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  1. Nice, man ty for taking the time to do this much appreciated :D also i would recommend Attacker hierloom over the collector not sure if raids is effected by drop rate tbh
  2. I have compiled a list of items that I have seen pulled throughout the game to give players a better understanding on what all is in the chest and have put sets that contain both leg/skirts as set Armours/cosmetics Bandos Runeset Armadyl Rune set Spined armour RockShell armour Dragon armour Obsidan Cape Ganodermic armour Grifolic armour Fungal armour Virtus elite Torva elite Pernix elite Spirit Shields Akrisae armour Elite black armour God Halos Battle mage armour avalani's robe set agile armour Spellcasters gloves Swift gloves Goliath gloves Destruction Armour Gorilla mask Wings (same as votewings) berserker helm Weapons Godswords Saradomin sword Oranate katana Elite Rapier Dragon 2h sword Dragon Claws Dragon Halberd Dark Bow (colored) Armadyl battle staff polypore staff Granite maul Virtus wand Seeds guam seed tarromin seed marrentil seeds dwarf weed seeds snapdragon seeds candantine seeds lantadyme seeds Resources mirthil ore Adamant bar adamantite ore rune ore rune bar lava ore lava bar Misc. gilded bronze pickaxe Deep Rock chest Magma keys burning key dwarven army axe Not sure if this is all the drops will add more as I find more drops not on this list
  3. Must say I am impressed 😮 very nice
  4. Nice guide and grats on 10th prestige! def using this method on king iron 😄
  5. Going to be adding in more to this guide as Updates are added btw 😛
  6. haha thanks! next time I will 😛 or even if I add stuff later on 😛
  7. Thanks you guys, I appreciate the positivity! I am not very tech savvy so my phone was best XD.
  8. Hello! I am here to help those wishing to start as Ironman learn how to get started as a iron, without further to do here we go! -you can choose to either do the tutorial or not up to you.- Gamemodes The main focus you are gonna want to do is Baron or King as they provide the best benefits since we are to be self efficient cant use most shops and cant loot other player loot, use auction house or pvp kill for gear. SIR 250X Combat xp 150x Skilling xp LORD 125x Combat xp and 75x Skilling xp with a 1% drop rate bonus BARON 50x combat xp 25x Skilling xp with a 2.5% drop rate bonus, a 5% hit rate increase and a extra 250 prayer points KING 10X combat exp 5x skilling xp a 5% drop rate increase, a 10% hitrate increase a extra 500 prayer points and the beginner set lasts longer once you have decided on what game mode you would like it will ask you if u want to be a Iron or even a HARCORE IRON Hell yeah we do So we have are starting gear and now is where you decide whether you want to do skills or combat first, first lets know what there is that can help us in IRONMAN. As a Ironman there are a few Shops that we are ALLOWED to use in the skilling and home areas The major one being the ironman shop which is found by teleporting to the skilling zone and running north This npc sells are basic tools for starting skills and also the cullimancer's gloves (barrow gloves) Another store we are allowed to use in the Skilling zone is the herblore shop which is found south of the skillzone bank and it sells the secondary ingrediants and vials of water SHOP1 SHOP 2 Now for the Misc. shop which is found at home! this stores sell us a few odds in ends like rune arrows which are great with a Featherfall Bow! and the unidentified glove, necklace, and ring for the best in slots. now the next shop you can use as a iron is the magic shop at home for runes! Personally I would start with skills that are required for the easy-medium achievements, these reward with CASH, EXO points and ACHIEVEMENTS POINTS and LAMPS! depending on their difficulty as we can get the EXO sword from the EXO store which is 25k EXO points and will be our best in slot melee for a while. EXO POINT STORE And the ACHIEVEMENT STORE Now if you want to Choose combat first I recommend immediately Grabbing a slayer task as we can get started on leveling up our combat stats for better tasks and also getting some cash built up and also getting our prayer to 43 is VERY IMPORTANT as then we can use the PROTECT FROM MAGIC AND MELEE which is useful for farming DARK CELESTIALS(Pray magic) CELESTIAL FOXES(pray melee) for the Featherfall bow which will be our main range for awhile and also the celestial staff and scimitar (if u don't buy the exo sword) @ the celestial cave teleport. NOW IMPORTANT TIPS I CAME ACROSS WITH MY KNOWLEDGE AND THE HELP OF OTHERS PRAYER- DO NOT BURY THEM USE THEM ON THE ALTAR AT HOME NORTH RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BANK! HERBLORE -PRAYER POTS ARE OUR LIFE! requires 38 herblore and a ranarr weed and snape grass! the best quantity for herbs I have found is killing the bronze and steel scorpions for all herbs 1-20 NOTED! Fishing and Cooking- self explanatory fish the best fish and cook that fish to help not dwindle down your prayer pots! And as you have been Killing monsters around Exora you will notice you have come across parts that look like these these parts are used at these Parts are used at the monster table found northeast of the home bank between the slayer camp and the dicezone these boxes give various items some lack luster then others but also contains some major upgrades for us iron the main ones being the Monster hunter shield (can be upgraded to Titanite Shield) Monster Handaxes (little bit weaker then the Dark Matter Sword) Ancient amulet (same stats as a fury) ShadowStone ring (same stats as berserker I) the amulet and the ring also give a better chance for The monster parts as for Armour progression i'm not very experienced as I skipped a lot with grinding out the biggest baddies I could do in low tier gear, but here is how I progressed so far in my time playing as a iron Melee starter gear<Rune Armour<Bandos<barrows<Dravonic<???? Now what drops this gear? Rune armour almost any monster drops rune armour Bandos is Dropped by general Graador Barrows/Guthans/Dharoks, is dropped by the boss sunfreet Dravonic Demons 85 slayer required drop the dravonic @ Dravonic lair Range Green dragonhide<Black Dragonhide<Armadyl<ShadowScale<??? Green dragonhide is dropped by the celestials Black dragonhide is dropped commonly by hellhounds and skeletal wyverns Mage Mystic<Ahrims<???? Mystic is droped by various slayer monsters Ahrims I got randomly from a event that is no longer here ( 😞 ) Now for tips on how to train certain skills that you may be struggling with this is what I did if u find a easier method More Power to you 😄 Fishing and cooking Monkfish require 62 fishing and 62 cooking they burn a lot but once u hit the 92-94 you hardly-never burn a inv Crafting what I did was Bowstrings until I was able to cut sapphires and carried a chisel with me everywhere and picked up the higher lvl uncuts as well to stock pile them for when I could craft them. Also Thieving This skill benefits your crafting to a multitude of xp if you didn't happen to get a gemstone hatchet to chop gemstone trees at lvl 75 you can steal from the gem stall in the thieving area of the skillzone Recently they added a new Feature THE TITAN FORGE! here you can make Upgrades to Certain weapons at a cost and fee as you can see this one requires a feather fall bow+10m+10 elemental dust and has a 15% to forge YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR ITEMS BACK IF YOU FAIL TO FORGE IT IS BEST TO HAVE EXTRAS BEFORE DOING THIS!!!!! Easiest bosses/npc i have found to kill for titanite shards Abyssal horror Exorian Champion Ebonchill dragons GEMSTONE HATCHET TREES OPAL HOME EAST OF SHOPS SAPPHIRE BLURITE MINES EMERALD CELSTIAL CAVE WEST OF ENTRANCE RUBY SUNFREETS LAIR NEAR WHERE U SPAWN DIAMOND ????? DRAGONSTONE DARK MATTER CAVES SOUTH FAQ On Gear HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN GLORY OR FURY Step 1. obtain a Dragonstone/onyx from various monsters 2.aqurire a amulet mould from the barbarrians in barbarian village (tele to varrock run west) 3. aquire a ball of wool from imps at the K'ril tsutaroth teleport under bosses 4. mine gold ore and make into a bar 5.with the amulet mould in your inventory use the gold bar on furnace 6. use the crafting tele to use the amulet (u) on spinning wheel 7. Now you use the desired Enchant spell (dragonstone/onyx) on the amulet You have now made a Glory / Fury AVA ACCUMULTAR @AQUANITES in monster lair AMULET OF FURY Various chests (BURNING, FROST FIRE, DEEP ROCK) DRAGON BOOTS GWD (tele to boss and kill spectral mage) And for Now I hope This somes up most of the questions you may have as IRONMEN! I will Continue to upgrade this guide as more content is released! Also Feel free to pm me in game if u have other questions this did not answer Ragnos