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  1. Thank you all for participating in the Christmas event. Glad you all enjoyed it! All Christmas events will now be disabled, that includes the Santa shoulder pet as well. You may still use your Christmas tokens to purchase from the Christmas shop with the command ::christmasshop Along with the Christmas event end, we've done some small changes and fixes. We're still hard at work on the next big content update, it's coming a long nicely. We're also working on more discord integration as well! + Changes - Increased the drop rate of rarer rewards from Undying Vengeance. - Significantly increased bolt fletching quantity tasks - Added fletch steel and iron bolt to skillmaster easy tasks. - Added golden sunfreet and golden reindeer to the sacrifice shop. - Added golden scoria weaponry to the sacrifice list, same point value as regular scoria. - Lowered the drop rate of poison claw sigils at demonic gorilla. - Replaced the healers with bankers at the Raids house. - Lobster and monkfish are now noted in the foods and potion shop. + Fixes - Ironman are now able to use the yell title manager, if they have the rank. - Fixed an issue with not being able to create iron or steel bolts. We've released a sneakpeek for the upcoming content update, check it out on our discord!
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