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  1. Hey there! my name is Dominic, I'm 26 and from Western Colorado, currently in South Florida. I've played RS since 2005, found it on Miniclips (if you remember RS from there you're an OG). This seems like a mellow and considerate community and I'm happy to be here. It doesn't matter how fancy a server is coded, if the people are mostly trolly and acting like they're 10 years old emotionally,.. I work expos/food-runner/busser at this awesome restaurant on the beach, and I spend most of my free time learning to play music (I play djembe drum and electric guitar), making art, or practicing kendama, which is a Japanese ball-and-cup game that is extremely meditative and brings me intense joy. I really enjoy the server so far, I'm excited to get to know people here considering how much more I've learned about Life since the years since I've played private servers or RS in general. If you're on Instagram, my tags for my artwork and kendama clips respectively are @dominicdrawz and @dama.sadhana See ya in game! :)
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