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Update Log #38 (Pet Storage, New Bosses, New Soulcages, Titan Forge Potion Creation, New BiS Defender, Changes & MUCH MORE)


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Greetings Exorians,

It's that time again! As always thank you all for supporting Exora. We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. We're still hard at work with the upcoming raid invocations update. We'll be able to tease some soon! We're excited to release our new update, with big changes, more content additions and QOL!

We've improved our donation deals which includes new soulcages! Check outhttps://exora.io/deals
Check out coupon codes drop at (refreshed):


Now...let's get to the update!


+ Pet Storage
As we've mentioned before on our last update, we were planning on adding a pet storage. Which makes it so you can alleviate some bank space, and also clearly organize your pets. The new pet storage can be quickly accessed via the bank. Click the top right button to open up the pet storage interface. From there you can deposit or withdraw pets. You can also spawn your pet instantly while on the interface, even when you already have a pet out.

You'll be able to filter between stored pets only, and you can search for specific pets. Pets are nicely categorized so you can look for a pet type at ease.


+ Battle Pet Changes
  - We have added tooltips for all pets, which show base stats, special hits, special effects and basic attack style. This should make it much easier to find out whether you have a battle pet upgrade. If you're unsure about specific pet stats you can always head over to pet storage and view pet tooltips there. We also have a list on wiki to find out about the tier of pets, and the food required.

While we were implementing the tooltips we found out some pets were far too weak for their tier. So we've buffed a bunch of pets to be in-line with current pets!

  - Vorago pet now has x2 special hit, increased drop rate, increased special damage and increased % SP
  - Giant orc pet now has x2 special hit, increased drop rate, increased special damage and increase % SP
  - Ebonchill dragon now has increased % SP
  - Khaashee dragon pet now has increased base stats and % SP
  - Riptide strykewyrm drop rate increased.
  - Argus pet will now always deal x2 special damage.
  - Gothmog drop rate and base stats increased. Lowered special damage and additional hits.
  - Lowered additional hit of Chizemo and Adem.

Again, you can view the final numbers via their tooltips within the pet storage interface.

+ Celestial Hunllef
It has been a while since we've released a new boss. We're fairly strict when it comes to adding new bosses. They should have a use, and be worthwhile to kill. The celestial hunllef is a new boss from the Celestial type. Its mostly aimed towards new and intermediate players. However even endgame players can hunt for them. It's a multi-boss which rewards the top 3 players with the most damage.

You can find Celestial hunllef via the staircase at Celestial cave or via global teleports > bosses

It drops a new trinket and a bottomless potion material! Which we'll discuss later in this update log.


Ofcourse with a new boss comes a new pet!


+ Magma Reaver
As mentioned in our previous update, we were planning on adding more beginner to intermediate bosses. Each with its own unique items. Like the hunllef boss, the reaver is a multi boss. You can find the reaver within the magma dungeon, or via the global teleports > bosses.

The reaver drops a new trinket, and a bottomless material.


Ofcourse with a new boss comes a new pet!

+ Bottomless Titan Forge Potion
You can now craft the bottomless titan forge potion from scratch. You can find out how to find the materials from here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Bottomless_Potions

Following materials are needed to craft the bottomless potion:
  - Hunllef horns - From Celestial hunllef
  - Reaver blood - From Magma reaver
  - Titan master's mask - from successfully titan forging. Note: The mask can both be used to enchant and to create.
  - Goliath essence - Guaranteed reward from successfully forging goliath weaponry.

+ Boss Task Changes
We've added a few new tasks and a new ability! You can find superior spawns for boss tasks here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Superiors
  - Celestial hunllef can now be obtained as a boss task. It also has a superior spawn.
  - Magma reaver can now be obtained as a boss task. It also has a superior spawn.
  - New boss task ability: Chance to receive elite task scrolls at a 1/250 flat rate when on boss task.

We're keen on adding more boss task abilities. We'll be adding them as we go!

+ Titan Forge Changes
With this update we wanted to do a few more changes to some of the end-game forges, and low to mid game. Overall these changes are buffs so no need to worry too much!


 + Rubylight Defender
A new BiS off-hand for melee users! You can obtain this defender from the titan forge within the equipment category.
   - Success rate: 25%
   - Requirements: Dawnlight defender, behemoth defender, titanite kiteshield, monster hunter shield, akdall's shield, x125 titanite shards, x10 superior fury essence, x15 superior essence
   - 90 Smithing


  + Elemental F*
    - Increased success rate from 5% to 9% (huuuuge)
    - Added superior fury essence x200
    - Increased superior essence from 250 to 235
    - Increased elemental dust from 250 to 1500
    - Increased titanite shards from 250 to 1000
 + Golden Elemental Demon Pet
    - Increased the success rate from 30% to 100%
    - Increased superior essence requirement to x600
    - Increased superior fury essence requirement to x300
    - Increased divine plates requirement to x10
    - Removed eternal plates from the requirements.
 + Elemental Demon Pet
    - Added x75 superior fury essence to the requirements.
    - Reduced superior essence requirement from 250 to 175 to off-set.
 + Titanite Kiteshield
    - Increased success rate from 25% to 50%
    - Removed coins requirement
    - Added shadowscale kiteshield to the requirement
    - Added x2 superior essence to the requirement
 + True Exo Weaponry
    - Increased success rate from 75% to 100%

That's it for the titan forge! We're happy with these changes and I'm sure you guys are too!

+ Soulcage Changes & Additions
We've changed some soulcage KC requirements and have added 5 new soulcages.

 + Additions
  + Danzig's Soulcage (new)
     - KC Required: 300
     - Mobs to kill: All monsters within Danzig's hunting grounds
     - Rewards: Skill weaponry only
     - Obtainable from: Credit shop, Danzig's mystery box
     - Note: Does not collect for collection log
  + Khaashee Dragon Soulcage (new)
     - KC Required: 25
     - Mobs to kill: Khaashee Dragon
     - Rewards: Enchantment of Overcharge or Khaashee's wing
     - Obtainable from: Khaashee dragon, Credit shop
     - Collects for collection log
  + Elderwood hecarim Soulcage (new)
     - KC Required: 25
     - Mobs to kill: Elderwood Hecarim
     - Rewards: Enchantment of Overcharge or Hecarim's Horn
     - Obtainable from: Elderwood Hecarim, Credit shop
     - Collects for collection log
  + Brimstone bear Soulcage (new)
     - KC Required: 25
     - Mobs to kill: Brimstone bear
     - Rewards: Skill weaponry, Enchantment of Exora & XP, Brimstone Artifact
     - Obtainable from: Brimstone bear, Credit shop
     - Collects for collection log
  + Riptide strykewyrm Soulcage (new)
     - KC Required: 25
     - Mobs to kill: Riptide strykewyrm
     - Rewards: Aquatic heart, Double bounty trinket, artifact maul and Riptide fangs
     - Obtainable from: Riptide strykewyrm, Credit shop
     - Collects for collection log
 + Changes
   - Ebonchill soulcage will now work with ebonchill starlight. It now also contains starlight rares.
   - Ebonchill soulcage now requires 300 kills.
   - Lowered firelands soulcage KC to 400 kills.
   - Lowered hellside soulcage KC to 500 kills.

+ Argus Changes
We felt that Argus raid had way too low HP and it did not age well with the times. So we made some adjustments.
  - Increased Argus HP from 75K to 150K
  - Slightly increased argus defensive stats

+ Black Market Rewards
  - Added soulcages up to dark matter to the reward table.
  - Added golden scoria weaponry to the reward table.

+ True Exo Weaponry
True exo weaponry was a bit too strong for their tier. It's now also a guaranteed forge upgrade. So we made some adjustments so that it is worth to upgrade from true exo weaponry to another weaponry tier.
   - Lowered attack bonuses of all true exo weaponry.
   - Lowered strength bonuses of true exo bow, sword and rapier.

+ Other Item Stat Changes
  - Slightly lowered akdall's shield strength, attack and defensive bonuses.
  - Buffed titanite kiteshield attack bonuses.

+ AFK Zone
  - Slightly increased the amount of time to obtain exorian crystals by 2 ticks. (don't read this part) kek
  - Significantly lowered the prices of Lazy merchant's shop.

+ General Changes
  - Added a toggle option to disable shoulder pet GFX. You can find the setting in your settings tab.
  - Lowered cooldown of vorago respawn delay.
  - Lowered cooldown of akdall the forsaken respawn delay.
  - Lowered cooldown of gothmog respawn delay.
  - You can now 1-click combine all polishes. (specifically made for my boy josh)
  - Akdall's essence crafting now gives the best Runecrafting XP.
  - Mystery boxes will no longer announce from monster drops.
  - Increased the coin value of titanite shards from 10k to 250k.
  - You can now set buy offers for auto alchemizer.
  - Added trading post npc in the master and eternal zone.
  - You can now chisel infernal harpoon.
+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with event shoulder pets not working properly.

+ Credit Shop
   - Added a superior, fury and lumberjack trinket to the shop
   - Added danzig soulcage to the credit shop for 699 credits.
   - Added world boss soulcages for 2499 credits each.
   - Lowered prices of all trinkets except double bounty significantly.
   - Lowered price of lietrye soulcage from 2499 to 1999 credits.
   - Lowered price of faceless soulcage from 3999 to 3249 credits.
   - Lowered price of argus scoulage from 3999 to 3499 credits.
   - Lowered price of most soulcages.


That's it for the update! Thank you all for playing and enjoying Exora. We really appreciate it. Keep the feedback and suggestions coming! 🙂

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