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  1. on actual drop rate you have 50 or 60% chance to have it by that kc 😛
  2. Yo, nice man, but i want an explanation rn, im 2150 kc dry on amulet? dafuq with 10% dr, wheres my 10 ammys REFUND PLES
  3. Hello, i would love to suggest noted supplies in shops, maybe noted food/skilling supplies(crafting for example) and stuff that would be QOL and not game changing. Because in my opinion as a king mode account for me to get like 40k dragonstones for 99 crafting is just crazy, so atleast i would love to have a chance to bank stand my crafting levels without having to pay attention.
  4. Read that, i calculated that way and as i said at balrog amulet drop should be 1/60 when you do everything how that man is suggesting. So it doesn't add up at all. People go 2k kills without amulet drop when it's 1/60 drop? It must work differently
  5. the problem is i dont know what kind of odds im up against, i dont want to sit there and wait for a drop 1/5000.. honestly its sad that i cant even know what im going for. all i know that even 0.5% drop people in the past told me just pray for it. but it doesnt cut it you know. and the thing is that when you hit kc for the item you have a 60% chance to have it by then. so in my opinion at least i will know that i just wasnt lucky. by the way if u just tell me that its just rng so then it means that drop rate bonus does jacksh*t and everything is just pure rng without actual rates
  6. Hello, i've been checking forums, and writing people in game about calculations on actual drop rate of items with added bonus of your drop rate. problem is that i dont like to kill monsters being oblivious about the actual drop rate of item. for example balrog it has 0.4% to drop amulet of eternal fire and i have 11% DR bonus in theory with my calculations drop rate is 1/60, but the problem is people go 2k kills dry on item that is 1/60? math doesnt add up here for sure. i would like to know how to actually calculate drop rates of items. Thank you.