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  1. Ok so because my luck is so crap I have decided to make a King account and use it to PvM on only, I am going to camp all NPC's/Bosses and get a certain amount of kills on them and show off the loots using King because the drop rates are better. Once I have created and got good enough stats to PvM I will try to grind as much as I can to get some content uploaded to my forums just to show people what you can get from 500 kills on a monster etc. If you want to, suggest some NPC's/Bosses for me to kill and I will kill a bunch of them, (500 or so) and show off the lootations! Account Name: King Wrecker. Thanks.
  2. I have created a FC ''Friends Chat'' for anyone who is an Ironman, the FC is not open but if you would like to join the FC send ''Ironman Fc'' or ''Iron Wrecker'' a pm and I will allow you into the chat. Thanks Wrecker.
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