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  1. KetaKriger


    Welcome brother
  2. Welcome to Exora hope to see you online on release day
  3. KetaKriger

    Hello :)

    Welcome to Exora Brother
  4. Welcome to Exora mate hope to see you on release
  5. So nice cant wait to see how many ppl gonna try it out!
  6. welcome to Exora mate 🙂 see you ingame
  7. nice lay out! good work sykron 😉!
  8. i keep saying it amazing and all-around guide good work @sykronization
  9. store i guess that store need a rework, price are to low else nice guide
  10. Welcome to Exorea, Hope to see you online when server is going live, good introduction
  11. I support the idea with some rework keep in mind you get x16 xp and some even higher i like the idea but wont see it ruin the game because of op
  12. I like that Idea, buut those talents are way way to OP they got a prestige system on server that gives you extra damage and that also the server already got a xp bouns like x times normal xp
  13. good job mate a good guide again keep it uP!
  14. Nice guide mate, cant wait for the server to live ! keep up the good work!