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Update Log #36 (Danzig's Hunting Grounds, Skill Pet Rework, Skill World Boss (Brimstone Bear), New BiS Capes, Bottomless Hanto Potion & MORE)


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Greetings Exorians,

First of all, as always thank you all for your support and feedback! This update will bring a lot more variety to skilling, and gameplay in general! There are lots of ways to benefit from them, as you'll see in this update log. Not only that, but we've revamped skilling pets completely, as well as adding our first skilling world boss!

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...Now let's get to the update!


+ Danzig's Hunting Grounds
Summary: Danzig's Hunting Grounds is a new skilling area where you can test your skills against a variety of skilling monsters and a world boss, the Brimstone Bear. Defeating these creatures will reward you with valuable artifacts which can be exchanged for artifact points to spend in Danzig's shop. Additionally, you can obtain skilling pets to aid you in your battles and earn skilling experience specific to each monster.

In order to enter the hunting grounds, head over south-west of the skill zone. You'll see a pathway near the woodcutting area. To enter, you must have lvl. 70 agility.


Let's walk you through each piece of content within the Danzig's hunting grounds!

  + Skilling Weaponry
A skilling weapon is the first item you'll need when in the hunting grounds. They're used to attack skilling monsters, and defeat the brimstone bear world boss. Most skilling tools have also been turned in to skilling weapons. To check whether it's a skilling weapon open the tooltip on the item. It will let you know whether it can be used in the hunting grounds.

Here's a list of skilling tools, and which skill monster they can attack.

   + Tools
     + Woodcutting Monster (melee)
        - Rune hatchets and up, Ents handaxe
     + Mining Monster (melee)
        - Rune pickaxe and up, Stoneshatter pickaxe
     + Farming Monster (magic)
        - Secateurs, Magic secateurs, Mycelial hoe
     + Hunting Monster (melee)
        - Harpoon, Butterfly net, Captain's harpoon, Hunter's harpoon

   + New Tools & Weaponry
      + Ents Handaxe
- Fast attacks. Has 30% chance at applying an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage. 20% increased damage against ents skilling monsters.
        - Can also be used to cut down gemstone trees.
      + Stoneshatter Pickaxe
- Fast attacks. Has 30% chance at applying an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage. 20% increased damage against crab skilling monsters.
        - Turns ores in to bars when mining, with increased experience.
      + Mycelial Hoe
- Cast spells twice as fast. Has 30% chance at applying an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage.
        - 20% increased damage against zygomite skilling monsters.
      + Hunter's Harpoon
- Fast attacks. Has 30% chance at applying an additional hit, dealing 50% less damage. 20% increased damage against kyatt skilling monsters.
        - Can be used to catch raw squid.

  + Skilling Monsters
Skilling monsters are a new type of monster that can only be attacked with skilling weaponry. Each skilling monster represents a specific skill. To attack a woodcutting monster, you'll have to use a hatchet, and so on. These new monsters will also grant you skill experience, depending on the skill monster. Using the woodcutting example, if you kill a woodcutting monster, you'll receive woodcutting XP!

These skilling monsters drop various new skilling tools, weaponry, lots of skilling supplies, skill pet enchantments and more!

Let's list the current skilling monsters available and what type they are!

     + Twilight Ent
        - Skill: Woodcutting
     + Gemstone Crab
        - Skill: Mining
     + Frost Zygomite

        - Skill: Farming
     + Leaf Kyatt

        - Skill: Hunter

  + Skilling Artifacts
While in the hunting grounds, you'll eventually start receiving skilling artifacts as a drop. These artifacts can be exchanged for artifacts points at Danzig. These points can then be used to purchase various items like skilling pet enchantments, weapons, pets and boxes! There are a total of 10 artifacts, each tiered from 1 to 10. 1 giving the lowest amount of points, and 10 the most!

  + Danzig's Shop
In Danzig's shop you'll be able to spend your artifact points. It contains pet enchantments, skilling tools and skill pets. Here's a few new items you can get from the shop.

  + Danzig's Artifact
     - Convert a challenge scroll (clue croll) in to a casket.
  + Brimstone Key
     - Opens the brimstone chest
  + Danzig's Mystery Box

Of course there are more items, head over to his shop and see!

  + Brimstone Bear (World Boss)
Our first skilling world boss! It spawns every 2 hours, but can be spawned with a world boss token. Players can teleport to it once active with the command ::bear

How it works:
1. Brimstone bear spawns. Players must first fish raw tiger rockfish in the area. You'll receive good fishing experience for doing so. They can only be caught when the brimstone bear is active.
2. Once you've obtained the raw tigerfish, head to the fire next to the pond, and cook them. You'll get juicy cooking experience as well!
3. You can now equip the raw tigerfish. Attack the brimstone bear until 50% HP.
4. Once the bear is at 50% HP you can attack it with any skilling weapon until its death.
5. Get your loot! Everyone that does enough damage will receive guaranteed brimstone key, brimstone bones!

+ Brimstone Chest
Once you've received your key from the brimstone bear boss, head over to Danzig. Next to him is a brimstone chest, which you can open with your key!

  + Skill Pet Overhaul
For the longest time skilling pets didn't provide much benefits. We felt that it should be much more useful, similar to battle pets. Which has been a great success since the release of them (almost 2 years ago!).

From now on, all skilling pets will have stats, and can be used to help you in combat against skilling monsters. They can't be used against regular monsters and bosses. They have the same stats as battle pets, except for the defence stat. Which is now an increased XP rate stat for only skilling pets. The XP rate stat increases by 0.5% per level.

You'll be able to level and equip them with skilling only pet equipment. Such as; Rings, Pet armor and Enchantments.

With the new skilling pet overhaul, it also means more skilling pets from other skills that don't have one yet. We're planning on adding more as we go.

  + New Skill Pets
     + Brimstone bear

        - Dropped from world boss
     + Twilight Ent
        - Skill Monster Drop/Danzig's Shop
     + Frost Zygomite
        - Skill Monster Drop/Danzig's Shop
     + Gemstone Crab
        - Skill Monster Drop/Danzig's Shop
     + Leaf Kyatt
        - Skill Monster Drop/Danzig's Shop
     + Ben
        - Herblore
     + Ghostly
        - Prayer
     + Smithy
        - Smithing
     + Fairy Chef
        - Cooking
     + Firestarter
        - Firemaking
     + Feathery Fly
        - Fletching

  + Skill Pet Level Cap
Regular skill pets can be leveled up to level 41.
Skill monster pets and up can be leveled up to 51. We're increasing the cap as we update!

  + Crystallised Materials & Skillmaster Durzag
The skillmaster durzag now offers a new ability for 600 skill points. Unlocking the crystallised ability allows you to obtain crystallised materials from skilling actions. These materials can then be used in the titan forge, level your pet and can be sold for coins.

These materials can be obtained from the following skills: Fishing, Cooking, Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Runecrafting, Thieving and Gemcutting.

  + Danzig's Plates
In order to create skilling pet equipment, you'll need Danzig's plates as well. They can be made by breaking down skilling tools with a hammer or a lunar chisel. Here's a list of items that can be broken down for plates, and the amounts you'll receive:

    + Dragon pickaxe
      - Plates: 1
    + Dragon hatchet
      - Plates: 1
    + Infernal hatchet
      - Plates: 3
    + Gemstone hatchet
      - Plates: 3
    + Gemstone hatchet (e)
      - Plates: 6
    + Lucky pickaxe
      - Plates: 5
    + Riptide pickaxe
      - Plates: 4
    + Captains' harpoon
      - Plates: 4

  + Skilling Pet Equipment
Now you know the base materials needed for skilling pet equipment. As you know, you'll have to use the titan forge to create pet rings and armour.
However enchantments are a drop from the skilling monsters, world boss and Danzig's Shop. Skill pet equipment can only be equipped by a skill pet.

Let's list some of the skill pet equipment!

   + Enchantments
      + Enchantment of Gluttony
         - 3% chance to feed your pet while in combat.
         - Pet lvl: 3
      + Enchantment of Logs

         - 25% chance to obtain an additional log.
         - Pet lvl: 12
      + Enchantment of Ores
         - 25% chance to obtain an additional ore.
         - Pet lvl: 12
      + Enchantment of Fish
         - 15% chance to obtain an additional raw fish.
         - Pet lvl: 12
      + Enchantment of Cooking
         - 15% chance to obtain an additional cooked fish.
         - Pet lvl: 18
      + Enchantment of Hunting
         - 25% chance to obtain an additional hunter material.
         - Pet lvl: 22
      + Enchantment of Cooking
         - 15% chance to obtain an additional cooked fish.
         - Pet lvl: 25
      + Enchantment of Potions
         - 15% chance to obtain an additional potion when creating them.
         - Pet lvl: 28
      + Enchantment of XP
         - 25% increased experience.
         - Pet lvl: 33
      + Enchantment of Exora
         - 10% increased chance to obtain a bottomless material from skilling actions.
         - Pet lvl: 40

   + Pet Armour & Rings
The update log would be a bit too large to list them all. You'll be able to see them in-game in the Titan Forge. There's a new category dedicated for skill pet equipment!

That's it for the skill pet update! This is only the beginning for them, as we update we'll add more content to it!

 + Titan Forge Additions
We've added much more items to the titan forge with this update. Mostly focusing on skill pets, but also outside of skill pets! Let's go through the non-skill pet forges.

With new battle pet equipment comes a new type of plates. You'll now be able to break down faceless, vengeful and undying pieces for mythical plates. Faceless giving 1 for mask, 2 for body and legs. Undying and vengeful giving 4 plates for all pieces.

   + Mythical Pet Armour
     - Stats: Lvl. (54), 1.75% Drop rate, 140 Attack, 122 Defence, 156 Strength, 10% SP Attack, 375 Special Damage
     - Materials: Divine Pet Armour, x50 Mythical plates, x125 Superior Fury Essence, x200 Superior Essence, x1000 Lava bars
     - Success rate: 100%
   + Ring of Mythic

     - Stats: Lvl. (51), 1% Drop rate, 148 Attack, 90 Defence, 133 Strength, 6% SP Attack, 275 Special Damage
     - Materials: Ring of Divine, x40 Mythical plates, x100 Superior Fury Essence, x125 Superior essence
     - Success rate: 25%
   + Enchantment of Hunger (i)

     - Effect: Lvl. (26), 5% chance to feed your pet while in combat up to pet level 60.
     - Materials: x1 Enchantment of Hunger, x35 Superior Fury Essence, x50 Superior Essence
     - Success rate: 25%
   + Bloodstorm Cape

     - Effect: When a goliath sword or nirvana's sword is equipped, gain a 15% chance to apply an additional hit dealing 75% less damage.
     - Effect: 10% chance while in combat to curse a target reducing its melee defences by 25% for 30 seconds.
     - Materials: Undying Cape, Sky-dweller Cape, Frost Strider Wings, x100 Superior Fury Essence, x150 Superior Essence, x500 Elemental dusts, x500 Titanite shards 
     - Success rate: 15%
   + Eclipse Cape

     - Effect: When a goliath or nirvana's bow is equipped, gain a 15% chance to apply an additional hit dealing 75% less damage.
     - Effect: 10% chance while in combat to curse a target reducing its ranged defences by 25% for 30 seconds.
     - Materials: Vengeful Cape, Earth-dweller Cape, Wind Strider Wings, x100 Superior Fury Essence, x150 Superior Essence, x500 Elemental dusts, x500 Titanite shards 
     - Success rate: 15%
   + Shadowfrost Cape

     - Effect: Hellfire burst and Power Charge spells deal 10% increased base damage.
     - Effect: 10% chance while in combat to curse a target reducing its magic defences by 25% for 30 seconds.
     - Materials: Faceless Cape, Sea-dweller Cape, Frost Strider Wings, x100 Superior Fury Essence, x150 Superior Essence, x500 Elemental dusts, x500 Titanite shards 
     - Success rate: 15%

+ Titan Forge Changes
  - Lowered superior essence requirement from 150 to 100 for ring of divine.
  - Lowered divine plates requirement for divine pet armour from 60 to 50.

+ Completionist Capes & Trimmed
  - Added 3 new completionist capes (eclipse, bloodstorm and shadowfrost)
  - Added 3 new trimmed completionist capes (eclipse, bloodstorm and shadowfrost)
  - Added strider wings completionist capes.
  - Added strider wings trimmed completionist capes.

+ Bottomless Hanto Potion
A new bottomless potion! Time to start hunting! This bottomless potion has the same effect as the regular hanto potion. It can't be used while a similar effect is active.

To see how to obtain the bottomless hanto potion head over to our wiki page about it here: https://exora-rsps.fandom.com/wiki/Bottomless_Potions

+ Point & Token shop interface
Updated the point and token shop interface.

+ Collection Logs
  - Added brimstone bear collection log to the world bosses category.
  - Added brimstone chest collection log to the boxes category.
  - Added 4 new monster collection logs (skilling monsters).
  - Added danzig's mystery box collection logs to the boxes category.

 + Monster Machine
   - Added Danzig's mystery box to the machine.
   - Made from monster materials obtained from the skilling monsters

+ Hellside Dungeon Agility Shortcut
We've added a new shortcut from Akdall's room to the monster room. Lvl. 98 agility is required to use this shortcut.

+ Weekend Event Changes
  - Saturdays will no longer grant 25% XP
  - Sundays will no longer grant 25% XP
  - New: Saturdays and Sundays will now give double experience and 1% increased drop rate.

+ Battle Pass Tasks
  - Added a battle pass task for both free and premium users to defeat monsters in Danzig's hunting grounds. These tasks give significantly higher pass experience.

+ Sacrifice List
 - Added faceless pieces to the sacrifice list for: 250k points each.
 - Added lietrye f* to the list for: 100k points.
 - Added faceless f* to the list for 250k points.
 - Added argus f* to the list for 300k points.

+ Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with not being able to use the captain's harpoon on other fishing spots. You can now use other harpoons on all harpoon fishing spots.
 - Fixed an issue with wilderness agility not giving the right amount of XP.
 - Fixed an issue with transmogrifier.
 - Fixed an issue with the monster drop table viewer sometimes not listing all the drops within a table, due to it having more than 50 drops.


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! Thank you for playing and enjoying Exora. Do let us know if you've got any suggestions and feedback.

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