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  1. Greetings Exorians, Quick little update to end the Easter Event. Thank you all for participating. Anything to do with Easter event has been disabled, except for equipment and food items. If you wish to spend your tokens then you may do so by using the command ::eastershop This update also brings a few changes to the beginner gear, new weaponry additions for the beginner tier, and exo point changes. + Beginner Changes For beginners it is a bit harder to level combat styles such as ranged and magic. Due to the fact that you don't receive a beginner bow and staff. We've made it so any new player start with a beginner bow, staff and bow. Allowing them to sufficiently level their combat styles until it runs out. Existing players can claim these beginner weaponry by using the command ::collectbeginner We've also made changes to the amount of charges a beginner weapon contains. Previously it was 2500 charges, while that is do-able, beginners ran out of charges far too quickly, without having their next upgrade. These are the following beginner charges changes: + Sir Mode - 5000 Charges + Lord Mode - 5000 Charges + Baron Mode - 7500 Charges + King Mode - 10000 Charges + Exo Point Changes Exo point was too heavily focused on completing Achievements. We're taking the first steps on increasing overall exo point gain via monster kills, task scrolls and a new way of obtaining exo points via Raids. This should make it a bit easier to grind exo points. + Exo Point Gain Per Monster Killed + Monster Combat Level Below 60 - From 1 exo point per kill increased to 8 per kill. + Monster Combat Level From 60 to 100 - From 4 exo points per kill increased to 16 per kill. + Monster Combat Level Above 100 - From 8 exo points per kill increased to 32 per kill. + Task scroll Exo Point Gain + Easy Task Scroll - From 750 to 1250 exo points. + Medium Task Scroll - From 1250 to 2000 exo points. + Hard Task Scroll - From 2000 to 3000 exo points. + Elite Task Scroll - From 3000 to 4500 exo points. + Raid Exo Point Gain + Lietrye Raid - 125 exo points per run completed. + Argus Raid - 150 exo points per run completed. + Faceless Raid - 150 exo points per run completed. + Exo Weaponry We've added new Exo weaponry allowing a beginner player to get to an upgrade more quickly. We've also reduced the prices of Exo weaponry significantly. - Exo Weaponry price reduced from 12500 to 7500 Exo Points. We'll also be making some much needed changes to the Exo shop in the following updates. + Power Charge Changes The power charge magic spell is a bit too strong. We've made some base changes to the spell. We'll be adjusting the spell as we update. - Power charge charge stack has been increased from 8 consecutive hits to 10 for power charge special attack. - Power charge internal special attack cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. - Lowered base damage of power charge from 300 base damage + magic bonus to 150 base damage + magic bonus + Changes - Lowered lucky pickaxe equip requirement to lvl. 1 attack. - Added a deposit bank box to the mining zone, in skilling zone. - Significantly reduced the respawn timer of Gothmog. - Lowered master task forge requirements for Hunter. - Lowered enchanted dragonstone dust required for hunter forge materials. - Lowered 'feast' titan forge dust requirements. - Lowered 'feast' forge master task quantity. - There will now be an announcement if less than 10 votes are required to spawn the vote boss. Thank you for playing Exora. If you have any suggestions or reports, feel free to let us know.
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