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    Talent System

    I do like the extra tasks and it does somewhat go with my suggestion, the biggest drawback here is the player progress remains linear. every player will eventually be able to unlock them all. This takes away from players ability to mold the character around their playstyle. But, If you're dead set on this system i will for sure have many ideas to help transition it from an overlooked feature to "must-have" character goals. Once i am able to play that is =D
  2. Bliss

    Talent System

    Keep in mind you only would get to pick one of these per row for example. They need to be strong so the decision to select one of the other will impact gameplay differently from a player to player basis. As i said these are not setup necessarily correct, ideally the decision you need to make in each row will be quite a hard choice so a "Meta" build does not develop. So in row 1 you would choose between drop rate, XP or a ::bank option. depending on your account goals this may be different. This choice is what will make gameplay become different from character to character. Thanks for feedback.
  3. Bliss

    Talent System

    I think a talent system would be a unique idea and would allow players to tailor their gameplay style more to themselves. Also, this type of system would increase replayability significantly. I will leave the rest of implementation open to the dev team but I added a sample system in the attached photo. ~This sample was put together in minutes without any real consideration to balance between passives or gameplay and should be used as inspiration only. This would be somewhat similar to relics in league play obviously, relics have been a positive addition on live and this only justifies its use in a server like yours. Thanks for your time.