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  1. *What is your In-game name? Feiron *What time-zone are you in? GMT+2 *What is your discord tag? Jaiz#5488 *Do you have any previous experience of being staff member? Yes i had a chance to be an admin on other server and i did great! *Have you ever been punished on Exora? and if yes, what was the reason? No. *Do you like the current staff team? I do and alot for being helpful and honest! *Do you have any problems with the current staff team? None at all! *Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I'm on 4-5 days a week people who in need of hand i always help them because i have a great experience for that and make a great progress for the community! *Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? Help out everyone who's in need. always helping people pointing them in the right direction helping them with anything they need making them progress and enjoy the game. *Tell us more about yourself? My name is adam , iam 18 years iam very patient and understandable and i have alot of time wich i play rsps to waste them. *A picture of your playtime?
  2. hello, my name is omri aburesh iam from israel age 17 i love playing rsps including bpk,exora.