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  1. I would prefer that if you would announce double EXP for 24 hours - that you indeed do make it 24 hours. I lent my Octo to someone so they could achieve comp yesterday. They did and I logged on early this AM to finish my grind. Popped my wisdom books and about 2 minutes later - Double exp was turned off at 7AM EST. I was online when double EXP was turned on yesterday - and that time was 11AM EST. I get I'm upset about a 4 hour difference. But I would prefer if you announce it as such - that you follow that timeline. I along with a few other members got upset by this. Please let me know what you think Keeta. Disregard - I don't think this decision was made by you - I just can't delete a post on the forum.
  2. I'm also an Master donator with $1200 invested on my account and over $600 traded to other players to redeem themselves. I fully wish for this server to be the best it possibly can be - and I think I can add an extra body to assist and fill any gaps needed to make this the #1 server - if it isn't already!
  3. In-game Name: Jbabe Age: 23 Country & Timezone: EST Time Played: 21 Days Do you have any past experience?: I used to code my own 317 07 server just for fun back in the day. I admin'd on a 50-75 active player count server back in 2012. I have experience in the coding industry aswell as RSPS server control and community industry. Why do you want to be a part of the team?: I would like to be apart of the team because many players tell me all the time they see me as staff and I'm always on to give advice when other's aren't. I just want to see the server reach it's max potential - whether that's offering any assistance at coding side things for Bennie or just offering support to the current and new server players. In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?: I work in a IT consulting field in my career - so I fully understand what it takes to make a great team member and to go above and beyond for the players to make their in game experience the best it can be. It not only involves that - but interacting with the mod and admin base to ensure we are all on the same page and progressing the server into the best possible shape it can be! In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team?: I have a heavy experience in coding and consulting. My current job is Complex Delivery IT Consulting - where I work with business validated at 50m-1b in assets and monitor/restructure/and remediate their IT environments. Not only am I extremely versed in being able to communicate with the community of the server - but I will be able to assist in any other aspect of the server based off my experience in IT and hospitality.
  4. Nice shit Bennie - now i gotta level a full battle pass 🙂
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