expire.
    - A total of 7 slots can be unlocked. 
    + Start with one unlocked slot; additional slots can be unlocked through various methods:
       + Trimmed Completionist Cape
          - If you have the trimmed completionist cape requirements you'll automatically receive 1 unlocked slot.
       + Skillmaster Ability
          - Skillmaster durzag has a new ability for sale. It will unlock 1 slot permanently.
          - It can be purchased for 3250 skill points.
       + Divine Donator Status

          - Having the Divine donator status will automatically unlock 1 slot.
       + Slot Expansion Scroll
          - May only be used to unlock slots up to 4 times.
          - Purchased from the credit shop for 349 credits.

 + How to obtain:
The auto consumer can be obtained via clue scroll caskets at a low rate, but the consumer can be traded. Note that if you trade your consumer you wont lose your slots.

It can also be purchased from the credit shop for 1299 credits.

 + How it works:
    - Simply click on the auto consumer, then select an item you wish to auto consume.
    - A pop-up will open to set the settings for that consumeable.
    - Healing and prayer restoration can not use the 'consume when able to' function.
    - Aggression potions (including bottomless) cannot be used with the auto consumer.
Note: Currently hearts cannot be used with the auto consumer. However they will be able to be used on the next update. As it still requires some re-write on how such timers work with the auto consumer.



+ Elemental Lvl. 4
You can now upgrade the Elemental heirloom from lvl. 3 to 4. Level 4 is the current cap. You still need to read the book of vengeance before each upgrade. If you've already got the book of vengeance activated on your account, you wont need to read it again.

To upgrade to lvl. 4 you must use x100K Elemental Dusts on your lvl. 3 elemental heirloom, while having the book of vengeance read.


+ Raid Drop Rate & Invocation Changes
  - Increased raid invocation drop rate from 0.3% to 0.5% per 5 raid levels.
  - Increased the raid drop rate of regular and bottomless raid potion from 0.5% to 1.5%
  - Increased the raid drop rate of enchanted bottomless raid potion from 1.5% to 3%

+ Enchantment of Kings
  - Increased damage against Kings from 15% base to 50% base.

+ Twisted Akdall's Amulet
  - Lowered titan forge materials required for twisted akdall's amulet.
  - Increased magic strength and attack bonuses.

+ No click-through chat box.
  - Added a new toggle option to make it so you can no longer click through chat box on resizeable mode.
  - Player/Game settings can be found in the settings tab, bottom right button.

+ World Boss Token
  - Lowered the base cooldown from 12 to 8 hours.
  - Added a new donator benefit. From Uber to Divine rank, cooldown decreases by 1 hour. (7 lowest, 3 highest)

+ Skillmaster Durzag
  - Lowered all bones skilling task amount needed to offer.
  - Made clear what type of bones to offer for the regular bones, when you receive the task.
  - Added a new skill ability to obtain an additional consumer slot for 3250 skill points.
  - Slightly lowered the amount of skill points you receive from easy tasks from 4-7 to 4-6.

+ Deep rock chest, Burning chest and Frost fire chest
Often we see the same question. New players asking where the chest is, assuming its an object chest. (for good reason). This was added years ago, and item chests aren't really the best way to handle it. So we've now introduced them as object chests within the world. The item chests can still be opened and obtained normally, and they share the same collection log with the object.

We've also updated the tooltips for these chests and keys to better explain where they are, and what you need.

  + Frost fire chest
     - Located directly under the light at the Celestial cave teleport.
  + Deep rock chest
     - Located very close to the deep rock teleport. You can see it in the middle next to torches.
  + Burning Chest
     - Located at the Magma reaver teleport. It is located north of the area. You can see it next to torches.

+ Changes
  - Golden brimstone bear will still stay in the drop table, until end of christmas.
  - Added hunter's harpoon to the brimstone chest collection log.
  - Moved exorian nightmare back to its original location.
  - Added warrior, arrowed heart to the sacrifice list for 500 points.
  - Increased pulsing heart from 300 to 500 sacrifice points.
  - Added halloween trinket to the sacrifice list.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with the slayer task killcount progression on screen not showing up in fixed screen.

+ Credit Shop
  - Added auto consumer to the general category, for 1299 credits.
  - Added auto consumer expansion scroll to the general category, for 349 credits.


Thank you all for supporting Exora. We have a lot planned, stay tuned on our discord for sneakpeeks on future updates!

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