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Mini Log #8 (Battle Pass Season 11, Eternal Demon World Boss)


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Greetings Exorians,

Today will be a fairly small update log.

Check out this month's deals and coupons here: (Updated Monthly Deals 🙂)


Let's get to it!


+ Battle Pass Season 11
Time for another season! This time we've added one more big reward at the end for the free pass players. Also as always a cool new battle pass custom set!

Here are the higher end rewards:

Introducing "The Conquerer"

Bringing back a back item (goes to amulet slot for transmog purposes)


+ Eternal Demon World Boss
As mentioned before we planned on adding more benefits to the eternal zone. Last update we've introduced the small elemental rock in the zone. With this one we're adding a new world boss, with very nice loot. It also drops x4 world boss essences per kill.

You can teleport to the eternal world boss via the command ::edemon




+ Changes 
 - Added confirmation dialogue to power charge, hellfire scrolls


We're still hard at work with the skilling update, we'll soon be able to release more information about it.

Thank you for playing Exora, good luck & have fun!

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