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  1. Prestiging on all modes at the moment give you the same benefit but it's much harder on king than on sir mode. This leads to the problem that it's basically not worth it at all to prestige on a king but pretty damn worth it on a sir. The benefit of kin is a bit better drop rate which you pay for by it being more difficult to get your stats to 99 which is fairly balanced. However, when it comes to prestige you have to deal with really slow xp rates every time you want to prestige rather just once. Therefore nobody prestiges on king. Sir gets something like 50x the xp rate of king so you could prestige a sir 49 times in the time it takes to make a king with 99 cb stats. Obviously that's broken af, therefore prestiging needs to be changed. I have 2 potential solutions. 1. All game modes get the same xp rate in combat when they prestige whether it be sir rates or lord rates or whatever. 2. Different xp rates for the different modes when prestiging but nowhere near as drastic as they currently are. King should maybe take 2-3x longer prestiging than sir rather than 50x. The vast xp rates make sense for training an account the first time but don't make sense when it comes to prestige.
  2. Currently PVM in this server works pretty damn well and so does skilling and everything else which is why this server is successful. What's the one thing it's missing? VIABLE PVP! Here's the huge thing. PVM works at the moment but PVP doesn't so when a player comes to this server and mainly wants to PVP but there's literally no opportunity to do so, they quit instantly! Not to mention current players eventually getting bored of PVM and having no PVP to do temporarily, lose interest over time and can also quit. So lets fix PVP! I've pked a lot in RS2, RS3, OSRS, many private servers, and especially private servers with very similar if not identical customs to this one. I've seen pking in all of those be very balanced and fun and also go to shit over time and with the release of items that break the balance. With that said, I have the following suggestions: 1. Don't allow ridiculously OP customs meant for PVM or everyone will get 1hit and nobody will pk. 2. On the other hand, don't allow armor with ridiculous absorb meant for PVM or some people will rag and be invincible and nobody will pk (maybe also don't allow divine spirit shields). 3. Probably buff the rewards. PVM should probably be a fair bit better than PVP for money making but PVP should give somewhat decent money. There should also definitely be some items that are at least BIS (best-in-slot) in some niche scenarios that you can only get as a PVP reward to get people into PVP. Since this game hasn't really had PVP since it's launch there should be something to jump start it. 4. Continuing that note... hype up PVP! Triple the rewards the first 3 days after the rework to get people into it or something. I don't care what it is, just do something! 5. Also probably make it easier/cheaper to get basic PVP items. Making barrows gloves cheaper, making it easier to get claws/ags for new players, etc. This will help reduce the barrier to PVP. If a player who's not even that rich can pk in full torva and have 1600 hp with brews, a new player should be able to get a regular ags to try and at least have a chance of killing them. 6. This one may be controversial but I'd honestly prefer most "normal" pk gear to be available from shops. That includes godswords, claws, void, imbued rings, goliaths, defenders, fire capes, torsos, etc. Some of these can be fairly expensive so it's not like they lose their value but it shouldn't be a huge hassle to get a basic pk set in together. You should be able to kill someone, sell all of their standard gear to the shop for coins and then when you die you can buy your normal gear from the shops easily. Obviously customs and more rare items shouldn't conform to this but if you want to have a regular DH fight with claws, b ring i, and defender risk it shouldn't be a huge hassle to get more stuff if you die. That's just my 2 cents on how to fix pking, please add your suggestions as a response if you have any. Also please try to get this seen so we can get some decent PVP.
  3. Add the normal Arcane stream necklace with 15% mage damage and like 15 mage accuracy or whatever to either the magic shop for some amount of money or as an uncommon but not super rare slayer drop or something. It feels very weird use magic with a really expensive and op setup and you have a fury on. Seems like a simple oversight to me.
  4. PVP is obviously broken on this server which is why despite being quite active, nobody partakes in it. I think most players would enjoy PVP being viable and an option, especially if PVM still remains as the best moneymaker by far. Even if you have no interest in PVP, it would attract more new players and retain current ones who would probably do lots of PVM as well making PVM more active. Currently the biggest problem is how easy it is to get one hit by all the customs. I'm very familiar with other servers similar to this one with similar customs etc. and how PVP was balanced/stopped being balanced on them and have the following recommendations. Don't allow most of the super OP customs in wildy at all or allow some but make them hit at normal speed and nerf their damage in PVP significantly. Nobody can PVP if one person can just 1hit everyone with OP gear. Obviously some customs should work to make PVP more interesting and fun but it can't be ridiculous. Also, you want it to be at least theoretically possible for a new player with a well timed venge-AGS spec to kill someone in really good gear. Otherwise, you get this exponential power creep where you can't even fight someone if they're significantly above you. Their can be some power creep if you have armors with lots of absorb but that has the issue of getting ridiculous above a certain level of absorb. Basically if you have a shield that gives you an extra 20% absorb and the rest of your gear gives you 10% then you take 70% damage instead of 90% when you wear that shield. That's a big difference but you're still killable. But if your armor gave you 60% and the shield boosts it to 80% absorb, now you take 20% damage instead of 40%. You just halved the damage! Add another 20% and you're invincible. So adding armors with absorb doesn't work indefinitely to counteract OP weapons so you have to stop at some point. Personally, I think illum/flur with some 2 tick melee weapons is about as far as you can go without destroying PVP. Basically, whoever is redesigning PVP needs to sit down, see what weapons/armor exists, and not allow the ridiculous stuff in the wildy.