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Mini Log #13 (Re-Roll Token, GIM Changes, Completionist & Trimmed Benefits & Changes)


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Greetings Exorians,

Today we'll have a mini update log with some changes and new content additions. We're glad you're all enjoying the Halloween event. We appreciate the support and feedback!


+ Re-Roll System
A new system that allows you to re-roll reward tables, upon receiving loot from all raids. It's currently limited to only raids, but we're planning on expanding it to other reward tables.

How it works:
  - There is a maximum daily cap for how many times a re-roll attempt can be used.
  - Players have a maximum daily cap of 3 re-roll attempts.
  - This cap can be increased by having a completionist cape or trimmed. Each one adds an additional +1 (with a total of +2 extra attempts)
  - You must redeem the re-roll token first, before you can re-roll rewards.
  - There is no cap for redeeming re-roll tokens.

How to obtain:
  - Re-roll tokens can be obtained from task and clue scrolls.
  - They can also be bought from the credit shop.



+ Pet Transferer
When sending your pet to another player via the pet transferer, you can now choose whether to send it with pet level included. A dialogue will open up when you attempt to send it. From there you can choose.

+ Raids Changes
  - Increased the drop rate per 5 raid levels from .2% to .3%
  - Slightly increased undying vengeance rarest table drop rate.
  - Slightly increased undying vengeance 2nd rarest table drop rate.

+ GIM Changes
  - The requirement of being the same gamemode as the group leader has been removed. You can now invite any ironman player, without them requiring to be on the same gamemode.

+ Booster Changes
We've made some changes to raid booster items. Their effects were a bit too low.
  - Increased raid token booster from 10 to 25 raid completions.
  - Increased raid reward booster from 10 to 20 raid completions.

+ Clue & Task Scrolls
  - Added re-roll token to the reward list of task scrolls.
  - Added re-roll token to the reward list of clue scrolls.

+ Halloween Event
  - Bloody branches will now open up a skills dialogue to cut-all bloody branches. You gain slight crafting experience for doing so.

+ Credit Shop
  - Lowered the prices of all booster items in the credit shop.
  - Lowered the price of halloween mystery box from 49 to 39 credits.
  - Lowered the price of golden scoria weaponry from 3499 to 2999 credits.
  - Lowered the price of polychrome pets from 2249 to 1099 credits.
  - Lowered the price of auto alchemizer from 1099 credits to 899 credits.
  - Lowered the price of durzag amulet from 1999 credits to 1499 credits.
  - Lowered the price of power charge and hellfire burst scrolls from 999 credits to 599 credits.
  - Lowered the price of twisted crystal from 1599 credits to 999 credits.
  - Lowered price of rift reset scroll from 99 credits to 39 credits.
  - Added re-roll token to the general category for 49 credits.

+ Changes
  - Added lietrye horns to the lietrye raid chest.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with blowpipes not being able to be used other than ents. You can now use blowpipes on all skill monsters.
  - Fixed an issue with not being able to hover rewards within the raids chest interface.
  - Fixed an issue with the divine donator rank icon not positioned correctly.


Thank you guys. Not a super big update, but some decent changes nontheless! We're working on some other stuff behind the scenes 🙂 We'll sneakpeek soon!

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