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Update Log #41 (Custom Raid Invocations - Undying, Faceless and Argus)


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Greetings Exorians,

We're finally releasing the long awaited invocations update! This one took quite some time to get right, but we're very happy with the outcome. As always thank you all for giving us feedback and thank you to the game testers for helping us out!

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Now, let's get to the update!


+ Raid Invocations
A new system which allows players to customise the difficulty of a raid. Players can toggle a variety of invocations. Doing so will increase the Raid Level which adjusts the stats of the bosses within the raid. For every +5 raid levels the boss HP, defence, accuracy and damage increases by 5%.

Note that hitpoints is capped to 200% over its base HP value.

By making the raid harder, you also increase the chance of obtaining rarer loot. As well as increasing the base quantity of loot. For every 5 raid levels, you increase the raid drop rate by +0.2% and you increase the base quantity of loot by 0.5%Item Quantity is a new feature which increases the amount of loot you obtain.

Here's an example: My raid level is 200, I now have an additional +8% drop rate and 20% quantity of loot. If you were to receive 10m coins as loot, you'd receive an extra 2m coins. However if you were to obtain 1 of an item, you'd need 100% quantity of loot to receive double.

+ Raid Invocation Interface
To use the raid invocations create a party. Once you've created a party, open up the party manager and click the top left green icon. You'll now see the raid invocation interface. Only the party leader is able to toggle invocations. All party members can access the interface, and see what's being toggled. Everyone can also see the summary of the raid invocations, and raid level.

  + Mode Presets
     - You can select mode presets on the raid interface, which randomly generates invocations from easy to expert. Each mode has a raid level minimum and maximum.


 + List of Invocations
I've made a wiki page listing all the invocations, which includes universal invocations and raid specific ones. They also include the raid level of each one.

See here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Raid_Invocations

+ FAQ:
  + Do I have to use invocations to raid now?
     - No, raid invocations is optional and you do not need to enable them. However they're there to challenge the player and reward you accordingly. If you're unsure about the system you can always toggle simpler invocations and see if you're able to do it.
  + Are invocations scaled based on party members?
     - No, they're scaled based on raid levels. Invocations remain the same on solo, duo and squad.
  + Which raids can use invocations?
     - Undying vengeance, Faceless and Argus. The Lietrye raids does not have the invocations system.

That is it for Invocations. We're planning on introducing more invocations as updates come. Specifically to Argus and Faceless! Do let us know your feedback, we'll be looking closely.


+ Skillmaster Durzag
  - Added a new ability which makes it so you can obtain pet enchantments from skilling actions. Cost: 900 points.

+ Changes
  - Added book of vengeance and undying to undying vengeance soulcage.
  - Added weakened fail-safe ticket to vote mystery box.
  - Increased battle pass xp of mithril ore.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with riptide pickaxe mining doing weird things outside of underwater dungeon etc.


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log. And we appreciate your support ❤️

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