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  1. 1. Should we change gambling to only allow for cash? i dont this is the best way to deal with the problem, if you made a fc like 'help' just called 'gamble' you are only allow to ask for host and advertise in that fc, so ppl dont have to look and get temped also i think it would be a good idea to add in rules, - Host it not allow to ask for rematch 4. Should the skillers backback from ach store be able to store different skilling supplies such as ores, bars, herbs, etc? the limit / quantity would be around 50 per item. this is a great idea since it cost 100k to buy form store so i dont mind it been a bit op skill wise hmm dont think you should base content on how much gp ironman have, normal players without dc and 25 days playtime, it is hard to spend 50-100m on a instance. i really like the idea with tokens, since we only have 1 server eco reset gotta be the worst idea, even if 1 player is holding eco. this will hit players that have wasted days grinding one item,
  3. Exora Tournament - DH 1v1 PVP Items is NOT safe on death You will be able to sign up 30 min before event starts by commenting you ign: on this thread Tournament will be hosted at High Risk Arena this Friday 19/02 at GMT +1 20:00/ 8 pm Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 1st Place - Dwh + 250m 2nd Place - 150m 3rd Place - 75m Rules: You may only use the gear on the list Overloads is allowed Vengeance is allowed No overhead prayer No looting bag Maximum of 2 saradomin brew flask (6) maximum of 4 karambwans Defender is safe on death Gear Setup: Helmet - Dharok's Helm Neckless - Amulet Of Fury Cape - Max cape /Fire cape /Magma cape Special Attack Weapon - Ags /Dragon claws - Granite Maul Main Weapon - Abyssal vine whip /Abyssal whip - Dharok's Axe Off hand weapon - Arclight Defender /Behemoth Defender /Dragon Defender Body - Dharok's Platebody Legs - Dharok's Platelegs Boots - Steadfast boots /Dragon boots Gloves - Culinaromancer's Gloves 10 /Goliath gloves Ring - Berserker ring (i) / Berserker ring / Shadow stone ring
  4. Congratz @flafffy and @ragnos(Iron)
  5. really nice guide, just what the server need. keep up the good work brother
  6. Welcome to exora brother, banner looks good 😎
  7. really like this idea. server could use some more skill based content support
  8. I know they are planning on adding more achievements, this would make it more obtainable special for ironman, only way to get gemstone without spending credits i really like this idea, specially the toolbelt would be amazing it take time to grind 100 k point, i don't mind this being a bit op skill based. it is a late game item and would make it worth grinding achievements. Support add can hold 150 bones - all tier bones
  9. nice cant wait to max my ironman this weekend keep up the good work
  10. I don't mind this at all herb supplies is a pain to buy Support
  11. i know the feeling. but try reading this maybe it will give you what you need ofc more drop rate increase you chance of a drop,