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  1. It doesn't count in order to receive the item, no. But it does aid your application if wishing to become a tester again.
  2. Hello Exorians, As we're planning a lot to have a lot of content implemented for our players, we're wanting to find some help with testing the newly released content before we put it out there in order to maximise the user's experience in terms of there being no flaws. Reward: Each beta tester will be given a Beta Heirloom, which is exclusively unlocked by being a Beta Tester. This item is in no way unlock able any other way than being a member of the Beta Testing crew. You will also unlock a Beta Tester role on the Discord. How do I become a Beta Tester?: If you're interested in helping us out with testing the new content, then we only ask you to Private Message either @Clevelandor @Bennie on discord using this format: Username: How long have you played Exora? How good is your game knowledge? Have you been a Beta Tester for Exora in the past? Please fill this out as accurately and informative as you can and Direct Message it to either one of us. Thank you guys for your support and we hope you're enjoying the server thus far!
  3. As some players choose to play with an iMac, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, there will occur complications as Java and iOS don't exactly go hand in hand. Frequent issues & Fixes: Black Screen Holding down the "S" button whilst loading the client should force the client into Software Mode and thus fixing this issue, as Mac does not support OpenGL or DirectX. Can't Open the Jar If you can't open the jar because it's from an unverified supplier, the way to fix this is by simply archiving the file. This is done by right-clicking the Exora.Jar and choose to Open-With the "Archive Utility". This will then create a compressed file in which you can later delete, but it'll allow you to normally open the Exora client normally afterwards. Java Versions You're always going to want to have the latest version of Java installed on your Mac in order to maximize the performance of the client. Standard Java for MacOS Alternative Java for MacOS If none of these help then be sure to request help by sending a Staff Member a Private Message either on the Discord, Forums or In-game.
  4. Owner - @Bennie - Developer - @Stugger- Community Manager -@Matty- Server Moderator - @Freaxs- -@Nerevar- - @jig saw - Server Support -@kwibus- -@cameron- -@kingofswords- Staff Members enforce the rules, be sure to read them to make sure you won't face any problems. Interested in becoming a Staff Member? Make sure to apply here!
  5. Staff Members enforce the rules, be sure to read them to make sure you won't face any problems. You can view the full list of staff members here, OBS: this is ALWAYS updated! Interested in becoming a Staff Member? Make sure to apply here! Who do I contact?: Anything Forums Related? - General Questions? - My screen is black? - My account is Jailed or muted? - My client isn't loading? - I've been scammed! - My account is Banned? - I want to place a Report! - I want to report a bug! - I'm having Donation Issues! - My Appeal was dealt with unfairly! - I forgot my Password! - I forgot my Bank Pin! - I've been hacked! - I'm missing items! - I want to report a Staff Member! - As you can see, the owner is not listed as an option, and that's because you aren't supposed to contact them, so don't. If the staff you're looking for is unavailable, you may contact another one. Do refrain from contacting the highest staff member if possible. Responsibilities: Server Support: These are the lowest ranked Staff Members we have. They are the ones who very recently got promoted and are learning how to handle their new commands to their use. Things these member(s) can do are; kicking, muting and jailing your accounts. As mentioned in the name, they are solely here for the purpose of being supportive and helping player(s) in need. All Staff Members have to start as a Server Support. Server Moderator: When the Community Manager believes that we're in need of someone with a higher power and believe there's a person fit for it, that person will receive a promotion from Server Supporter to a Server Moderator. This is a rather big promotion in terms of commands and responsibility. Moderators receive commands such as; ban & ip-ban, which are two very powerful commands. In addition to this, moderators also take care of player appeals & reports. Staff Members will most likely have this rank for a very long time. Server Administrator: These members manage the Server's Administration. This means they manage all the issues relevant to a player(s) account. This will mean recoveries, refunds, bugs and always makes sure the Moderators make justified decisions in Appeals & Reports. Administrators are the go-to people when in need of account assistance. Sounds easy, but requires a lot of experience and being able to view things from different perspectives. Also don't forget, Administrators still have the same responsibility as the lower ranked ones. Server Administrator is usually the highest rank a member will reach. Community Manager: This is the highest rank a player can receive. This person manages the whole Staff Team and the Server. The Manager helps the Owner with content creation and delivers important messages as well as makes sure the Developers prioritize what the players & server needs the most. This person is in charge of the Staff Team and deals with the demotions & promotions. In addition to this, they also take care of Staff Reports and Player Suggestions. The manager is also in charge of hosting server & forum events. More or less, responsibile for being the bridge between the management and players. They also have the responsibilities of every single rank below them. Owner & Developers: The Owners & Developers focus on the technical issues, such as client issues, bugs and things that refrains the player from enjoying the game-play. They also focus on the content, such as creating bosses, adding new items to make sure the players are entertained. Besides that they have to make sure the Server attracts enough players, by doing advertisements. Aside from Development, the Owners have the right to overrule any decision made by their Staff Members. The Owners are not easily contacted, because they do not want to deal with issues that they have Staff Members for. When an Owner is needed, an Administrator will contact them. The Head Administrator communicates daily with the Owners to update them with what's going on and what suggestions we should consider. The owners takes care of advertisements, voting and everything else.
  6. When applying for a Staff Position, please make sure to follow the given format. Any applications made not following the format will be automatically declined! Copy the format and answer it in a new thread. Guidelines: - Must speak and type fluent English. - Must have been a member of the community for at least 60 days. - No recent punishments. - No previous serious rules broken. Format: In-game Name / Discord Name: Age: Country & Timezone: Time Played: Do you have any past experience?: Why do you want to be a part of the team?: In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?: In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team?: Have you had any bad experiences with players? How many hours a week do you generally play? Do you currently play any other RSPS? The Applications are currently OPEN.
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