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Money Making for Newer Players

King Lunar

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Good evening, Exora family. This is a guide that points towards helping new players in a very efficient way to make money. I've noticed in my time here that players who would join seem to find it kind of difficult to obtain cash having no gear and what not, so if you think you fit in the category, this one's for you. This method doesn't really require you to obtain gear as fast as you can and just start PVMing, it's more of a skilling result and sacrificing your time for that so later on getting a gear set isn't as hard. With a little bit of time and commitment, you should be rolling, just have to put the work in. Keep in mind, THIS CAN BE AN ALT ACCOUNT. As you know King players get a higher drop rate than other game modes, which is harder to level up, but since this method is only for making money while mining, just make it a Sir account, so that it's easier to level up. This does not have to be your main account. This is just an easy way to make money on the side. Let's begin.

1. You want to hit Ctrl+G, and teleport to Skill Master in your Global Teleports. Talk to the Skillmaster and click "Can I access the Skill Point shop?" option. This menu should come up on your screen.

2. After you see this menu, you want to click the "Learn" tab on the top right. After clicking that, you will see various amounts of things that you can learn with skill points. Obtaining skill points isn't too rough. You put the time and effort in, and you'll get it done in no time. It's a requirement you do 30 easy tasks, 25 mediums, and 20 hard tasks to access Master tasks. You get points per task and go on a streak, similar to Slayer, you can see it in your Quest tab. On your 10th task, make sure you're doing a harder task to get the most points out of it. That way, this process of making money becomes quicker. You can see the "Learn" tab menu below.


3. Now that we got that out of the way, there is 1 thing you need to buy from the "Buy" tab, and 2 things you want to learn from the "Learn" tab to  this way of making money. The only item you need for this method of money making is a "Miners (tr)". The first thing you want to get from the learn tab is "Learn to gain logs, mine rocks, and catch fish faster." The second thing you want to get is "Learn to mine galactic rocks from elemental star." You can see all these items circled in red down below.


5. After obtaining all these, you can see that everything you have obtained has something to do with mining. The reason you are getting these items is so that you can mine the elemental star. The elemental star spawns every 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can see this in your ques tab after hitting the "Event Viewer" icon in the top right of your quest tab. There you will see the teleports and what time the Elemental Star is going to spawn. You then would teleport there by type" ::estar "and it takes you right to it. I have listed how to get to the ::estar through the quest tab below.



5. I'm not saying you need these items to mine the elemental star, I'm saying if you want to be the most efficient in obtaining these ores, this is the most efficient way. You're mining the ore faster, and you're getting these Galactic rocks which can be chiseled into 2-6 elemental chunks, which then you can chisel the elemental chunks into elemental dust. These are the ores you obtain while mining. You need 60 mining to mine the elemental star, but in the meantime while you're waiting for it to respawn I suggest you get your mining to 90 to use a Lucky Pickaxe, which has a percent chance to turn the ore you mine into dust, and your crafting to 70, which allows you to chisel your elemental chunks into dust. I would recommend investing in a Lunar Chisel, which allows you to have a 5% chance to cut double the elemental chunks. You can find that in the vote shop at home, or buy it from other players. Do not stress about not having a Lunar chisel when you first start, it's just an upgrade you can get later on.
6. As I suggested, when elemental star has been fully mined, and you're just sitting around on your account, there is also a Rift Dungeon. It's located directly east of home past the dock. You'll see an orange pickaxe on your map located on the top right of your screen. In the Rift Dungeon, there is only 1 hour available time in the Rift Dungeon as a new player (without benefits, meaning donating and becoming a higher rank gives you more time in the Rift Dungeon). In the Rift Dungeon, there are small elemental rocks that you can farm for elemental dust as well! Yes, you do farm small elemental chunks, but they all chisel into elemental dust either way, so it's the same thing. You can farm here every single day for 1 hour, so that you're making the most out of this every single day. While farming the ::estar every hour you can, and the rift dungeon every single day, you will be making a good amount of money. The elemental dust sells for around 1.5m-2.5m each depending on the market at the time. This way while you're doing this and making money getting gear sets and what not is easier when you can just buy them. You don't have to go straight into PVM and hope for a drop. Down below, I have listed where the small elemental rocks are in the Rift Dungeon.




       Overall, this will help all of you guys, especially new players, start making some money so not too many issues come up in the future when trying to purchase something. You can always result back to this method if you're ever short on cash, or always have two clients open with one doing this tactic, and the other as your main account doing whatever you please to do. Good luck and I hope this helped you!


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