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  1. In-game Name / Discord Name: furrydevil nlwurmpienl#5428 Age: 30 Country & Timezone: Netherlands CET UHT +1.00 Time Played: 34 days Do you have any past experience?: yes used to run my own server Why do you want to be a part of the team?: like to help people and to grind together with them In your opinion, what qualities makes a great staff member / team?: always helpfull, good knowledge, im not taking stuff to serious what makes it more relaxed to play In what way and what makes you and only you, a great asset to the current staff team?: knowledge and the patience i have not to get raged up against players. Have you had any bad experiences with players? i don't have a bad expierence with other players, and asfar as i know other players also not with me How many hours a week do you generally play? arround 20+ hours Do you currently play any other RSPS? i don't play anny other rsps at the moment
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