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Update Log #49 (Sorcerer's Plunder, Raid Token Increases, New Monster Instances & MORE!)


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Greetings Exorians!

Time for another update, we wanted to release this update a bit sooner, but had some last moment changes that made it take longer. However we're happy with how it turned out! We haven't released a minigame in a long while, so we're happy to finally release one. We'll explain in this update log how it works. Thank you all for supporting Exora, and we appreciate all the feedback!

As for the Easter event, it will end roughly at 15th of May. The easter deals, are extended and will continue until 1st of June. You can find them here: https://exora.io/deals

Summer event will begin roughly at the start of June.

Let's get to the update!


+ Sorcerer's Plunder
A new minigame, where you go through a maze, plunder the safe and get rewards! This minigame allows you to obtain the much needed drop catcher. Similar to regular safeboxes, and the auto alchemizer. You can obtain drop catcher pieces, and combine them in to a full drop catcher. You cannot obtain drop catcher pieces duplicates, so every piece you get is unique and sort of a guaranteed way to obtain the drop catcher.

There are 4 mazes within the Sorcerer's area, each maze contains an old safe box. There are guards which you have to avoid within the mazes, once you get to the end you get to choose whether you want to loot the safe box, or continue to do another maze. Each maze that you complete will boost your rewards, such as rolls on the better loot table, higher chance at receiving drop catcher pieces and more loose springs.

Any item that boosts regular safebox rewards, will also work with plunder safe boxes.

Note that you cannot obtain alchemizer pieces from these safe boxes.

How to unlock the Sorcerer's Plunder:
  - You must have Safe Cracker skill ability unlocked first.
  - You can then unlock the Sorcerer's Plunder skill ability for 250 points.

How to get to Sorcerer's Plunder:
  - Head over to the Global teleports > minigames > Sorcerer's Plunder.




That's it for Sorcerer's Plunder. Good luck on obtain your drop catcher!


+ Monster Instances
We've added a few new instances for monsters, they're in the same pvm instance manager. We're most likely planning on adding a few more monster instances if needed, to help with overcrowded places.

These instances can only started if you have the rank above Eternal donator.
  - Added dark matter goraks instance, 6 total - 1m per kill.
  - Added dark matter demons instance, 6 total - 1m per kill.
  - Added ebonchill starlight instance, 6 total - 1m per kill.

All monsters are now multi-targetable within instances.

+ Increased Raid Tokens - Invocations
You will now gain more raid tokens per raid levels, this will only work for raids that have invocations. Hopefully this helps with increasing the benefit of running raid invocations!
   - Undying Vengeance: +1 additional raid token per 125 levels.
   - Faceless: +1 additional raid token per 100 levels.
   - Argus: +1 additional raid token per 100 levels.

+ Pets
  - Increased drop rate of regular elemental demon and golden.
  - Increased special damage, and % of regular elemental demon and golden
  - Golden Dragon will now do magic special hits, instead of ranged.

+ Collection Log
  - Updated safebox collection log, to now contain amulet of durzag, and lockpick trinket.

+ Changes
  - Clue scroll battle pass task will now track when danzig's artifact is used.
  - Seperated abyssal horrors from the abyssal demons area, also added a few more abyssal demons.
  - Pure and rune essences can now be purchased noted from the Runecrafting shop.

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with Magma reaver, and Celestial hunllef aggro.


Thank you all for taking the time to read the update log! Appreciate you all, GL & HF!

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