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Update Log #13 (Event Viewer Revamp, Item Gambling, Infinite Saradomin Brew & More)


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Greetings Exorians,

Today we'll bring you some QOL with the revamped event viewer, a new bob barter option, bottomless saradomin brew, credit shop changes and a few more things. It's not a big update, we are currently working on the skilling update. We're in need of extra game testers, if you're interested feel free to DM me or Matty on discord. Testers will be given a unique tester cape in-game!


+ Event Viewer

Our old events tab was quite outdated, and didn't serve its purpose that well. We've decided to give it a full revamp. It will now also show events that weren't previously listed such as; double experience, drops, and day events. Any server event will be listed on the viewer. So no need to keep asking if double experience is active! 🙂 You'll also be able to teleport to an event (if it has any) right from the interface. To save you a bit of time. Typing commands can be very annoying.

To access the event viewer, simply click the blue icon in the quest tab. Same as before.



+ Bottomless Saradomin Brew

The bottomless saradomin brew allows you to infinitely sip it. The materials to obtain it are different than the bottomless overload though. For the overload it is a monster drop. However we wanted to bring some more unique end-game items to skilling as well. Certain skilling activities may give you a material. Here's where you obtain them from:

+ Ashley logs
  - Obtained by woodcutting magic trees.
+ Mysterious fish
  - Obtained by fishing for squid.
+ Exorian coin
  - Obtained by pick-pocketing hero

You'll be able to titan forge it with a 100% success chance once you acquire these materials.



+ Bob Barter (Combine Unf. Potions)

You'll now be able to speak to Bob Barter to combine your herbs and vial of waters for the unfinished version. Note: Each combination costs 10k coins. You'll have to bring noted herbs and vial of water.



+ Gambling

We'll be temporary allowing item-gambling. We've been experimenting with certain rules and changes, to see if they're fine or if we should leave the rule as is. Depending on how it goes we may or may not toggle item gambling. With that comes the addition of a new rule which is:

  - You are not to spam your hosting on yell. (Once every 10 minutes is allowed)


+ Credit Shop Additions & Changes

  - Lowered price of world boss token to 99 credits.
  - Added bottomless saradomin brew to credit shop for 3499 credits.

   + Limited Golden Scoria Weaponry (Available until 1st of January, discontinued after.)
      + Golden Scoria Sword
         - Fast attacks. Has a 100% chance to double hit. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage.
         - Cost: 8999 Credits
      + Golden Scoria Bow
         - Fast attacks. Has a 100% chance to double hit. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage. Consumes scoria arrows.
         - Cost: 8999 Credits
      + Golden Scoria Staff
         - Casts spells twice as fast. Has a 100% chance to double hit. Its second hit dealing 50% less damage.
         - Cost: 8999 Credits
      + Golden Dweller Cape (Melee)
         - 1% chance to apply an additional hit, dealing 75% less damage. May stack with other extra hits.
         - Cost: 5499 Credits


+ Bug Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with not being able to use magic to attack players near undead dragon.
  - Fixed an issue with not being able to use magic to attack the undead dragon.
  - Fixed an issue where my frying pans would be given multiple times (lol)
  - Fixed an issue where enchantment of hunger would persists while attacking the DPS dummy.
  - Fixed an issue with the battle pass dark matter soulcage not progressing.


+ Transmog

   - Added all skill and 120 capes to transmogrifier > back category.



Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log. Exciting stuff coming soon!


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