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  1. == Bug Fixes == - Removed constant messages of droprate bonus while having octo equipped - Monster boxes are now 100 percent obtainable, no failure rate - Monster hunter Xbow has stats - Fixed daily sword from daily chest having 0 charges + other changes to the sword - Fishing spots are more spread out in skillzone - Fixed graphical issue of the green bar when crafting monster boxes - 1 gp items in shop have been fixed - added proper stats to BIS accessories and gloves - Fixed daily task "slayer" teleport location - Dragon defender and arclight defender drop rates have been adjusted - Firestorm blade made a little bit bigger - Changed sailing daily task - Scoprian blowpipe tracking darts from toxic blowpipe has been fixed. - Fixed an issue where sailing moves would display when leaving sailing, now shows proper tab - unarmed attack animation changed to proper punch anims - Nerfed final raid boss, was one shotting people - Disabled ;;estar or ;;star tele while being in fp, wild, or combat - General RotGut soulsplit ability nerfed - Skeletal minions from skeletal strykwyrm have been given HP buff - Removed gwd items, ags, and claws from shops - Removed herblore items / shop - Firecape, infernal cape, and defenders kept on death in wildy - Dragonstone tree moved to the center of dark matter cave - Fixed issue with mac users where auto setup would remove login box == Additions == - Added rune hatchet to shops - Added cash bags to cash stalls - Added more daily tasks - Added new intermediate boss drops, beginner sword, and barrows defender - Added pouches to runecrafting shop - Added more deep rock spiders to deep rock cave
  2. Hello everyone, I am Lumplum. Many of you probably have no clue who I am since I have only recently joined the BPK (Exora now) discord but I'll be working with Bennie and other staff members (and community as well) for the future content updates for the server. My primary role is to provide you guys with the customs you will see in game (I will be making them) so please feel free to share your thoughts and give me feedback on what types of things you'd like to see and things you dont want to see. My style of custom models is generally different from yours but I'll do my best to make things that everyone will love. Excited for the release of Exora and I hope to see everyone in game very soon 🙂