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Game stuck on safe-mode and you have JRE&JDK installed? Let's FIX it.


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This is a little guide to changing windows environment variables to make sure Windows is using JRE's VM rather than JDK's VM to run Exora.jar

JarFix link: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html


Let's start with the easiest fix, which should work for most of you.

1. Update your java to the latest version (jre) even if u have the latest jre install it again because that might fix which java Jarfix prefers.

2. Download Jarfix and run it.

3. if Jarfix was succesfull and it used jre you should be all good. Run exora and try if it works.

on some occasions jarfix tries to fix the jar files by using jdk's javaw, normally from what I've seen reinstalling your java JRE and then running jarfix should fix the issue but if it doesnt for you we can try changing the environment variables. In this case.. if you dont need JDK uninstall it and your directx should work!


1. Open CMD

2. Type in "java -version"

This CMD above shows that Windows is using the JDK server VM which doesn't support directX. Let's change that shall we?


1. Open up environment variables by pressing windows key and typing in "environment"

2. Click Environment Variables on the bottom right corner.

3. There should be a "PATH" system variable with some java value. open the PATH variable. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN USER VARIABLES.


On the above image we see 2 javapath's, You might only have 1 path, but I have 2 because I installed them to different paths.

4. Delete them both and and find your java jre path (make sure you find the jre path, NOT the jdk). Mine is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre-1.8\bin".

5. Now that we have the java path, head back to Edit environment variable. click "New" and write in your java path ^. press OK on both interfaces.

6. Let's head back to CMD and type in "java -version" again. We should see the java version and the VM it is using changed to your jre java.


At this moment I'd restart computer just incase jarfix needs that.

7. Run jarfix and pray it is using java jre.


8. Run exora and have fun!

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