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(Ironmen Only) Iron Nation - Join Today!

Iron Mizery

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Welcome to the official recruitment thread for Iron Nation!


What is Iron Nation?

Iron Nation is an Iron Man exclusive clan, meaning you must have an account you actively train on that is an Iron Man. (Open to all game modes, just have to be an Iron Man!) You must abide to clan rules and regulations, be a team player, and be apart of the Discord (link at the bottom of the thread).

How do I join Iron Nation?

To join Iron Nation is simple; join the Discord, copy and past the pinned message in the #join-iron-nation, fill out the required fields, and you'll be accepted or denied within 48 hours!

What does Iron Nation do?

Iron Nation is simply a clan of friends, teammates, and fellow Iron Men. We boss together, skill together, and iron-man together. Iron Nation is primarily a community-focused clan aiming to bring us all together in one organization dedicated to the challenge.

I want to join!

Click this link to join the Iron Nation clan Discord!






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