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  1. #1: Pretty sure it's already been mentioned to Bennie, however just fyi - if he decides to implement a bank placeholder feature it'll be delayed drastically due to how difficult and time consuming it is to setup on a high revision server. #3: Having an auto-chat which works basically just like an autotyper is just going to create unnecessary and unwanted spam. It's not like OSRS where you need to spam your way through to get a challenge at Duel Arena, at an RSPS that'll just quite frankly become annoying and cause MANY players to get themselves some unwanted attention from staff members. #5 & 6: I suppose just having a command would be a better QoL which aids the server rather than having to directly open the forums/teleport home to do so. #11: Not really sure what you mean? An interface which then displays all of the rules, or what?
  2. Shortcuts for all Skilling Guides (Credits to SilverNova for Images and thread layout) Images that don't have any links will be updated once the guides correlated to the skill has been made! Other Useful Guides:
  3. Feels like Zezotic's comment was the only one that comes close to what actually should be on an application, so if you want more "actual" responses then i'll offer my effort. As I have no clue who you are it'll be even more effort, but then again, that's my fault for not yet have downloaded the game. There's not really much to say, I could sit here and criticize the effort you put in or how informative this was, but there's really not that much to say (based on only the application). I'd obviously have more to say if I knew you but that's not the scenario we're in. So after a quick look, I realized that you haven't exactly given any feedback, and that could be a big issue. The chances are you will not be able to realize that you will need to change/adapt at some point as well (and actually acting accordingly to it). Saying that you love each and every staff member to 100% without any sorts of doubt, is either you being clingy and annoying or failing to analyze their performance, which could be an issue. I can assure you, none of the staff, none of Jagex's employees and no person in the world is "perfect". Giving & Receiving constructive feedback are one of the most important features a staff member MUST have, which in this topic, I saw none of. Work on that. Since I don't know you in-game there's not really much else to say, but I figure it'd be more useful to say what I had to say rather than "good luck", which is what everyone should be doing considering it's an application, not a "i'm playing against liverpool tomorrow!!!!! omg wish me luck!!" thread.