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  1. Hey man welcome, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a pm! Have fun gaming!
  2. These updates are so awesome, and I'm super excited for this Christmas event, thanks bennie!
  3. Pretty in depth guide, I like it, thanks for this!
  4. I kind of agree. This is a mainly pvm focused kind of server, and although it's not too difficult finding one or 2 people to fight, it can be hard finding multiple people to rack up those player kills.
  5. Thank you to everyone that joined! The results of the tournament are as followed: 1st Dezero - Fire Horn Boots 2nd Ezelhond - $10 donation 3rd Lesbihonest - 300m 4th Quinn Xcii - Toxic CB 5th Haha20 Kyte Mod Cassi Victor 9th B1ocked Chief Honcho Master Zebu Micha Pimpstar Tanq Wanguan Westy
  6. 1. Mixed feelings, on one hand I hate having to spend the time for that kind of stuff but on the other I enjoy the grind and the feeling of hitting that 99 after it. 2. Again I have mixed feelings with this, I can understand why there's a 10 second time but I still don't feel it's necessary in this type of server. 3. I believe the hiscores are still getting tweaked. 4. I would like to see a cooking buff to weed out the insane amount of burning I've been seeing. 5. Not needed IMO, there is a global tp button in the quest tab. 6 . I'd like to see a enchanted chest buff. 7. Agreed, needs to be fixed. 8. Could be lag, either on the server end or yours, or just a pathing issue. I personally haven't experienced it but it may need to be fixed. 9. Would like to see added. 10. Would also like to see added.
  7. I mean, it's really not too hard to ask someone to DH fight or the like, also I see people doing wildy bosses all the time. Just because you haven't looked hard enough doesn't mean people aren't in the wild.
  8. Great update as usual, thanks Bennie.