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  1. Professional MM ❤️ ty for reminder ^^
  2. Hello Exora! Recently, I started playing this server and I love how much it resembled Bennie's old server "BeastPK" which is why most of my suggestions come from there as these were the best features and useful for situations now. I'd like to suggest an NPC that sells PRESET Runes for a certain price. For example the NPC would offer: 1000 x Ice Barrage for (however much it costs for these runes) 1000 x Blood Barrage (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^) This would resolve the issue of players being unable to buy the most common runes required (Blood, Death, Water, Air) from the Magic store as it is never stocked! It would also help ADMINS as they aren't constantly being pestered to Restock the stores every 20 minutes as there are no more runes left. Thank you for reading Exora! Valerian.
  3. Thanks for the reply! 😄 I think that the benefits of ;;estar outweigh the risk of dying to pkers which is why people still go ^_^ So for the players that complain, if you want to be safe and skill, do so. However, these are for the risk takers :3
  4. Hey man, nice intro. Hope to see you around bro! Enjoy Exora ^^
  5. Hello Exora, Today i'd like to bring up the suggestion of the "Rogues Castle" being implemented into Exora as a skilling area for thieves. For those who played Beast PK (A server made by Beast before Exora), It was a PvP area that gave enormous amounts of money and thieving exp for thieving a chest for money. It was so fun and it made Beast PK an amazing game to play. I believe it will make the game a lot more interesting and improve the current PvP aspect of the game. I have asked before however most people say that it would be better to bring it in the future when more players come. Thank you for reading! Valerian ^^
  6. Thanks for the Price List bro, glad you made the effort to do so. Hopefully people will look at it and the price of stuff will fluctuate less. Appreciate it Deathkil ^^
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