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  1. 100% support. Ragnos knows ALOT about this server and not only that he has made guides and he continuously send me bugs and suggestions daily to keep the server fresh and growing.. Was waiting for you to put in an App! Goodluck Brother!
  2. Que

    Drop Catcher Qol

    I like your idea. I think that should be another option for the drop catcher along with the list, because I do like the "type-in" list for it cause I do not want it picking up junk drops that clutter up my inventory/bank. But yeah I don't see why we couldn't add that QoL update for it as an option.
  3. Great start Ragnos!! I really appreciate you deciding to make this after you told me you may make one. Im sure if anything it atleast points newer irons in right direction as there is some ways you guys have to do certain skills etc that us normal players have the luxury of not having to do.
  4. Would be Great Quality of Life Update! Will def suggest!
  5. Packed with updates/fixes as usual!! You the man Bennie, Keep it UP!
  6. appreciate the mini boss comment sir! :D. Goodluck on ur APP!
  7. S7even is great dude, known him on many other servers in past. Also youtube livestream MOD for one of biggest RSPS streamers. Keeps it professional and mature. GOODLUCK Brother!
  8. Thanks to every1 who cameout!!!! was pretty good turnout if I say so myself! and thanks to broski for supplying prizes!! https://imgur.com/a/0jmUqSY
  9. yep going to advertise ingame rn
  10. Hey there Exorian's! Today we will be hosting a Dharok's Event for the Pker in YOU! The event will be a simple deathmatch style fight (First person to get die or run out of food loses). The Require Gear/Inventory is as follows: **You may use dds/gmaul/claws/ in replacement of the ags seen in picture above.** **You may use b ring or b ring (I) aswell instead of ring of life** **You may use Climbing Boots/Rune Boots instead of Dragon Boots** **You may use overload in replace of super strength etc** ****YOU MAY NOT USE ANY CUSTOM ITEMS**** There will be 3 prizes: 1st: To Be Determined 2nd: To Be Determined 3rd: To Be Determined We'd love for you to join us in this event! If you'd like to come out and have some fun pking with the rest of the community please sign-up below with your in-game name! **ONLY 1 ACCOUNT PER I.P.** ***P.S. WE NEED A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SIGN-UPS TO RUN PROPER BRACKET WITH PROPER PRIZES*** ***IF WE DO NOT REACH THAT AMOUNT TODAY WE WILL REGROUP AND HOST A SIMILAR EVENT TOMORROW WITH THE PRIZES*** Thanks!! -Exora Staff
  11. Aaron a BEAST on them SKILLZZZ
  12. alrighty brother! ill make note if it isn't already added to the to-do list! Thanks A TON!
  13. A lot of the items you guys cant obtain through pvm or another source are more than likely going to be added to your guys ironman shop in the next update or 2. they've been suggested! We DO Care about our ironmen community aswell! 😄