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  1. (Still in progress) Morning bois. Quick guide for Wildy spawns. Pros: multi area, wildy task, additional drop rate from adventurer log Cons: pker, TP limitation
  2. Open to suggestions~ Credits to freax's starter guide
  3. Starter Guide 2022! ::commands for all in game command! Hold ctrl and hover over item, NPC, skilling node to get more information Teleport- Ctrl+ G Home - Ctrl + H Slayer camp - Ctrl + S Dismiss pet - Ctrl + D Bank - Ctrl+ B (Master donor rank+) Selecting Mode First thing start out is to select mode and bank pin. Sir - Fastest XP mode in game, no perks (recommend for skilling alt, PKer or simply don't wan to grind.) Lord - Decently Fast XP, 1% DR (not recommended at all, Sir is better for skilling baron & king better for PVM.) Baron - Fast XP, 2.5% DR, 250 bonus prayer point (recommend for PVM main or PVM alt XP rate ain't that slow TBH) King - Slower XP as compare with other mode, 5% DR, 10% Hit rate, 500 bonus prayer point (recommanded for PVMer main, most played mode) Whichever mode u pick set bank pin at once as it also completes a achievement (Account manager NPC at home) This is your gear starting out in the game. The beginner gear has a timer of (6-7 hours) after which it will automatically be degraded to rust. The Baron and King mode have 1 hour extra before it degrades to rust. The beginner sword has 2500 charges before it degrades. You can get a scroll of charges that can give 250 charges from Daily Boxes. Beginner Armour has mid tier stats really great for starters Beginner sword has 2x attack speed and can be equipped at lvl 1 attack. (do not destroy beginner sword no way get another) Remember, to make the armor useful as it degrades by 6-7 hours. The Game timer doesnt go off if you log out so make sure bank the stuff. Teleports & Locations There's different teleports to certain areas. These include the following: Short cut : Ctrl + G General (Regular safe zone areas) Dungeons (Player versus Monsters) PVP Zones (Player versus Player) WARNING: YOU WILL LOSE GEAR IF YOU TELEPORT INTO THE WILDERNESS Skilling (Training Skills) Mini Games (Safe way to PvP with players or Just have some arcade fun) Bosses (Strongest of the strong. You will die a lot if you're undergeared) Favorite locations let u one click TP to the location Home Sweet home Check-in chest, daily freebie There are shops that hold gear, weapons, ammo, potions, accessories, and a general trade shop where you can drop off junk for coins. The Auction has items players are selling. Banker are located in the middle The Exo Store to spend your Exo point. you get Exo point by killing any NPC Achievement shop to spend your achievement points, you get achievement points by doing achievements in Quest TAB We also provide you with some fun lucky chests called "Enchanted Chest." Kill monsters to gain keys to open them. Daily task system Starter's best friend Daily reward for completing varies task Get you doing contents around the server rather then grinding at one area 24/7 Decent reward for beginner. Daily boxes is the only way to get scroll of charge for your beginner sword. Adventurer's Log Best passive system in game This log one of the most important feature in game Rewards including more DR, XP buff, Mystery boxes, resources Simply by playing the game, Skilling/PVM the log is passively completed. One of the few rewards in game that provides extra DR Achievements & Voting & Exo store Great Item perks for your account Every 12 hours you can vote for vote books. To do this type in game ::vote Go through all 7 vote sites and the human verification. Once you vote on all the sites just type this command ingame ::claimvotes You are rewarded with voting books. These can used to buy items off the vote shop or sell to players for coins. The achievement shop is located right next to the vote shop. When you complete achievements, you get exo points. You will know when an achievement is completed when a prompt pops up on your ingame notice. Exo store - Your best friend as a Starter, gain points by killing any monsters Items recommended for Achievement store Ring of wealth Gemstone hatchet White Octo F* Item recommended for Vote store Book of wisdom (for skilling & prestige) Lunar chisel Pestle & Mortal (e) Enhancement Gem Titan master Glove Item recommended for Exo store Attacker lvl 1 Collector lvl 1 Defender lvl 1 Healer lvl 1 Exo sword (Progression from beginner sword) Rune Pouch Hell cat (Awesome shoulder pet) Battlepass More freebies Seasonal reward for players completing Battle pass All player gets free Battle pass Complete daily battle pass task to gain pass XP (4 task for free pass & 8 for premium) Premium Battle pass are available via donor store/giveaways/auction house Best way to spend credits to rank up on donor rank Prestige/Titles/Pvp/PvM Instance/Risking/ & Appearance These come in handy let me tell give you a glance. Prestige is who you talk to when you have ALL your combat skills are maxed to 99. You will then gain small bonus perks on your stats. Titles is for those who want to stand out. You can set your title yell tag, name, and color.(master donor+) PvM Instance means you can pay a certain amount of coins to fight a monster continuously without interruption from other players (Like a private reservation) Risk is going to the Arena (You will lose items if you die) You can change appearance by talking to the makeover wizard. Slayer Camp & Tasks Slayer with Custom creatures! Slayer is main way of money making in game. You can get a slayer task by talking to the spiria the beginner master. (no streak) Progression goes from Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Sumona, Kuradal. (Task streak start from these 5 masters) Slayer gem will give u the whereabout of your slayer creature, slayer ring will TP u directly to the slayer creature (recommend to get ASAP) Eventually you gonna want to unlock every unlockable but it is commended to unlock special drops, superior monsters & ebonchill dragons Special drops give you the ability to receive extra reward on slayer Superior monsters give u the ability to encounter Superior slayer creature, which drops one superior essence each kill (worth 100m+ as of now) Ebonchill dragons located in the blurite dungeon drops ebon dragon bone each kill, Dragonfire protection and pray range (Bone is 1-2m each) Suggest to hold off on unlocking fire lands and boss tasks. Custom Skill Task Perm account perks Skill task unlocks many perm account perks which helps in many different ways Once u reach master task its also good money making method Task streak also available for skill task Safe cracking Exora Heists This is a custom skilling method in exora Have purchase the ability to crack safe from skill master duzag Safe rune can be done every 5 mins Total of 3 safe in game Fishing skill TP, Black market TP and Home TP Running all 3 safe and having Lockpick(tr) trinket will yield you extra reward The reward can range from skilling resource, custom potions, starter gears and Alchemizer parts (worth 1-2b each) The Titan Forge The Exora upgrade system The forge is only used to upgrade certain items on the list. Each item has a success rate % That percentage let's you know how likely you are to succeed. If you fail, all the items you accumulated & used in the forge will be gone.(unless Fail safe ticket is used) You can enhance your chances by getting forge gloves from the vote shop, forge potions & Forge collection log completion. Pool of Sacrifice Item sink system Sacrifice your items here, get sacrifice point, purchase donor store only items. Exora Aquarium Custom Underwater Dungeon There is a small swimming hole you can jump into for underwater exploration. You can find the location next to a pirate named "Pirate Pete" East of Shops. You will need a Fish Bowl, oxygen tank, Heavy Iron boots to stop the constant dmg tick. Only some types of weapon is able to deal to underwater monsters. Melee- rapier, lance, spear, maul. Magic- wand. Range- crossbow You will start out with 100% oxygen. But be careful, as the oxygen runs out you start to take damage You will notice there are empty oxygen capsules. These can be filled with small amounts of oxygen. To fill this, you will need 25 pieces of coral you can mine from underwater. Note: Leaving the dungeon will regain oxygen slowly Monsters underwater will poison your oxygen tank. Use purification tablet to cure your oxygen tank Hellside Rift Dungeon Custom Daily dungeon This dungeon has a daily timer of one hour Timer is increase with donar rank, rift reset scroll. Multi boss- Akdall the forsaken Hellside ore, akdall's log for BIS arrow Hellside imp for Aggression potion, Raids Potion & Titan forge potion Unlimited Element stars for element chunks and dust (mine at a slower rate) 2 custom spell for magic, Power charge, Hellfire burst. Akdall's shield, Amulet of akdall, Twisted crystal (to upgrade Horn boots), Akdall's crossbow ::topic 3168 if u need the details 😄 Events & Timetables Special world bosses and events happen every so often You can check the times of these events by going to the blue icon shown in the picture below. You should now be on a screen that shows hours, minutes, and seconds before the world boss appears. The timetables also shows you what events are going on right now There is a event for each day in the week General Progression path Super summarized & quick tips for starters This is a pretty grindy server ngl contents and progression will keep u occupy for few months. So don't feel demoted if u are not seeing any fast progress. PVM - When you start you want to go for slayer right away. Get slayer ring and go ahead with slayer unlocks. Its best to stick to your beginner gear until they are out of charges, which at that point u should be able to get a Exo sword either from auction house or Exo store. Exo sword would be one of the most important early game upgrade u can get. If u are short on cash/exo points try to complete a few easy achievements. Achievements reward u with both cash & exo points. Once Exo sword is acquired, try to get infernal armor set. You can also use the auction house to fill up rest of the gear slot. Use ::wiki for gears progression or ask in help chat. Try to aim for Comp cape at Skill zone. After gear is somewhat decent, do reqs for raid and start to join raids actively. Get extreme donor rank or above, Drop catcher, shoulder pet, helps a ton. Tier 99 prayer, malevolence, affliction, desolation is a must for mid-high tier PVMing. Skillng - Open quest tab, achievements manager. try to complete all the skilling achievements. (elite achievement reward are huge) Start doing skill task from skill master duzag. This is actually really good money per task once u get to master. Safe cracking has chance at alchemizer parts, Magic trees, hero pickpocket and squid fishing give u a chance at infinite sara brew parts. Try aiming for max and trim reqs. Make use of daily hellside rift hour, events thats on going, element stars every 2 hours & world bosses spawns IF there is any trouble or help is needed help chat is always available and staff will be happy to help. Good luck grinding
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