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  1. Hey every, gonna keep it short and sweet! I just recently moved my wife and I into our new house and have been slowly getting everything up to standards and organized. I am happy to say (for the most part) everything is done and I will be back actively contributing! Thanks!
  2. Hey Keta, thanks for applying! You're accepted. I'll contact you on the Discord soon to finalize your permissions soon.
  3. Hello everyone! With permission from @Bennie, we will be reinstating the Exora Wiki to an updated, continuously maintained, and player-contributable wiki. With that being said, I will be looking for trusted, long-time players of Exora to take part in contributing to the wiki! If you are interested and would like to contribute, please copy-paste and fill in the required fields below. After I review the application and forward it to @Bennie for secondary evaluation, you will be contacted via Discord to establish a contributor role on the wiki. Wiki Contributor Application: * All fields that contain an asterisk are required. Thank you in advance to anyone interested and willing to join in on the wiki. I am looking forward to building this and working with you all! You can find the wiki here!
  4. @Bennie, the "assets" are just photo-shopped images to better display the idea! Thanks!
  5. An ancient evil has awoken. Rivers run crimson red, the sky beats a rustic orange, and the air has become a thick, unbreakable fog. The world as we know it has changed beneath us. The earth has become warmer, and fear-- heavily pronounced. Evidently, there is something evil brewing, and a clan of Paladins are instructed to get to the bottom of it. They were directed to an anomaly, a fissure not too far from Varrock, that has recently exposed itself. The Paladins, unknowingly marching into eminent suffering and death, entered the fissure. Never to return. Families of the forgotten begged and pleaded for answers, posters and calls to action erected around the surrounding towns. To no avail, the mystery remained sealed within the fissure. Quest Information: You are tasked to kill six demons representing the Six Circles of Sinferno. These Demons, who were each one of the six Paladins, are now the prime evils of their associated circles. Upon destroying the demons, the Paladins souls will be restored, and you will be deemed their savior. 1st Circle - Demon of Leon - Level 111 2nd Circle - Demon of Horus - Level 222 3rd Circle - Demon of Renfi - Level 333 4th Circle - Demon of Cal - Level 444 5th Circle - Demon of Samuel - Level 555 6th Circle - Demon of Alyx - Level 666 Upon clearing every circle of Sinferno, banishing their Demons, and freeing the Paladins, you will be rewarded with untold riches and the ability to travel to and from Sinferno as you please to kill every Demon again for "Sinferno Points" to be spent at the Sinferno Shop. (yet to be decided what will be included in this shop). After completing the quest you can enter the "Evil Rift" and select which Demon you want to slay again! Higher leveled Demons yield more points and vise-versa. Prove your worth, Forgotten Paradise, and you shall be remembered for eternities.
  6. Hey Beebs, welcome! Good luck in your time here. Keep in mind in the future to post in the correct sections on the forums! This should be in introductions! Good luck!
  7. Very detailed suggestion backed with evidence and data-- good job!
  8. Welcome to the official recruitment thread for Iron Nation! -- What is Iron Nation? Iron Nation is an Iron Man exclusive clan, meaning you must have an account you actively train on that is an Iron Man. (Open to all game modes, just have to be an Iron Man!) You must abide to clan rules and regulations, be a team player, and be apart of the Discord (link at the bottom of the thread). How do I join Iron Nation? To join Iron Nation is simple; join the Discord, copy and past the pinned message in the #join-iron-nation, fill out the required fields, and you'll be accepted or denied within 48 hours! What does Iron Nation do? Iron Nation is simply a clan of friends, teammates, and fellow Iron Men. We boss together, skill together, and iron-man together. Iron Nation is primarily a community-focused clan aiming to bring us all together in one organization dedicated to the challenge. I want to join! Click this link to join the Iron Nation clan Discord! https://discord.gg/xHucRVtMxJ
  9. Bottom right, reg donor. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey everyone, the name's Mizery. RSPS veteran, recently *attempting* to get back into the scene. I found Exora on a top-list and decided to give it a try! Exora will actually be the first server I have ever done Iron Man on so that's exciting, haha. Thanks for having me.
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