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  1. why would this be needed?
  2. I'll have to disagree with this one. I like where DM is currently at and dont have plans on changing it directly. Instead, we would introduce an upgraded variant (just like how the titanite sword is) with the other 2 DM weapons. Not saying that we are not open to any sort of changes but for now I dont think we need this
  3. lumplum

    A few things

    yes to zooming, other two i don't think so for now.
  4. very nice goals lets see how lucky you get
  5. Then most people would probably be upset you dont get anything good for easy mode. I firmly think that the requirements are fine where they are at right now. I get that people want to make lots of money and get rich but the server is only a few days old. I really enjoy how the server turned out where there is more grind involved where you have something to look forward to when you train your combat stats, goals like unlocking raids for example. This being said i am working on another group / community boss for all levels to join. For now though I do not think we should remove or reduce the raids cap.
  6. this would probably done in a bigger slayer revamp which may happen in future.
  7. We may consider it, going to keep an eye on it for now.
  8. raids is end game content. don't think this is a good idea as people would just rush it and not try out other content
  9. dravonic demons are not starter npcs, you'll need some decent gear to do them properly. They are fine as is IMO
  10. Monster parts were the reason for this "issue" of the beginner grind. I think the price of them is fine and as you progress more the higher end parts are worth a good bit to. Now your point in making a box of monster materials vs selling the parts itself makes sense, why not just sell all the parts to genstore and avoid making a box if it gives poor loot? well the difference here is that mboxes are a gamble. You're risking all those parts value in hopes to pull something good out of the mbox, thats what mboxes are. I personally think the prices are fine (for the most part) but lets see in the future if we need to adjust more things.
  11. staff has been buffed already